I was up well before Bonnie this morning made coffee had my breakfast and caught up on some blog reading.  Once I heard she was up I took off in the car.  My mission was two fold.  I wanted to see how close the train tracks are as sometimes the whistle is quite loud.  Well the only tracks are the ones at the end of the road and thats maybe 2500 feet.  So thats pretty close.  Then I headed up to the Country Kitchen which is a local restaurant which is in a gas station.  But I read somewhere that they have Bonnies favorite, biscuits and gravy, so I stopped there to get some to go for her.  I made it back just as she was finished dressing and before she started to make her breakfast.


So I hope I made a few points there, I can use all the points I can acquire.

It was sprinkling off and on when I got back and continued to do that most of the day.  I drained the grey tank and then closed it.  Bonnie is going to do some wash today so it will refill enough to use to flush out the hose after we dump the black tanks tomorrow.  Then I talked to Walmart and was able to get two of my RXs refilled.  We made plans to get lab work done at Quest in North Little Rock tomorrow and then we will talk to the Dr. about our refills.

In between rain showers we went outside on the cement patio and Bonnie cut my hair, we almost made it but got sprinkled on as we finished up.  Then it was her turn.  She called Walmart and headed over there to get her hair cut.  While there she picked up my RXs and a few groceries.

We chilled out for the rest of the day and Bonnie continued on the wash.  Then she made a wonderful stew for supper.  I did the dishes afterwards and we watched Dancing with the Stars.  There is some bad weather, tornados even in Oklahoma and headed this way.  We are under a tornado watch until 2am.

I started a project last night.  I use to check out places to stay.  They rely on reviews from RVers to let other know what a campground is like.  So I am trying to do my part by putting in my reviews and get up to date.  Then I will be off to bed as Bonnie had me set the alarm for 7am.  The WEX radio alarms went off until at least midnight.  We got a little rain but the nasty weather was North of us.


After the stormy night it was time for a little maintenance on us.  We did not sleep well but we were up at 7am.  No breakfast as we were fasting for the blood work.  We headed toward the Quest Lab in North Little Rock about an hour away.  The GPS took us to the lab no problem.  We had to wait about 10 minutes until 8:30 for the lab to open.  Once it opened we were the only ones there and I went in first, shortly after Bonnie was called in.  I already had my blood drawn when they discovered our lab orders were more than 6 months old, out of date.  Bonnie called our Dr. and they faxed new orders to the lab and we were all set.  Next stop was Hardee’s for a little breakfast.

Then we headed to downtown North Little Rock.  Bonnie has been wanting to ride the trolley and today was the day.



We boarded and headed across the river to Little Rock.


We got a nice view of the USS Razorback a WWII sub.


Then we headed around the loop and listened to Gerald our trolley man tell us about the sites.


Just before we crossed back over the river to NLR we got a nice view of the Old State House which we have both visited before.


We actually took two loops on the trolly and enjoyed the two different trolly men and their stories.  On both loops we had two different groups of special needs kids.  They really seemed to enjoy the ride and it was nice to see them having a good time.

We had plans to have lunch with our friends Jerry and Barbara.  We parked at their house and decided to head over to the Cotham Mercantile.  I had eaten here when we lived here but Bonnie never had.  The store was built out over the water in 1917 and was a General Mercantile store.  At some point they added a small eating area. When I first ate here they were just served lunch and the tables were set up in the aisles.  Now most of the merchandise is gone and there are more tables.  The food is excellent and they are only open 3 hours a day for lunch.  At some point there was a fire that melted the siding, but they added AC units.


The store front and the old Coke machine.


Lots of tables now and it was fuller when we first arrived.  I had a chicken fried steak sandwich, and the others had the special chicken and dumplings.  Which they ran out of.


This is a local landmark known for their HubCab sized burgers but we were not that hungry.



After lunch we went back to the house and visited for a few hours.  We also got to meet their other two sweet grand children.  What a great day with friends.

Back at the coach we were two full for supper but did have some strawberry dessert, the perfect ending to a perfect day.


Today is moving day and boy is it humid this morning.  It also is going to be hot.  No hurry this morning and so we are taking our time.

We were done dumping and unhooking and finally pulled out of Whitney Lane RV Park at noon.  We were headed for Russellville and the Old Post COE CG.

Our route was down to Beebe and then cut across on 64 to Conway then its just a short distance to Russellville.  We did run into some traffic for construction and evidently that caused an accident so there was another backup.


We passed just as they were ready to pull him back onto I-40.  So the construction and accident cost us only about 20 minutes.  We only had about 100 miles to do today so no problem.

Once we got to Old Post check in was a breeze since I had pre registered and prepared the $50 for 5 nights.  Hard to beat that for 50amps and water.  No sewer but there is a convenient dump station.  We have a decent view even though the river is low here since we are right below the dam.  The sites are spacious and easy to get into.  We even have some shade.  Good thing the car said 93 when we got here, officially it was 87.  It should be cooler after today.  This is the view looking up toward the power house.


Straight a cross the road.


Our site


I cooled off and then grabbed my camera and too a ride up to the lock and dam.

Not much going on but I did get to see one of the Corps tugs and barge go through the lock.  You used to be able to get much closer but no more.  The J Gene Crump waiting to enter the lock.


The lock is filling and the pilot house comes into view.


The lock is full and she is ready to exit.


Clearing the lock.


She pulled over to the side and tied up next to a crane, it looks like there are more boom sections on the barge.


The pictures are not great as the sun was bright and in the wrong place.  But I did catch a couple of the vultures riding the thermals watching for fish.  They were fun to watch.



Then I toured the park and headed back to the coach.  There are ball fields here, soccer fields, disk golf, a visitors center and several over looks to watch the boat traffic on the river.  After a quick supper I tried to tune in some TV but we are just a little to far from Little Rock and From Fort Smith so looks like Hulu with my T-Mobile hot spot might be it.  The T-Mobile signal is marginal but the Verizon is good.  Time to get this posted.  Thanks For Checking In?