Today turned out to be a pretty visual day.  We tried to head out before it got real hot today.  We wanted to visit.  Petroglyph National Monument.


We checked in and talked to the Rangers and then watched the 20 minute video on the Monument and the area.  There are thousands of Petroglyphs in the area and as Albuquerque developed some of them were being destroyed or defaced.  So the monument came into being to protect them.  The images have different meanings to everyone so there is no one meaning.  We drove over to one of the areas that has semi paved trails (good for us geezers) but there were plenty of Petroglyphs for us to see.  Here are a few of them.










We thought this one looked like the Pillsbury Dough Boy






Thats were we left the car, with some good cold water in it.


Smoke from a wild fire in the Embudo Canyon near here almost obscures the mountains.


And of course some of the desert plants are blooming



It was in the high 80s when we finished so we decided to do a little shopping.  We headed over to Best Buy to pick up a couple of new Kindle Paper Whites.  Best Buy had them on sale much better price than Amazon.


Then we tried to find a Subway using the GPS.  First one was in a mall and we could not find a parking spot.  Then second one was in a Super Walmart.  Bonnie went in but the subway was gone.  She picked up a few groceries and we headed home.  We did make one quick stop so Bonnie could look at the Volcano Ash domes.

Back home we chilled out.  Another very windy day.  I did a little research.  Made reservations and some plans for tomorrow and next week.


Slept well last night and was well rested when I woke up this morning.  I had my breakfast and then showered.  A while later I woke Bonnie up as we needed to get going.  We left for downtown around noon.  Our neighbors were leaving and we chatted with them for a bit and may run into them in Utah later this year.

We arrived at the Hotel Albuquerque and checked in for our tour on the ABQ Trolley.  Then sat down for a bit in the hotel lobby.  Bonnie went to look at a store across the street but about 12:45 we boarded the trolley.



We met our driver Jessie and our guide Rourk.  His parents wanted a unique name.


First area we toured was Old Town.


We drove around the square and looked at some of the old historical buildings.  Bonnie made a mental note to visit these native vendors after the tour to check out their jewelry.


The sun was very bright so the pictures are not the best.  It was up around 90 also but very low humidity and comfortable on the trolley which is open air and not AC.  Next we visited a downtown neighborhood.  A lot of movies have been and continue to be made in and around Albuquerque.  I even have a friend who is acting in some of them.  This house was in the movie Wild Hogs.


This house was Jessie Pinkman’s in Breaking Bad, this is the front view but as we drove by you could see on the side street where they parked the RV.


This house is Chuck’s house in Better Call Saul.


There are many more but not on this tour.  We also drove through the neighborhood near the golf course and and a blue collar neighborhood which had the more typical SW style houses.  Then we drove through Nob Hill and found this house designed by Bart Prince,


And right next door is the house Bart build for himself.  It is called the spaceship house.  It extends way back and has over 4000sf of space.  He is a famous architect and has designed a lot of house out in Malibu,CA


Some of our route was on Historic Route 66


The famous Dog House lots of neon.  Also seen on Breaking Bad


This style of artwork is in several places around the city.  This is called Family.  There are also murals and mosaics around the city.


Famous Frontier


An orignal motel that was bought to be torn down, but the city said no its historical.  So it is about to be refurbished and repurposed.  All over town we saw old buildings that were renovated and repurposed.  Nice to see an old car dealer ship now a thriving restaurant.


This was the First Baptist Church of Albuquerque.


We drove through some the 700 acre campus of the University of New Mexico home of the Lobos.  Then we headed to the rail yards.  On the way we caught this view.  We are staying out there just South of these Volcanic ash domes.


The big building was a locomotive repair and maintenance facility.  It once employed 1500 men.


This was Fire Station #1 near the rail yard.


Gertrude Zachary was a very successful business woman in town.


She build this Castle to live in eight years ago.  She only lived in it 5 years before she died.  Its now empty as her family has no interest in living there.


We also drove by several more of the many museums in town.  As we drove by the zoo we could see the baby elephant, a rare sighting.  However the battery died in my camera.

So after 90 minutes we arrived back at the hotel which is right next to.


We found a place to park on the square.  Bonnie went to shop and I took a look inside the San Filipe Church.  The oldest church in the city.


Once Bonnie finished her shopping we walked over to the American International Rattlesnake Museum.  It proved to be a very interesting place.  They have many of the different breeds of rattlesnakes.  The snakes were more active than we have seen in the past and there were some informative videos.  I do not like snakes but I must admit they have some beautiful markings.  We did learn you can not tell there age by their rings on their rattles.  They get one each time they shed.  They can shed three or four times in the first year.  Bob the owner showed us a rattle that had 19 rings, biggest he has ever seen.  Most of the snakes in this museum were breed in captivity so they have records of their ages.  This one was 15 and its big.  Climbing the wall.





This is a wide band Copperhead


By the time we finished the museum it was time to head over to Cocina Azul to meet some friends from NY for dinner.


This is Carl Simmons and his brother Ethan.  They were neighbors to Bonnie’s parents in NY.  We have known them for years.  Their sister a PHD was a professor at the University here before her death.  Some how the boys have ended up here now also.



We visited for a couple hours and caught up on all the news.  They love it here and I think Bonnie is starting to think it would be a good place to live.  We headed home at the end of a long day for us.  Bonnie had spotted smoke to the South East this morning on the mountain ridge and tonight when we stopped to get fuel it looks to have grown into a good sized fire.

Almost forgot I was awarded the following today:


Thats it for today.


Well last night we decided that today would be a designated day of rest.  I am struggling with staying hydrated here.  I drink a lot but I seem to get behind.  So I have been drinking a lot of my crystal light today and feel much better.  We were able to sleep with the windows open again last night as it cools off into the 50s by early morning.  But then today it got up into the 90s and at 6:30 it is still 91 outside.  There is a wild fire on the east side of the Sandia Mountains that we started seeing the smoke from yesterday.  It is still un-contained and getting close to some houses.  Hopefully the wind will die down some tomorrow and they can contain it.

Even though its a day of rest there are still some things to do.  I hooked up the sewer and dumped the grey tank as it was getting full.  Then I needed some sunglasses as the sun is really bright here.  I asked my friend Bill Osborne where they had gotten theirs.  He told me they were Cocoons for wear over your eye glasses.  He also said he got his last pair at Camping World.  So I headed next door and sure enough they had them.  I picked up a pair cheaper than on Amazon.


While I was gone Bonnie vacuumed and started a load of wash.  I also finalized our reservations for Friday and Saturday.  Then I made reservations for an activity next week on Bonnie’s birthday.  Thats about it for they day.  I did manage a quick shot of one of the retro campers here.


Great week so far and I am glad we took a day to rest up a little.  Thanks For Checking In!







  1. Nice photos of the petroglyphs. We went there years ago. Jeanneane always likes Old Town Albquerque. Never been to the snake farm though. thanks for sharing.

    1. We spent some time in old town. Thats were the snakes were just off the square. Last time we were here was on the Durango trip we made with the church and you.

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