Change of Plans


Early to bed early to rise.  We were beat after our all day trip to the Grand Canyon and so were in bed early.  I was up at 7 something and it was not to long before Bonnie was up.  During or after breakfast we decided we were not sure where we wanted to go next so I called the office and we are staying here 3 more nights.  Of course we can not use our Passport America rate but we can use Good Sam.  But our site is booked so we have to move from site 6 to Site 2 which is a nice long pull through.  So tomorrow we move.

We needed to run into Flagstaff, a 30 minute trip, to Walmart and CVS to pick up RXs.  So after Bonnie cut my hair we loaded up and headed out.  Bonnie was hoping to get a haircut at Walmart.  We found the store but no beauty salon there.  But the greeter suggested on down the shopping center.  So Bonnie headed down there and I went to the Pharmacy.  This is where things got a bit jumbled.  All the RXs were ready except for 2.  One for Bonnie and one of mine need pre-authorization.  So they said Bonnie’s should be there by 2pm, so I said we would come back.

In the meantime, they could not cut Bonnie’s hair until 1:30 so she said forget it and came back to Walmart after calling me.  I did not hear the phone ring.  By now I was in the car and moved it down to pick her up at Cost Cutters where I thought she was getting her hair cut.  Once I got in there I checked my phone and saw she was back at Walmart.  So I drove up there and called her.  She was just checking out.  She did a little shopping and had bought milk and some meat.  Now what, we had several hours to wait.  So she tried to return the meat and milk but that did not work.  So she bought a cooler.

Back at the car we headed for CVS.  Spotting ice a a gas station we stopped and added the milk, meat and ice to the cooler.  Now we are good to keep the meat cool.  CVS was in a plaza and they had a Great Clips that was able to take Bonnie right in.  There was also a Harbor Fright and I picked up a box a rubber gloves I use when working with the sewer hose.  At CVS the RX was ready and we were on our way.  We decided to eat at a Howard Johnson we had passed, which brought back memories.  Of course it was right here on Route 66



The food was good and while eating we decided to do a little exploring.  We headed to Walnut Canyon National Monument.  What a treasure.  Its a canyon with a lot of cliff dwellings.  You can walk 280 steps down into the canyon and actually enter some of the dwellings.  It was in the 90s again today so we decided to do our looking from above.  All I had with me was my iPhone, my camera battery needed charged so I left it behind.  Look for the 33 dark spots in the picture.


This is a closer look


This view is down the canyon.  So this place is well worth visiting we enjoyed the visitor center and the movie.


We here the rangers told us about Sunset Crater National Monument only 30 minutes away.  I called Walmart and the RX did not come in so no use going back there.  So we headed to Sunset Crater.  Another nice Visitor center and movie.  This was a volcano and seen by the indians for miles around causing them to come and investigate.  We took the loop road and drove past the volcano, you can not climb it.  We also saw all the ash and cinder fields.  It was very interesting and different.



Ash and cinder field.



We were kind of in a hurry now driving 18 miles to get to.  WuPatki Ruins.


There were some nice views along the road.


Seems like you could see forever.

We made it with 25 minutes to spare before the visitor center closed.  We checked in, boy did our Senior Pass save us a lot of money today.  All we needed to do was walk out back and we could see the ruins of the Pueblo.



The are lots of beautiful landscapes here


One more Pueblo to visit.  I was beat by now and Bonnie walked out to explore it.  Here its off in the distance.


All todays pictures were taken with my iPhone I zoomed in to catch Bonnie exploring.


Perhaps tomorrow I can share some of Bonnie’s pictures.  We headed for home, straight into the setting sun.  But it actually was not too bad.  So having to wait to see if the RX came in at Walmart allowed us to have a great unplanned adventure.  Tomorrow we move sites and decide where we are going next.


This morning we got up and after breakfast waited for the coach on our new site to leave.  I worked on some reservations so that we would have a good spot over the 4th of July.  It took a while but I finally got that done.  I got a call from the Dr office.  Instead of filling out the forms so our new insurance would authorize the medicine I have been taking for my knees for 15 years or more, she wants me to try another less expensive medicine.  So I am game for that and told them to go ahead and order it.  Bonnie also called about one of her RXs that we missed the other day.  We got texts that all the RXs were ready at Walmart in Flagstaff, so another trip is in the future.

