It rained most of the night and Bonnie said it kept her awake and she did not sleep well.  It was still raining this morning so it was a good idea to stay here an extra day.  We read most of the day and did some computer research on places to stay and things to see.  The sun even tried to come out for a while.

I called the Oasis Resort in Amarillo, TX to check on reservations.  They said no problem just come on over tomorrow they had plenty of room and good internet.  They even have a Good Sam discount.  The rain started again and its quite hard.  We also got news that Retama Village also got a lot of rain and some flooding in the streets and loss of power.

Bonnie wanted to do wash so I went out and hooked up the sewer and dumped the tanks.  Each load of wash adds about 16 gallons of water to the tanks if not open.

Since we can see I-40 I did not think there was much traffic out on it.  I do notice trucks and RVs.  So I decided to count for 6 minutes and then multiple by 10 and I came up with just under 1000 cars for an hour.  Guess I might have been a little bored.

Not much else to report on today tomorrow we head West.


No rain this morning and the day turned out to be beautiful.  We hit the road right around 11:00am and crossed into Texas about 5 minutes later.


Once I hit the interstate I never touched the brake or slowed down until we got to exit 60 just west of downtown Amarillo.  We had some really nice views and we also passed thousands of Windmills making electric.

The Oasis RV Resort is just about a mile south of the interstate and checkin was quick.  We easily found our site and pulled in and got set up.


We are just West of the famous Cadillac Ranch.  We will have to stop it seems there are always cars there.  Even the Resort has its own version.


Once we were settled I took care of signing on to the internet and setting up the Weather Radio.  I checked on what county we were in when we checked in and found out that the restrooms and clubhouse are storm shelters.

Then it was time to head into town and find the dentist.  I had looked on line and found that the Amarillo Dental group had hundreds of good reviews.  I called before we left this morning and they were able to give me a 3:10 appointment today.  We found the modern office and very nice waiting room.


They gave us a nice greeting, asked me fill out some paperwork and offered us coffee or water while we waited.  Almost as friendly as our dentist in Attica.  They called me right on time and went right to work.


They took an X-ray to make sure the tooth was sound and free of decay.  Then the dentist prepared my old crown and cemented it back in place.  Cleaned up the extra cement.  Made sure floss would work and I was done.  Well almost, I did have to pay the bill.

We drove back to the coach on the old Route 66, most of the old building are gone on this stretch and it ended up blending into I-40.  We have 33 TV channels over the air and the internet is fast enough for us to stream Hulu and Netflix.

Bonnie has found a lot of things to see and we are talking about staying here a week instead of 3 days.  I will check on that tomorrow.  Once the sun went down I turned off the AC and opened the windows.  Its nice and cool out now and it should get down to the 50’s overnight and then the 80s tomorrow.  Here was the western sky as the sun set.


Thats about it for tonight.


Got up to a beautiful morning.  We had windows open all night and left them open this morning until we left.  The last of the over night campers were pulling out while I had breakfast.  We took it easy all morning and then after lunch decided to head into town and visit the zoo.  We stopped on the way out of the park to pay for the rest of the week, yes we will be here 7 nights.

First stop was at the world famous Cadillac Ranch.  Its just 10 cars partially buried in the a farmers field.  In fact the farmer was disking the field today.


Entrance is free and if you bring your own paint you can add your art work to the car of our choice.  We just stopped for a picture today.

At the zoo we got the senior discount and Bonnie had a coupon so we got in for $5.  This could be a really nice zoo but there are a lot of empty displays and others that are not labeled, so it a bit confusing.  But its always nice to see the animals and they seemed to be well cared for.  Here are a few of them.


Looks like the old man of the group.


The Buffalo are a bit lazy today.


The mule is happy to be petted and scratched.


They also had a nice collection of cats from small to large, all napping and behind wire cages.







After the zoo we headed for The Big Texan.  Opened in 1960 and home to the FREE 72 ounce.  All you need to do is eat the steak and all the fixings in under 60 minutes.  Otherwise it costs you $72.00


Yep thats 4.5 lbs of meat, salad, shrimp cocktail, baked potato, and roll.


The challenges take place in front of the grill at this table.


Can it be done, yes.  Molly Schuyler known now as Memorial Day Molly is the current champ.  She ate the first steak in under 3 minutes and then in less than 15 minutes ate a second one.  She is a dainty 125 lbs according to this story.  Click this link

My steak was very good but Bonnie was not impressed with her prime rib.  She did say the baked sweet potato was great.  From there we made a brief stop at CVS and headed home for the evening.


I should not have rolled over when I woke up this morning.  Ending up sleeping in got up to late to go to church.  But I was up in time to watch the service live from First Baptist Church of Amarillo.  Bonnie looked over her list of things yet to do here and decided we would just have a day of rest today.  I spent a good part of the day researching the next couple legs of our trip.  No NASCAR today they got rained out.  In fact TV was not on until late this afternoon.  I talked to our friend John Huggins from Living The RV Dream to check on some of the things we want to do while we are out this way.  Then I downloaded the Mountain Directories app to my iPhone and also ordered the Motor Carriers Atlas from Amazon.  These to will keep us informed when we cross the mountains out west and back east.

After watching the sites around us empty this morning we watched them fill back up late this afternoon.  Quite a variety of rigs here tonight.

Bonnie made baked potatoes in the instant pot and pan fried some chicken breast for supper.  It was in the mid 80s today and quite warm, but low humidity so we kept the window open now it is cooling off nicely.  The Wifi has been in and out today here in the park so I will get this posted.

Stay tuned tomorrows activities may surprise you.

Thanks For Checking In!