Record Heat


We were able to open the windows a couple hours after sunset and sleep with the windows open and I had a good nights sleep for a change.  I did not wake until 5am and I went to the bathroom and also opened a window up front as it was 58 but the sun was already up.  By the time I got up for good at 7:20 the sun was warming the front of the coach up already and it was in the mid 70s outside.

Bonne told me a handle on the cabinet for the washer/dryer had lost a screw yesterday.  We could not find it so after my shower I headed into town to the True Value Hardware for some supplies.  I picked up some screws, nylon washers for the shower door handle and Thread Locker.  When I got back I stared my repairs.  First a little dab of thread locker on the screws.



Then put the handle on and tighten the screws.  The thread locker should keep them from vibrating loose.


I removed the screws on numerous other cabinets and repeated the procedure.  Then I found even more and just tightened them as they were pretty tight.  I bought new nylon washers for the handles on the glass shower door but they did not fit.  Plastic ones have fallen apart.

Bonnie and I worked on what RXs we needed to renew and she called the Dr.  hopefully we can pick them up in Flagstaff in a couple days.

Its is in the 90s here again today and supposed to be like that for a few more days.  I did see the train headed for the Grand Canyon on my way back from the hardware store.  All Aboard.


It was another hot day well up into the 90s by noon.  So we laid low and watched a little Netflix via the HDMI port on Bonnies computer to the big TV it worked pretty good.

Then we decided to head into town about a mile and see what we could find for supper.  On the way we stopped at True Value and I got the proper size washers for the shower door.  We settled on Goldie’s Route 66 diner a real old fashioned diner.


Map of Route 66 on the wall Chicago to Los Angeles, I believe it ends at the Santa Monica Pier.


I believe most of the seats were at the counter.  But we chose a booth.


Bonnie had liver and onions, she said it was very good.  I had the open face turkey sandwich and a salad.  As you can see its real turkey and not sliced off a processed roll.  It was delicious.  This is a tourist town so prices are a little steep.


We had a few minutes of rain this afternoon and it cooled off for about an hour but then warmed up again.  But as soon as the sun goes down it will cool off.

After we ate we drove up to the small Santa Fe dam and lake.  I think the town gets its water from here.  Its a pretty spot and lots of people were around it enjoying it.


We watched a group of kids walk out to the middle of the dam and then…


Scramble down the step like face of the dam to the bottom, must be the local pastime.


Back down into town and the early train had just pulled into the station.  One of the domed cars.


And of course the diesel engines.  There is a steam locomotive, but get this it has been converted to burn recycled vegetable oil and uses rain and snow water in the boiler.  I am told it runs on Saturdays.


After a quick stop at Dairy Queen we headed back home.  Bonnie helped me and I replaced the broken plastic washers on the shower door with the new nylon ones.  Thats about it for today.


Good sleeping weather last night after a very hot day.  Today the clouds helped keep the temperature below 90.  And we were able to open the windows right after supper.

We had planned to go into Flagstaff today to pick up our RXs but of course there were issues.  My Celebrex has to be re authorized by the insurance company every now and then and its time.  So I called the Dr and asked them to do that.  Several of the other meds had to be ordered so now it looks like we will go over there Thursday or Friday on the way north.

Other than that we had an easy day.  Bonnie went out to bird watch but only saw one bird.  Then she came in and decided to do start the wash so I went out and emptied the tank.  Bonnie is still reading a lot and I finished one book and started another.  Big day planned for tomorrow.


Big Day today its Bonnie’s Birthday, my bride continues to get more beautiful every year.  I tell her all the time and lately including today, younger woman have been telling her the same thing.  Happy Birthday, Bonnie.

She wanted to ride the train up to the Grand Canyon for her birthday and thats what we did in Grand Style.  We rode in the Luxury Parlor Car.  We took the second train at 10:30.  But first.  We started the day with a good old fashioned shoot out.  The marshal ended up shooting all of the the Cataract Creek gang.



Bonnie latched on to one of the gang


Back to the train.  We decided to go whole hog and we booked our seats in the 1954 Luxury Parlor car.  It is the last car on the train and on the way up we only had 10 people in the car and only 4 of us on the way back.  We could even take our shoes off and stretch out and relax.  Dan was our attendant and he put out a beautiful spread on the way up of sweet breads, yogurt, fruit etc.  With coffee, tea, orange juice and water.  In the afternoon we had cheeses, crackers, humus, brie, chocolate covered strawberries etc.  We toasted the trip with sparkling apple cider.  Dan was full of information and was nice to chat with especially in the afternoon when things were less formal with only 4 of us.  We even had time to talk to George the Conductor.  Here are some pictures of the train ride.  Looking back toward Williams


Working hard pulling a small grade.


There was quite a haze in the Canyon today.  We were told it is smoke from a fire.  So I am sorry but I do not have a lot of great pictures to share but will share a few.  Sporting my new Tilley had, it really does a good job keeping my head cool.


No way the camera can capture what you eye really sees.  The canyon if huge.


Looking toward artists lookout.



A panoramic picture


The famous El Tovar Hotel


Closeup of Artist Lookout


Our train depot


The Hopi House



We had a great day.  The train was 2hours and 15 minutes each way and we had about 3 1/2 hours up at the park.  We took the free blue shuttle bus from the station to the visitors center and transferred to the orange bus to go out to Yavipai Point, one of Dan’s suggestions.  Great views from here.  Then back to the visitors center and we watched the 22 minute film on the park.  When we came out from that it was raining.  We took the blue bus back to the village and looked around there until we left.


Ready to board for the return trip.  Thats a spare engine just in case.


Cyd came back and sang for us on the way back in the morning a woman played the accordion.


Some more of the Cataract Creek Gang stopped the train and robbed us

Sorry that there are no spectacular pictures and I am not sure what I wrote about today all makes sense.  I am beat and we made some changes in our plans. We decided not to go up to Moab and the East side of Utah, its just to hot.  So we will reroute to the West and maybe see Bryce and Zion on our way North.  We need to find some cooler temps.  Then up I-15 toward Glacier NP.

Well thats it for tonight, Thanks For Checking In!






  1. That last picture of Bonnie at the back of the train ought to be repeated on FaceBook, IMHO!

    Love reading your adventures.

    I am reminded of the quote from some famous golfer (Jack Nicklaus I think) who was told by some ace cub reporter that he seemed very lucky to win another trophy. His reply was something like, “It’s a funny thing, the harder I work the luckier I get.” I just thought to myself you two are so lucky doing the adventure dream, then I thought you worked hard for it!


  2. Awesome! Happy Birthday Bonnie!
    The pictures bring back great memories of our visit to the Grand Canyon. Thanks!

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