Watching the Weather in OK


Looks like another hot and humid day here in Oklahoma.  That usually means that we can expect thunderstorms and possibly severe weather later in the day.  It was in the low 80s but the humidity is way up there and its very uncomfortable outside.

Bonnie sent me away around 1pm so that she could clean and not have me in the way.  I grabbed my Escapee Magazine and computer and headed up to the Checotah post office to pick up our mail shipment.  We only got a few letters and the rest was magazines and political ads.  I hung around town and moved a time or two to cool the car down.  I even picked up a Cherry Limeade at SONIC.  When I got back Bonnie was finished and the coach smells nice and clean and looks great.  Now she is making spaghetti for supper, one of my favorites.  Looks like the storms are already firing up northwest of here in Kansas.  The bad weather stayed away from us so we got a good nights sleep.


After we had breakfast and got around today we decided to take a ride around the lake to see what we could see.  I must say that we did not see much.  I took the camera but there just was not much to take pictures of.  We did see the dam that backs up the Canada river that forms the lake but thats about it.

Arriving back here at the coach we noticed a lot more campsites are occupied.  I did meet and chat with our neighbors on both sides.  Dwayne and Amy pulled in to the West.  They are radio personalities from 106 KIX in Memphis.  Its a country station and they do the morning show from 5-10am.  He came over while I was topping off the batteries and we chatted for a while.

Bonnie had a couple steaks that she wanted done on the grill so I got that out.  Oh Oh.  I noticed some paper and the handle on one of my extension poles chewed up.  Looks like we have or had a mouse since we left Russellville.  I looked at the bait blocks and they are partially eaten so hopefully the poison did its job.  Just in case I also set 3 traps.  There was what appeared to be a partially made nest in the bottom of the grill bag.  But it did not smell so I am not sure it was used much.  If its still down there I hope the peanut butter in the traps will do its job tonight.

The park had some activities tonight.  A band and street dance was held right out back of our rig by the club house.  They started playing at 7 and finished up at 10.  We stayed in and Bonnie read and I caught up on HULU.  I almost went to bed without updating the blog but figured I better write down my thoughts before I forgot them all.


We got up this morning anticipating a visit from our friends John and Sandy.  We first met them at Crossroads Church in Elma, NY and we soon became friends.  Sandy was very influential in Elizabeths life and many of the other single mothers in our church.  John’s work has seen them moving several times since they left NY.  One of those stops was in Huntsville and we were able to see them a couple times when we visited Robby and Ashley and our grandkids.  Now they live in Tulsa only about 90 minutes from here.  So we talked earlier in the week and they decided to drive down here today.  We kept in touch via text and they arrived and found our site right around 1:30pm.


Its always great to catch up with friends and we try to make an effort to do that when ever we are near to them.  We had a great couple hours catching up on each others lives.  Then we decided it was time to eat and wanted to eat down by the lake.  So we drove into the town of Eufaula and checked yelp and picked a place called the Stuffed Olive.  It looked like a good place but the parking lot was empty.  Well they did not open until 4 and it was only 3:30.  So we toured the small town, wow lots of people at the marina and all around the lake today.  We got back to the parking lot just before 4 and they opened the door for us.  We ordered and our salads came quickly but then the rest of the meal took quite a while as we were the first customers of the day.  So I asked the waitress to take our picture while the grill and ovens heated up.


She did a pretty good job.  And the chef did a good job on the meals and I think we all enjoyed our salads, pasta, shrimp and surf and turf.

After the meal it was back to the coach and we chatted for a while again and then they headed back to Tulsa so they could be home before dark.  Thats my deal now also I like to be home before dark.  The park had another band but we just stayed in and read and watched a movie.


So today was my morning to sleep in and Bonnie got up before me.  She was wanting to make sure she made it to the club house for breakfast which included biscuits and gravy.  I said not thanks and I was happy to have my cereal and coffee a little later.

The Indianapolis 500 pre-show was on and I watched that and then the race.  It was nice to see a rookie win by driving conservatively and getting better fuel mileage than other more seasoned drivers.

Turned TV off then and went online to do a little research for traveling later in the week.  Then it was time for NASCAR, the Coco Cola 600, 600 miles of racing.  So thats what we are watching now.  Once its over that will be about it for today. Its been a relaxing weekend and I am glad that we are not out on the highway in all the traffic.  Tuesday we plan to move West again just not sure how far at this time.

Another great week for us hope you can say the same.

Thanks For Checking In!


  1. We love reading your adventures. I would love a band and street dance, how fun. The closest we’ve had to a street dance was when one of the campers got into a mess of fire ants.

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