Our new pull through site was ready.  We got ready to move dumped the tanks and put the slides in.  We only moved a couple hundred feet.  But we were in a site they use for Passport America and needed to move.  We got all set up and then Bonnie washed the towels.  I finalized our one reservation.

We decided to eat mid afternoon and then go into Flagstaff to pick up our RXs.  When Bonnie tried to open the Pots and Pans drawer it would not open.  We took out the drawer above and could not see a problem.  So a gave it a good yank and it moved and finally came out.  Then the bottom of the drawer literally fell out.  This will be tomorrows project.


Its a big drawer but the bottom was only stapled on to the sides.  The weight of the contents plus the bumps going down the road were to much for and the staples pulled through the wood.  With the pans free Bonnie fried up some hamburgers for a late lunch.  Once we cleaned up from that we headed out.

First stop was the hardware store for some screws and glue.  Tomorrow I will dig out the screw guns and drills to fix it.  We headed into Flagstaff 30 miles to the Walmart, not much traffic and at 75 you get there pretty fast.  The reminder light came on in the car, time for an oil change, add that to the list.  Bonnie picked up some groceries and I got the RXs.  A quick trip and we were home in not time at all.  Now I hope we can relax a little and get a good nights sleep, we are here until Monday.


First I must say that the WiFi is much better here at this site, must be closer by 200 feet to the antenna and it makes a big difference.  I was up had my breakfast and was setting up shop outside by 9 this morning.  I wanted to get the drawer fixed before it got to hot.  I was able to use the picnic table and pull it into the shade.


I found all the tool I needed easily and was ready to get to work.


First the prep work.  I removed the damaged splinters on the bottom and flattened the stable that were all left in the drawer edge.


The I drilled pilot holes for the screws I was going to use, they should never pull out.  I used a good Elmer’s carpenters glue and then screwed the bottom back into place.  I also fixed and tightened the loose screws on the side slides.  Then set the drawer aside to allow the glue to dry.  I charged up all the batteries before putting them away and after everything was back in place I called it a day for the outside work.

It was still in the low 80 and with the low humidity we decided to just run the fantastic fans and not the AC.  I got out my National Parks Passport.


And updated it.  I had forgotten it when we visited a few places and had to get my stamps on paper and glue them in today.


Kind of fun collecting the stamps and free after you buy the passport.

Well the drawer is back in place and works good.  It never hit 90 today and thanks to a few clouds we did not need to turn on the AC.  Our long awaited mail shipment finally showed up and there was even a nice refund check in it from a rally we attended.  Then did not need all that they collected.  Bonnie made us a nice supper and now I am going to relax a little maybe read, play on line games with friends and watch some video.  Here is a picture of our site where we have been for the past few days.



Another hot one today into the 90s.  We got up this morning and headed for the First Baptist Church of Williams.  The church was crowded and we ended up in the front row right next to the Pastors wife.  We felt right at home and knew every song they sang having sang them at Crossroads where we used to attend.  This small church had 12 people on the worship team on stage and more in the booth.


Turns out Pastor Joe and Kelly his wife and two girls just returned from their first RV Experience.  Kelly told us they rented a Cruise America RV but really did not understand the systems.  They did make it safely to Disneyland and San Diego and had a good time.

Pastor Joe delivered first a story to the kids, before they left for Children’s Church, here he is asking them about their fears, before he discussed the Courage of Joshua.


Then he delivered a stirring sermon to the church on Joshua.  It was a great service and we left inspired for the coming week.

Back at the coach we took it easy and I managed to watch the end of the NASCAR race and see Tony Stewart win his first race in his last season.

Tomorrow we pull out of here and head North.  Its been a good week, we have done a lot and been able to rest up the past couple of days.

I will get this posted so our East Coast friends have a chance to see it before they go to bed.

Thanks For Checking In!


  1. i have enjoyed your blogs since you found someone to buy your home in central ny i knew you way back in our teen years

    i just lost my partner to cancer within a few weeks just a couple of weeks back

    just wanted you to know how much more i enjoy youar travels now than even before be safe!!!

    1. Sorry to hear of your loss. Thank you for your kind comments

  2. Sounds like you all had a great time. Keep enjoying the adventure.


    1. Thanks Kathy we are, looking forward to reports on your trip.

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