Chilling out in Russellville, AR


Bonnie did not feel good last night and did not sleep well.  To add to that the WEX radio started alarming just after 4am.  I think it went off 4 times but was not really near us.  So I slept in late this morning and Bonnie slept in until she felt better.

Once she was up I headed out to go see the visitors center and take a few pictures.  So here they are.


Hope this guys does not fall asleep.




This lock has a lift of 53 feet the highest on the river.


Too bad they have to have signs like this.


Our tax dollars at work.


The geese have taken over the soccer filed


While some browse and rest in the shade.




The golf frisbee was busy with college kids



Finally made it to the basket


Lots of folks out enjoying the park today.  I think we will venture into the town later for supper.

Around 5 we headed into town to go to Filter’s Whatta Burger.


This is an independent place not like the ones in Texas but every bit as good or better.  It is just across the street from Arkansas Tech.  We used to stop here all the time when we were on I-40 going or coming back to Little Rock.  Bob Feltner owned it and they told me today that his daughter still owns it as Bob has passed on.  Randy one of the grill guys still works on occasion, I believe he is married to a daughter.  Anyway the place still looks the same outside and inside.




Bob’s fishing lures are still on the walls and the same signs adorn the place.  An employee still greets you at the door, takes your order and writes it on a white paper bag.  The servings are large and priced right.  We shared a small fries, 4 people would be full on a large ($2.76).


We were so excited to eat the burgers I forgot to take pictures.  We took our milkshakes with us and head across the river to Dardinelle to the Walmart.  I picked up a new weather radio and an audio cable, and Bonnie picked up a few things. Then we drove up the river toward the dam to see what that side of the river looked like.  We even saw one guy land a catfish.  There are even some small camp sights over there.  We noticed a barge headed for the lock so we hightailed it back over to our side of the river and up to the look out.  Sure enough here came the barge.


All back full to get stopped


We watch the tug slowly maneuver the 4 tank barge into the lock.


Then he had to untie and move to the slot on the right side so they could close the lock gates.  It just barely fit.


The white pilot house is almost out of sight.  This lock drops 53 feet.  The sunset and so we pulled around to the lower parking lot and sure enough out came the barge with the tug at the back of it again.


Back at the coach I set up the new radio.  Then I was wanting to watch some hulu but my T-Mobile hot spot is having trouble tonight with the signal.

We did here from Retama friends on Facebook that after reading our blog they were headed to the RV FogDr to get some windows fixed, sorry we missed them.


I t got down to 51 last night good sleeping weather and neither one of us was in a hurry to get up this morning.  But we did and it was a gorgeous day.  We did not do much until this afternoon and then we got to going.  I wiped down the corners of the coach where the water runs off the roof and then Bonnie came out and we headed for Pottsville.

Pottsville is home to the Potts Inn Museum.  This was the house build by the Potts and occupied by the family until 1970 when the historical society bought it.  It has been used as a stop over on the Stage coach line.  More info on the sign.


First we met the caretaker and had a nice chat with him about full-timing since he and his wife want to try it this fall when she retires.  Then he gave us the tour of the house and grounds.


The mens parlor.  Lots of politic were discussed in this room.


This is an actual trunk from the stage, sitting under the violin


The ladies parlor.


Dining room.


The bedrooms, except the owners and sleeping porch were all upstairs and there were up to 4 beds in a room.

The kitchen was detached because of fear of fire.  Also the house was built and maintained by slaves as this was also a cotton plantation.  The busy kitchen hearth.


Old time bath tub.


This is the cold room right next to the well which still has good cold water in it.


Cold water from the well was poured in here and circulated in the building to keep food cool.


Various building from the area have been moved to this site and this one was a local DR who still has decedents practicing in the area.


The sign indicates this office was used until 1940.


One building had farm implements another a doll collection, another period clothing, There are even some mill stones for a local mill.


We were hunger after our tour and it was late afternoon so we headed back to Russellville and decided to stop at the Old South Restaurant.  Built in 1947 on highway 64 it is still in business and is now on the National Register of Historic Places.


I can say that the Catfish and Southern Fried Chicken are very good, and you get more than enough to eat.



From there we drove around a bit and then back to the coach.  The campground is filling up a bit but there are still empty sites.  I did notice something not right on the awning when I put it out.


Hoping a ty-rap will fix it.


Well the Ty-rap worked and all is well.  Nice, cool and no rain perfect sleeping weather overnight.  Of course we slept in a little but not too late.  Just a nice leisurely morning.  I decided to do a little maintenance again today.  First was on me I cut my fingernails and my toenails.  Next was the coach.  Back when we were in Retama Village I purchase a Wash-Wax-All kit.  Its a waterless wash and wax.  It was first made to keep planes nice and shinny.  I think they still use it on Airforce One.  Its mainly the mop and the spray.  The mop has a wet side and a dry side.  Spray, use the wet side, then the dry side and you are done.  Its pretty easy and I like the results.


This is the kit


So I took a lot of breaks, never worked up a sweat and did all but the front of the coach this afternoon.  It looks pretty good, you can even see the green grass reflected.


Now I see it is to rain Monday when we need to move.   One of my breaks was when Buddy, another camper came over to say hello.  We sat down and chatted for a while.  He is a poultry farmer from over in Boonville and just getting in to RVing.  He has family coming later and I think they are spending the night.  Anyway I learned about raising broilers, only takes 54 days.  Wow thats quick.

Bonnie made a nice supper, cheddar dogs, mac and cheese, and cole slaw.  I even had seconds, must have worked up an appetite.  The campground is pretty full so lots of families and the sounds of kids and adults having fun.  Looks like it will be nice and cool again, good for sleeping.


Quiet and Cool a great night for sleeping and we woke up in plenty of time to get ready for church.  We headed over to the First Baptist Church of Russellville.


We had a great time of worship and the Pastor preached a very relevant sermon on judging our actions and thoughts based on what has been taught in the Bible for centuries and not what modern man wants us to believe.  Its good to hear the truth spoken so that anyone can understand it.

We are hearing that there were snow flakes up in Buffalo this morning.  I believe we were down to 49 last night and in the low 70s today.  I am sitting out under the table shelter typing this and it is just perfect out.  The cotton woods are spreading their seeds so its almost like its snowing here.  This is our last day here tomorrow we head West again, so I think we will just take it easy today.  Some of the weekend campers have pulled out already but a lot are still here.

I sat outside and enjoyed the day.  I watched lots of birds and knew a few of them.  I saw woodpeckers and bluejays.  I also watched the end of the NASCAR race from Dover, saw the 18 car wreck and watched Matt Kensett win.

Well thats about it for this week.  Thanks For Checking In.







  1. Safe travels. Andy was talking about you all tonight. He loves his cap and has said several times that he likes you all and you like him. Thanks for your updates. Enjoy the pics. I go several times a year for various trainings at AR Tech’s Lake Point conference center out near the nuclear plant.

    1. He is right we do like him. Think of you guys often we really enjoyed it there. Now you know some places to visit when you are up here.

  2. Your blog is very informative. I drive past Pottsville often, but never took the time to investigate the history. And who else knew the depth of a lock on the River? I learned a lot today. Glad you had a good time in Arkansas.

    1. Thanks Eric and thanks for sharing your hikes with me I really enjoy all the pictures you share.

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