June 2016

Headed North

MONDAY Our week in Williams has come to an end.  We have enjoyed it here and between here and Flagstaff there is still a lot left to see and do. […]

Change of Plans

THURSDAY Early to bed early to rise.  We were beat after our all day trip to the Grand Canyon and so were in bed early.  I was up at 7 […]

Record Heat

MONDAY We were able to open the windows a couple hours after sunset and sleep with the windows open and I had a good nights sleep for a change.  I […]


THURSDAY Good sleeping weather and we had a leisurely morning.  Bonnie wanted to go see the the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center and so we left to go down town to […]


MONDAY Today turned out to be a pretty visual day.  We tried to head out before it got real hot today.  We wanted to visit.  Petroglyph National Monument. We checked […]


THURSDAY Yes for the past few days it has been windy.  Rocking the coach most of the time and making one wonder how long will it last.  But I digress. […]


MONDAY We started the day early for us.  The other day Bonnie said she wanted to go to the Amarillo Livestock Auction.  In fact its one of the reasons why […]


THURSDAY It rained most of the night and Bonnie said it kept her awake and she did not sleep well.  It was still raining this morning so it was a […]

Ghost Town

MONDAY MEMORIAL DAY the day that we remember those that paid the ultimate price for our Freedom-Thank You. We stayed at home most of the day and watched all the […]