Moving on to Fort Smith, AR


We had a leisurely morning and then finally around lunch time we packed up the coach and pulled out headed for Springhill COE CG near Fort Smith, AR.  We wound our way through Russellville and onto I-40.  We passed the Nuclear One power plant with lots of steam coming out of the cooling tower.  About an hour into the trip the rain started just sprinkles at first but then it rained pretty hard.  No more shiny coach, at least not until I give it another dry wash and wax.  Looks like more rain this week so I am in no hurry.  Our trip today was only 91 miles and took us almost 2 hours by the time we pulled into Springhill.

The attendants asked us if we realized that our site did not have water.  No I did not see that information on line.  Well no problem we have 50 gallons of water onboard and we can run a hose to the next site.  Oh wait the water is not working on any of the B sites but they are working on it.  I paced off the distance and decided I needed at least one more 25′ hose.  The one nice thing is that the site is nice and long and almost level.  We are in the woods and today it is cool and damp.  We will not get much sun in here.  We can get a glimpse of the river but no real view.  But at 9 bucks a day its not bad.

We had asked the park attendants for a good place to eat and they said Bob and Wanda’s Wagon Wheel so we were headed there.  The folks there were real friendly they were not real busy and we had two very good catfish dinners.  Then it was off to Walmart to pick up some hose and groceries.

Once back we ran the hose for when the water comes back on.  No one is on the next site but I did put a Y connector on the regulator.  I set the TV up and it pulled in all the networks here so that will be nice.  Also both the phone and hot spot have coverage so we should be all set for the week.

I have a little repair to do.  When I closed the front curtain tonight some of the rollers came off the end.  That can wait until tomorrow.  Thats about it for today.


Was not sure what we were going todo today so we pretty much ended up doing nothing.  We did do a little research about what to see and have plans to get an “early”start tomorrow.  When we moved in here I did sign in on RVillage and also sent a message to a couple that is volunteering here that are also members of RVillage.  So today US and Kit stopped in to see us as they were making their rounds.  We chatted for a couple of hours and Bonnie gave a couple of recipes to Kat to try.  We were also invited to her birthday party on Saturday here in the park.

It is beautiful here in the park and so far very quiet.  Here is our site.


Remember there is no water on this site.  If you look close you can see our hose going up the hill to the B12 site.




Of course that makes no difference right now as the water leak is still not fixed.  The park attendants said maybe tomorrow.  Our neighbors are not to close and we have not met them yet.


A small plastic part broke on the front curtain track last night and allowed the curtain trolly parts to come off.  I was able to find all but one of the parts and put it back together today.  Pieces and parts, the top white part is what broke.


Sagging curtain


All fixed.


Today turned out to be a very nice day after the damp morning, I think it rained a little last night, it never work me, Bonnie says it rained on and off a lot.  I did take a ride around the park to see if any work was being done on the water and snapped a couple pictures.  Birds nesting on a little island below the dam.


Best view of the dam I could find today, they need to trim some trees.  The top is the bridge we drove across to get here.  The river is pretty low right now.


Thats about it for today, Bonnie has lasagna in the oven and it sure smells good.


We were up early enough today to go out for breakfast, this may be the first time we have done this since we started full timing.  We headed back to Bob and Wandas.  Bonnie had the biscuits and gravy and I had one of the specials with eggs, home fries, bacon and a biscuit with gravy.  So good and it keep us full until suppertime.

Then we headed to Fort Smith to see a few sights.  The first stop was the visitors center.  Which happens to be in the last standing bordello in Fort Smith.  It was called Miss Laura’s


When we lived in Arkansas this was open as a restaurant, but that did not last long.  Also it only functioned as a bordello for a little over 10 years, but it was famous throughout the area.  Fort Smith was kind of a gateway to the West and a lot of good and bad people came through this town.  This was a good sized building for the late 1800’s.  The “business” proceeds paid off the loan to build it in 17 Months.  The owner was a Miss Laura Ziegler.


You met Miss Laura in this front room and paid your $3 for your token, which you could exchange for your act of kindness.  There were 9 rooms upstairs that the girls lived and worked in.


One of the bedrooms.  Notice the paper above the bed.


It was the girls health certificate good for 30days before a new one was needed from the Dr.


From there we headed over to the Fort Smith National Historic Site.  The first and second Fort Smith were built in this area.  The soldiers were charged with keeping the peace so it was safe for both the indians and settlers.  This building served as the enlisted mans barracks on the right and latter as a prison in the basement and then Judge Issac Parker brought justice to the wild west and his court room and a new jail was built on the left side.


There was a good 14 minute overview video, then I toured the prison and the court room  Bonnie walked around the grounds.  One of the transport wagons.


This was the prison and conditions were horrible here, damp, stinky and dark all the time.  It was know as Hell on the Border.


Judge Parker did not like capital punishment, but he was charged with upholding the law.  He sentence 80 some people to be hanged on the gallows.  This is a replica of his courtroom.  He also had a new jail built to improve conditions.


This was the quartermasters building and is the oldest building in Fort Smith.  Supplies for the troops were stored here until they were needed.  The Trail of Tears came through here also and items the Indians were promised were handed out from here also.


The hangings became somewhat of a spectacle and drew huge crowds.  So a fence was built around the gallows and you had to be invited and have ticket to get in to witness a hanging.


Got your ticket enter here.


This is what you would see once inside.  Most were hung by themselves but up to 8 were hung at one time.


Once Judge Parker died the city took the gallows down so this is a reproduction.

From here we headed over to the trolley museum but it was closing as they had no driver for the afternoon.  Maybe later in the week.

Then we drove through the National Cemetery to pay our respects to those who help keep us free.


Both of us were thirsty and decided to head back to the coach.  Good news when we got here the water was fixed (turns our someone had not opened a valve all the way.  It never got very warm today so after hooking up the water and checking it out we took it easy.

Bonnie headed up left over stew for supper and while we were finishing that and watching the news US and Kat dropped by.  She had made cookies from the recipe Bonnie gave her yesterday and brought some to share with us.  Boy are they good, Thanks for Sharing.

Thats if for the first part of this week time to watch the Survivor Finale.

Thanks for Checking In.