Good sleeping weather and we had a leisurely morning.  Bonnie wanted to go see the the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center and so we left to go down town to see it late this morning.  It was quite interesting and lots of displays, pictures and plaques to read.  Its quite large and on weekends they have native dancers.

This is the lobby area where we started.


I liked most of the art work and painting that were displayed.


Water was very important and this was a water container.


Water or corn could be stored in this large pot.


The drum is very important in their ceremonies and in their lives.  There was a nice display on how they are made.


This is the courtyard where the dances take place.


One of several murals on the walls around the courtyard.


After this museum we decided to head over to the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History.  A new and very large building and outside area.  I enjoyed the exhibits and there were a lot of kids there and a good amount of hands on things for the kids to do.  After touring this place and watching their video I want to re-watch the TV series Manhattan.  This is a mockup of FAT MAN the second and last atomic bomb used in a war and dropped on Nagasaki.


This is a B-29 the type of plane that dropped both of the Atomic bombs dropped on Japan.


This is a B-52 some are still flying today.


A more modern F-16


This is the sail off the Nuclear Sub James K. Polk


All of the planes, subs, and missiles on display here were capable of delivering Nuclear weapons.

There has been a fire burning just SW of the city for a couple days, it has now consumed over 12,000 acres.  The smoke was clearly visible from the museum.


Then we drove over to the Fiesta Balloon Park.  This is a view of part of the launch field.  Its huge.  When not laughing balloons its a city park and is used for lots of spots activities.  Thats Sandia Peak in the background.  Its around 10,000ft high.  The city is around 5000ft.


We got back to the coach and hat supper then we got a BIG SURPRISE.  Our friend Norb called and 20 minutes later he was at our door.  We worked together at Quantico and he was in town for business this morning and decided to spend some time with us.  We had a great visit and are so happy he took the time to come see us.  We both are leaving town in the morning.


A great way to end our visit to Albuquerque.


Today was moving day.  In the end it was only 40 some miles and everything went well.  We did not get up super early and it was not really hot yet when we moved.  So we headed West on I-40 to exit 108 near Casa Blanca, NM.  All that is at this exit is the Dancing Eagle Casino, Camp Ground, Supermarket, and Travel Center with fuel.  Everything you could need.  The best part is full hookups are only 10.40 a night.  I had called ahead and we got one of the pull throughs.  The place was almost deserted until late afternoon then quite a few rigs pulled in.  Looks like they have space for about 35 rigs.

I have not felt good all day so we took it easy and relaxed in the AC since it got up into the 90s and is still 89 as I write this at 7:40.  I do expect it to cool off after the sun sets as we are at 6000ft.  We did catch on the news that the fire near Albuquerque is still burning.  One problem is the extremely low humidity 5% that and the wind make it tough to control the fire.

We decided to head over to the casino, as thats where the restaurants are.  We heard that the Laguna Burgers were really good.  They make it easy to get there.


Just a short walk through the gate.  We both ordered the Laguna burger and they were really delicious.  I had fries.


Bonnie had the sweet potato fries.


We walked through the casino all slots and a form of BINGO.  We were big winners as we did not risk losing.

We do have some views of the hills around here but lots of poles and wires in the way.  As you can see this is basically an overnight spot in a gravel parking lot with hookups.  But it is safe and very convenient to all our needs for now.


Tomorrow we are off to explore a Pueblo.


Last night was nice and cool again.  We kept the windows shut so we did not hear any traffic noise and the AC units did not run.

This morning I took at easy, feeling better than yesterday but know I need a day to rest up.  Bonnie took off by her self to visit the Acoma Pueblo also called Sky City.  It is the oldest continually occupied Navajo Pueblo.  Since I did not go all I can share is a few of the pictures Bonnie took.








There are still around 13 families living in the Pueblo full time.  No electric, no water on site.  They use composting toilets.  She had a good time but there was a lot of walking on uneven ground, so I am glad I did not go.  Upper 90s today and we should be pulling out in the morning and hope to get an early start.  We have about 300 miles to go to Flagstaff, AZ.


To some this blog may seem late but we have moved to Williams, Arizona in the Mountain Standard time zone.  We are now 3 hours earlier than the Eastern time zone.


Yes its Fathers Day and it is Sunday but it just worked out that today was moving day.  We moved about 300 miles so I drove 200 miles and Bonnie drove the middle 100 so I got to take a couple pictures through our bug covered windshield.  We also got to listen to sermons from Crossroads Church and Palm Valley while we traveled.  We even got passed today by one of Dana’s trucks.


We saw our first Prairie Dogs when we pulled off at a rest stop to change drivers.  Bonnie spotted it standing right in the road and then we saw a couple more off to the side.  We had some scenic views of rocks along the side of the interstate and even more off in the distance.


We had a smooth trip today no issues and we filled up with fuel in Winslow, AZ.  We thought about going downtown but it was really getting hot.  We should be around 80 here at Williams and it was 96 today, I believe it was a record and tomorrow maybe hotter.  So we wanted to get off the road and set up.  The CG was busy we were third in line to check in and they are completely full tonight and tomorrow.  Nice little 47 site CG right on old US 66, been here a long time.  We got a back in site at  Passport America rates for 5 nights.  The power is a little low but it should be ok at 108-110 Volts.  No TV reception so but my T-Mobile hot spot with Binge-On should work for HULU.  So we can stream some shows or movies.  Its now 9 here and the temperature has dropped to 80 over 10 degrees in an hour.  Almost missed a picture this was just East of Flagstaff.  I think there is a ski resort on the Mountain and we saw a patch of snow on the North end.


I hope all you Dads had a great day I enjoyed my day.  This is from 1955 at our new house in Monroeville, PA with my Dad and favorite sister.  Years later I actually played tennis in high school with that racket.


So we have a couple things planned for this week so stay tuned.

Thanks for Checking In!