Spending Some Time in Oklahoma


Rain was in the forecast for all day today, so I was happy to see that it was dry outside when we got up.  We were just about packed up and ready to disconnect the water lines when our new friends US and Kat pulled up to say See You On Down The Road.  We chatted for a few minutes and then it started to sprinkle a bit so they headed into town and I unhooked the hoses and put them all away.  By then the rain had stopped.  We finished unhooking and Bonnie left to take the trash.  I double checked our check list and then pulled out and headed to the dump station.  We got lined up and dumped the black and grey tanks, still no rain.  Next item was to hook up the car, check the lights and brakes.  Then after praying together we hit the road.

Todays trip was only about 95 miles, I am getting used to these nice short trips.  No construction zones today and only about 1 minute of rain 10 miles from our destination.

So by 2:00pm today we were set up for the next 8 nights at Terra Starr RV Park on Lake Eufaula.  We are in Checotah, Oklahoma.


Bonnie started the wash and I checked with the local Post Office to make sure they except General Delivery and then ordered our mail shipped.  Bonnie made chicken and potatoes for supper and after I did the dishes we relaxed.  At least until the sheets were dry and we could make the bed.  We also contacted some WNY friends who now live in Tulsa and it looks like we are going to get together on Saturday.  So while it was a short driving day we did accomplish a lot.


We were able to sleep with the windows open last night but when I got up this morning I turned on the A/C.  Its only around 80 but high humidity and sun make the heat index high and a feel like temperature of 93.  Oklahoma is now the 23rd state that we have visited and slept in with our coaches.

This afternoon we decided to explore to the South and see what Eufaula was like.  First thing we noticed was the muddy color of the lake water, I guess they have had a lot of rain.  Lots of places to eat in Eufaula.  Several historical buildings but thats about all we found.

I did hear of a Kiwi Farm out West of Eufaula and so we headed out to the Hoepfner Kiwi Farm.


This turned out to be quite an interesting place and not at all like the Kiwis that you see in the store.  We found the information very informative and enjoyed our tour.  But I must warn you the grounds are pretty run down and there is a lot of trash piled everywhere.  But they are very friendly and we enjoyed it.

This is the information board they have set up to explain the Kiwis.  He told us they used to have up to 50 tour buses stop here every year.  But due to several other Agrotourism farms closing in the area they are down to about 5, plus people like us that just drop in.


They grow several varieties of Kiwis.  All are of the smooth skin Hardy Kiwi varieties.  There are male and female plants.  Some varieties need both in close proximity and some are self pollinating.  These are some new self pollinating.


The new building in the background will be their new sales room.  For now they use part of the house.  These are container grown male and female plants that are starting to get up into the trees.  The plants seem to like partial shade.


The Kiwis grow on a vine like plant and they grow in bunches like grapes.  They ripen in August and are just past the flowering stage.  They like to hide under the leaves.  They grow to the size of a large grape or plum.


A bigger bunch.


They even have a nice quiet place to sit and relax under a nice arbor.


In the Arbor I did find this seemingly out of place piece with a Snowman and Santa on swings.


The plant comes from China and has no native insects or disease that attack it.  They told us they do sell plants but at currently back logged by 2 years.  We did buy a couple bars of their kiwi soap as thats about all they had left to sell.

On the way back to the coach we stopped for a late lunch early dinner that we call Linner.


The Belle Starr Grille turned out to be a good choice and it is close to the RV Park.  Bonnie had the Butterfly Pork Chop and I had the Chicken Fried Steak.  Both were huge portions and very tasty.

We got home just in time for the news.  Bonnie started some wash.  After a few minutes of news they switched to the weather.  About that time we got a Severe Thunderstorm warning on the weather radio.  For the next  hours they tracked the weather and a couple funnel clouds were spotted and it looks like a couple tornados did cause some damage.  Fortunately they were not close to us.

So tonight is the finale of Dancing with the Stars and The Voice so we are going to settle in and watch them, while keeping an eye on the weather.  Glad I bought  the new weather radio as it seems to work much better than the older one.


We had a pretty restless night.  For me it was the combination of a big glass of ice tea, too late in the day, and the alerts going off on the weather radio until about 2:30 this morning.  The storms were not in our immediate area but they were in the northern part of the county so we got all the alerts.  The news today showed damage up that way from several confirmed tornadoes.  I have also been nursing a pulled muscle in my back.  So needless to say we were hard pressed to get up before noon this morning.  Once up Bonnie started wash and had a nice long phone call with her cousin.

The we decided to drive up to Checotah and see what was up there.  It only took a few minutes to tour the main streets in town and then I dropped Bonnie off to shop at Nichol’s Super Thrift grocery store.  It was to hot to sit and wait so I drove around a little more with the AC cranked up since the heat index was in the 90’s today.

Since this is Carrie Underwood’s Home town I went looking for some signs at the entrance to town, but did not find any.  However my route did take me past the High School she attended.


Since there are only 3300 people in town the school district must be huge.  The building and the sports complex are very impressive.  Then I drove out of town in the other direction and came upon the local casino.


Evidently there are a lot of these smaller Indian Owned Casinos in the state.  On the way back into town I came upon This church which is where the Underwoods attended and Carrie used to sing.



Who knows we may just join them for chili or church this weekend.

I headed back to pick up Bonnie and head home with the groceries and an ice cream resupply.  Wow its hot.  We unloaded the car and Bonnie put away the groceries and started more wash.

Three units have pulled in since we left.  I talked to the man next to us he is headed to Arkansas to visit grand children.  He is alone and came from Boulder City near Las Vegas.  His wife is still working as a nurse and she will fly in to Hot Springs for a week once he gets there.

Well the bad weather tonight is to stay well to the North West so hopefully we will be able to get a good nights sleep.  Tomorrow we should pick up a mail shipment.

Thats about it for the first part of this week.  Thanks For Checking In!