Yes for the past few days it has been windy.  Rocking the coach most of the time and making one wonder how long will it last.  But I digress.

Wednesday evening catch up.  We left here  a little after 4 and headed South to Palo Duro Canyon State Park.  We had received many recommendations to see the “Texas-Show” , we are very happy that we did.  We left early enough so that we could drive around the canyon, second in size only to the Grand Canyon.  It is 60-100 miles long and 800-1000 feet deep, depending on who you talk to, before the dinner and show.  Just under an hour to get to the park and free admission since we were seeing the show.  First stop was at the visitors center on the rim.  It was closed but gave us a good view of the canyon, it is big.


iPhone panorama, I forgot my camera


Then we drove down into the canyon.  Part of the loop road was closed for construction but we saw most of the park.  Here are a few pictures mostly Bonnies.




Back in one of the many small camp grounds we spotted some turkeys


Then a hen with quite a few poults they are not all in this shot.


This is a very popular SP to camp in.  There were a lot of tents, pop ups, Class B and C.  We saw one class A.  There is electric and water and a dump station.  The road into the canyon is pretty steep and windy.

There was even this sign telling of how the Calvary mistreated the indians and took 1400 of their horses.


We also made a brief stop at the trading post so Bonnie could pick up a remembrance.  They also claimed to have the best burger in the world.

They it was time to head for the the pre show BBQ Dinner at the Pioneer Amphitheater.



I thought it was pretty good and it filled me up.  There was brisket, sausage, beans, ham, potato salad, cole slaw and peach cobbler for dessert.  We sat with a nice couple that is trying a 4 month trip to see how they like living in an RV.  We had a good chat and it was soon time to go the square.  They had some pre show entertainment and even some line dancing.  The theater opened up at 8:00 and was maybe half full just under 600 guests.  We sat in front of an other couple that is giving RV life a try.  The amphitheater is an amazing setting at the bottom of the canyon wall hard to get a good picture but I gave it a try.


There were no pictures allowed during the show.  The show was a musical and was very good.  It started with a rider on a horse with the Texas flag at the top rim of the canyon.  It ended in the dark with about a 20 minute tribute to the military and veterans complete with fireworks.   I figured over 70 actors and many more behind the scenes.  They were all very good even the horses were quite well behaved.  The show started right at 8:30 and did not end until 11:00pm I would say we got our moneys worth.  I just don’t know how to describe it other than to say it was good.  At the one 15 minute intermission they gave a way a prize to the person traveling the farthest.  In 51 years they have never given it to anyone from the continental United States.  Tonight was no exception, the man who won was from South Africa.  We had a great time and got home right at midnight.


Today Thursday is a rest up and get ready to move day.  Bonnie is doing some wash and I will dump tanks etc. hoping we can get an early start for Albuquerque in the morning.  Wow its windy right out of the South and its over 90 out mid afternoon.

Got so windy and gusty that we put in the two passenger side slides, much quieter to sleep.


The alarm went off at 7 and we got up and began the process of packing up to leave.  Bonnie did the back and then came out and had breakfast.  I ate and then went out to unhook the water.

We had one little issue.  The one bedroom slide did not want to stay in.  The slides are hydraulic and a valve keeps them open or closed.  We cycled the slide about 3 times and it finally stayed closed and we had no problem the rest of the day.  I am hoping we flushed some debris out of the valve and that the filter will catch it.  No other issues and we were on the road by 8:45.

We crossed into New Mexico after 60 miles and we gained an hour.  Another 40 miles and we pulled into the Flying J for fuel.  Bonnie drove when we left there for the next 90 miles or so.  She was driving when we hit the one construction zone for the day.  Actually they were just setting it up and it was a bit ridiculous how narrow they were making the lane.


Notice the barrels are completely in our lane and there is nothing going on in the right lane.  So the left wheel was on the rumble strip and Bonnie missed all the barrels, she did a good job.

Further up the road we pulled into a rest area.  I cranked up the generator and we had some sandwiches for lunch.  Then I ran the engine in the car for a few minutes and went through the departure check list to make sure the transmission stays lubricated.  My turn to drive.

It got up into the 90s but no problem for the big 400 HP CAT C9 engine, the temps stayed good.  Since we got the repeater for the tire pressure monitoring system we have had no loss of signal from the sensors so all was good.  We drove through Albuquerque and pulled into the Enchanted Trails RV Park and Trading Post around 3:15pm 286 miles from Amarillo.  A quick checkin and directions to our site.  A nice pull through and pretty level.  We hooked up the water and power, put out the slides and sat down with the AC on to cool off for a while.

