Last Days in Arkansas


We just took it easy today.  I did ask Bonnie if she wanted to sightsee but she said no just stay at home today.  In fact we have not even opened the door all day and its already supper time.  We have watched quite a few of the sites around us fill up today, I would guess for the week-end.  A light rain started an hour or so ago so not seeing anyone out and about.

So a bit of reflection.  We left NY last November, headed for Elkhart, IN to get some repairs and renovation done and then to Huntsville, AL for Thanksgiving with my sons family.  Then we went on down to the Rio Grande Valley for the next 4 months to sit out the cold weather.  After years of snow in Buffalo it was nice not to lift a shovel even once.  Then the end of March we were off to Louisiana for a couple Rallies with our Beaver Ambassador Group.  We learned about the Cajun culture and ate a lot of Cajun food.  We also learned how Tabasco was made.  Then we went up to West Monroe and visited the Duck Commander Warehouse and Willie’s Diner.  Did not see any of the Robinsons but we did make a duck call.

Then it was on to Arkansas and a nice weeklong visit with my cousin Larry and his family, we had a wonderful time.  Then up to a riverfront campsite in North Little Rock and a visit to our first Presidential Library.  We also enjoyed spending time with friends that we had not seen in almost 30 years.  We picked up right where we left off.  Next stop was in Searcy to get some foggy windows fixed at the RVFog DR.  While we were there we visited Georgetown, AR for some great river caught catfish.  After a few more days in Searcy we left for Russellville home of Bob Filter’s WhataBurger.  That brought back some good memories.  Which brings us to Fort Smith and our last few days in Arkansas.  Tomorrow the adventure continues.


The sites around us were slowly filling up this morning as we left for the day.  We were headed over to Fort Chaffee.  Fort Chaffee occupies over 70,000 acres and is still a major training base.  A whole battalion of soldiers can be housed here.  Our destination was a barbershop.


Not that I needed a haircut but this was the place Elvis got his buzzcut when he was inducted.  No one was at the museum when we got there.  So we called the number on the door and left a message.  We took a slow drive around the part of the base open to the public.  I had taken part in exercises out here when I was in the FBI.  This base has also housed refugees from Cuba and displaced people after hurricanes like Katrina.  But I digress.  Back to the barber shop.  It was now open.  Here is the shop as it was in Elvis’s day.


This is recreated from lots of photos that were taken that day.  Since then the building has served as a bowling ally and mess hall.  But now today serves as a nice museum.


Besides the barbershop there are a lot of displays on the history of Fort Chaffee.  This is one of the eight telephone switchboards that each handled 60 phone lines.


From here we headed back into Fort Smith.  We were hoping to ride the Trolly today.  When we got there the door was shut.  But there was a number and the trolly operator answered when I called it.  He said I will be there to pick you up in 5 minutes and he was.


Not sure of our motorman name but he had lots of stories that he told along with a few facts about Fort Smith.  He made frequent stops and and pointed out lots of interesting sights along the route.


He was very interesting and entertaining.  The 45 minute trip was very informative.  After the ride we drove around Fort Smith a little and crossed the river into Van Buren and then headed back to the coach.

Wow all the sites around us are occupied now for the weekend.


We were up very late last night so we were both still asleep when our daughter called at 10:30.  She seemed surprised that we were still sleeping.  I reminder her that we are retired.  So we had a nice chat and caught up on whats going on in NY.  Since we were now awake we went ahead and got up.

We were invited to a birthday party later today.  Its for Kat one of the volunteers here that we met US her husband and her through RVillage earlier in the week.  Bonnie needed to make brownies to take and so she got started on them.  They smelled so good cooking.  And they looked good too.


Soon after they were done we loaded up the chairs and headed over to the pavilion for the get together.  We met the other contractors and volunteers from here in the park.  There were also a few other friends that they have met here and there.  US got the fire going and soon had the hot dogs cooking.


The dogs cooked quick and everyone had brought a dish to pass and we were soon enjoying some good eating.  Then it was time to sing Happy Birthday and cut the cake.


We had a very nice time exchanging info and stories about life on the road.  The weather was beautiful and all the fresh air was good for us.  Now for a nice relaxing evening.  Its nice to have the windows open after several cold damp days.


We were up in time this morning to get ready for church.  So after getting dressed and a quick breakfast we headed over to First Baptist Chruch of Barling.  This is a much smaller church than the last few we have been at.  But it seems to have be friendliest.  Almost everyone came up to say welcome to us.  We were also in for a treat today as there was a Gideon report.  The Gideons are the ones that distribute Bibles all over the world and they are the Bibles you find in hotel rooms.  After that Pastor Jay brought a good message from the book of John.


Afterwards we headed back to the coach for a day of rest.  We both did some reading and I dozed off for a while.  Then we watched the Indy 500 qualifying.

So thats about it for this week and our time in Arkansas.  Tomorrow we plan to move on to Oklahoma.

Thanks For Checking In.

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  1. Bob and Bonnie, you both are the very reason we love this lifestyle. We have met so many wonderful people since we started full timing. We are thrilled that we met you and plan to follow your blog in hope we meet again on this wonderful road called life. Thank you for making Kat’s birthday a special one.

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