Headed North


Our week in Williams has come to an end.  We have enjoyed it here and between here and Flagstaff there is still a lot left to see and do.  But we are seeking cooler temperatures.  So we were up and on the road by 9:30 this morning.

Our planned stop was the Wahweap Marina Campground near Page, AZ.  It is on the shores of Lake Powell in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.  However it does not except our senior pass and the cost is $48 a night for a site.  Now its a nice park very neat and clean and some of the sites have great views of the lake.  We have a pretty good view but we are only here one night and only hooked up the electric.  But we are thankful for the electric.  It was up to 105 here today and at 8pm its still 99º out, wow!.  Thankfully the sun has set.  Even though we are almost 200 miles north of Williams we are only at 3800ft so it is much hotter.  Tomorrow we move to hight ground and cooler temperatures.

We did some climbing and descending on the way up here today all the way up to 7700 ft at one point.  It was in the 90’s and the House on Wheels did good.  The water temp did get up toe 201 briefly but then it cooled back down to the normal 188-194 going down hill.  The heat also causes the road to buckle and it was like hitting frost heaves in Alaska, though not as violent.  But we made it with out any real issues and Bonnie checked us in while I keep the AC running.

Once we hooked up we went to explore the Glen Canyon Dam that forms Lake Powell.  They had a nice air conditioned visitors center with a good over look.

Here are some pictures from today.  We crossed this bridge today its on Route 89.  It was built before the dam to facilitate the dam construction.


This is a very nice visitors center.  The elevator was broke so we did not take the $5 dam tour.


Looking down at the power house there are 8 generators in there that can supply enough electric for 2 million households.


Does not look like they are generating today you can see the bottom of the river.


The towers where the electric come up out of the canyon are massive.


Looking up river at Lake Mead


Funny the water below the dam looked green and this is blue.  Tough getting good pictures in the bright sunshine.


This is a big hill and will shade the visitors center in the late afternoon.


This is looking toward Wahweap Marina where we are staying.


This is across the lake from us it is huge the little specks on the lake are boats.  Lots of house boats here and you can rent them.


We saw a lot of this ripple rock on our trip back from the visitors center.


This was when we got back from our trip to the visitors center.  It was just too hot to do anything outdoors.  Oh look its almost time for an oil change.  I will have to plan a couple days near a Honda dealer.  We are in for the night and looks like the AC will get a workout all night tonight.  No TV here again but thats ok lots to read and my T-Mobile binge on may even work.



We were up at 9 this morning and pulled out of the  CG by 10:30, it was already in the 90s.  We planned a short run up to Glendale, UT today.  Utah is the 26th state we have slept in one of our Houses on Wheels in.  As we headed North and gained altitude the temperature dropped back down into the 80s.  We had a couple of 7% grades today both up and down.  The coach did well with both.  Going down I just slowed down to 45 and let the exhaust brake do its job.  Slow and steady wins the race.  We lost an hour today as Utah is on Mountain Savings Time.  So I reset the clocks in the coach again.

There was a nice breeze and at time a strong wind blowing dust most of the day.  But shortly after the sun went down we could open windows and shut down the AC for the night.  This is a small family run park and they are very friendly.  We were to have a back in site but they found a way to give us a pull thru which is much longer.   We get 14 digital channels on the TV but so far Fox is the only network.  The WiFi is strong and very fast and we have been able to stream Hulu.  Verizon is 1X extended so no data there, and my T-Mobile has not picked up any signal yet.  So I am thankful the WiFi is good.  We took it easy today and tomorrow we will explore some.  We are here 7 nights as of now so no need to be in a hurry.  I think we will enjoy it here.


We tried to get an early start this morning and we did not do too bad.  We had about an hour drive mostly north to get to Bryce Canyon National Park.  It was pretty crowded when we got there and parking lot full signs were in several of the more popular overlooks.  Yes you are on top of a plateau and walk to the edge of the rim to view the formations.  The Hoodoos are actually harder rock that was once underground.  The softer dirt and rock has washed a way and left them standing.  Pretty interesting geology in the park.

We climbed from around 5800 feet to over 9100 today.  On the way the first formations we came to were in Red Canyon, easy to see where the name came from.




We climbed to about 7000 feet and entered the Park after passing through these “Tunnels”



And watching these beautiful clouds.


Our senior pass saved us the $30 entrance fee.  First stop was the visitors center.  I dropped Bonnie off and drove around until I found a parking spot.  Then went in and had to go back to the car as I forgot my National Parks Passport and wanted to get it stamped.  Then we watched the 22 minute movie on the park.  These solar panels at the Visitors Center track the sun.


We decided to drive and take our chances.  That turned out to be a good choice as the buses only visit the first few over looks.  The first overlook we stopped at had amazing views.  Of course our eyes see 3D and the camera is just a flat image.  I wish you could see in our pictures what we saw, truly amazing.  Here are the pictures.










Natural Bridge









Our highest stop of the day 9115 feet.



After this we headed back to Hatch where we found a nice little cafe for Linner.  We talked to a couple local ranchers from Kanab and also the waitress who is related to the owners.  The food was good and plentiful.


After the pleasant 74º temperatures in the park down at the lower elevations at the coach it was 87º.  But the ac in the coach had it nice and cool for us.  I could not keep my eyes open and had to take a sitting up straight nap for a few minutes.  I think all the fresh air has tired me out.  So I will post this before I fall asleep for the night.

Thanks for Checking In!




  1. Great pictures! We enjoyed the national parks in that area tremendously. We has rented a cabin near Bryce that was at the 8000 ft level if I remember correctly. We all got a little altitude sickness, but were okay in a couple of days. What a great adventure you all are having. Thanks for sharing in the blog so we all can live vicariously through you!

  2. Outstanding pictures! I bet it was amazing to see.

    1. Thanks Scott, we may be in your part of the country later this summer

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