July 2016

Hot Days

iTHURSDAY Well it appears that the heat wave has hit here and we are still without our front AC unit.  The bed room will get cool but the front gets […]

Traveling North Again

MONDAY We were in no hurry to break camp this morning but we still ended up on the road before the 11am checkout time.  We pulled out of the back […]

Lots of Mountains

THURSDAY Its really beautiful here there are mountains in almost every direction that we look in, some well over 10,000 feet and snow still on many of them. It gets […]

Welcome to Montana

MONDAY During breakfast this morning we were treated to an aerial show as a yellow crop-duster plane sprayed a field near the RV park.  The plane even flew over us […]

On to Idaho

THURSDAY Just before we move to Idaho we have one day to look around Provo.  The plan was to get up and out in the morning before it got hot, […]

Provo, UT

MONDAY Another beautiful day.  Today we begin preparing to move tomorrow.  So its time to dump the tanks, check air pressures and begin to put the house in order to […]

Arizona Again

THURSDAY When I was over in the office the other day talking to to the RV park owners Doug and Terri.  Doug told me that Terri’s Grandfather had owned Pipe […]


Monday Happy Independence Day America!  We certainly are Thankful for Our Freedom and the ability to enjoy it.  Hope you all had a great day of celebration and time with […]

Change of Plans again

THURSDAY Todays plan was to visit Zion NP.  Well we both must have been tired and ended up sleeping quite late this morning.  I was up first and figured we […]