After spaghetti for supper we headed into Albuquerque to the REI store.  They are an outdoor equipment coop.  I had joined years ago and they actually were able to find my membership number.  I was able to find the Tilley Hat I wanted, and the Keen sandals I have looked for for months.


Bonnie got a waist pack to carry her water bottle and a pair of Keen sandals.  Then we got a couple other things we need for the coach.

Next was our first stop at a Walmart Neighborhood Market.  We needed milk, bread and a few other things.  Bonnie did pick up a few Klondike Bars for me.  Well thats about if for today.  Its 10:30 here thats Mountain Daylight Time, still 80 out but it will get down in the low 60s over night as we are at 5700ft.  We did pass through two 7100ft passes on the Interstate today.  Humidity this afternoon was 10% it is up to 27% now.


We both slept in kind of late this morning and it was already hot out so we changed plans and decided to take it easy today.  Which worked out because neither of us felt really good today.  Lots of reading and research today.  The internet has been working quite well here.  Someone was generating a lot of interference late this afternoon but that seems to have cleared up.

We had some storms roll through here this afternoon, luckily I noticed it and got the awning rolled in before it did any damage.  Then lots of gusty wind but no real ran.  Eventually we decided to go out for dinner and picked a pretty good Mexican one not too far away.  Bonnie had Nachos Supreme


I had the Chicken Asada


Both were good.  Back to the coach after dinner and it was very nice out so we opened the windows to enjoy some fresh air.  I think the dry air is bothering both of us some and I know the altitude affects me some.  I picked out a church to attend in the morning so hopefully we will get up in time to get there (I set the alarm)


45 years ago today Bonnie and I were married.  Happy Anniversary Bonnie.

10 Mr and Mrs Jae

Sealed with a kiss.

18 Kiss at the cake

The backboard behind us was in the two room school that Bonnie had attended. At the time of our reception it was the Grange Hall and now belongs to the Historical Society.

We set the alarm last night and got up to head to church this morning.  At the last minute last night I changed where we were headed.  Turns out it was not by chance but God ordained.  We headed for First Baptist Church of Rio Rancho.  A church that has a smaller building and parking lot but a lot of members.  They had a 2 services last night and 4 this morning to fit everyone in.  They seem to be very active.  Pastor Sids sermon was very good on Paul and his calling.  As you can see they are getting ready for VBS.


Then he told a story about a member who had passed away recently.  She wanted him to sing a song at her funeral.  Well the Pastor is going to be out of town and the family has changed the funeral plans.  So he sang for her in all the services today.  The song he sang was “His Eye Is On The Sparrow”.  He did a great job.  However what brought Bonnie and I to tears is that it is the song that her Father sang at many funerals, so we knew we were in the right place.

We drove around a little bit trying to see if we could drive along the Rio Grande River.  So Bonnie went into the Open Space Visitors Center.  While she was in there I called Carl Simmons.  He sent me a message last night.  He lives here in town and so we can get together for dinner.  He was good friends with Bonnie’s parents and we know him and his brother Ethan.  Bonnie came out and said not road along the river.  So she had a route to follow to look over some of the area and get up on the mesa.

We ended up at home a while later and decided to chill out in the AC and make plans for the week end.  Its been in the upper 80s today and should cool down so we can open the windows later.  Like yesterday the wind was gentle most of the day and then got gusty and rocked the coach.  Hopeful it will die down later.

Well thats about it for this week Thanks For Checking In!

20 Wave Goodbye



  1. Love your final picture. Happy anniversary! We will have to check out the canyon sometime. I had never heard of it. Have a blessed week.

  2. Happy Anniversary Bob and Bonnie! Nice to see all the great pictures! And it looks like you’re having a wonderful time with your RV. And also lots of places to visit and see!
    We love the blogs!!! The Duck Dynasty one was a favorite here👍

    1. Thanks Bill great to hear that you enjoy them. Thanks for keeping in touch.

  3. Happy Anniversary to the both of you. I really enjoy watching your travels. Thank you so much for sharing it all. Saves us a lot of money and wear and tear on these old bodies. Take care.Love to both

  4. Hope you can spend some time in St. George, Utah and visit Zion and Brice National Parks. We’ve spent some time there and really enjoyed the area. They also say Moab, Utah is an interesting place. We haven’t been there yet but plan to go. Happy anniversary and really enjoying the posts.

    1. Thanks Vern, we plan to be in Moab soon. We also hope to visit Brice and Zion maybe later in the year.

  5. Happy Anniversary!
    Spent a short week in Albuquerque last year. Great food, it’s all about the red and green sauce. Ask for Christmas and you get both.
    I enjoy reading your blogs.

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