Happy Independence Day America!  We certainly are Thankful for Our Freedom and the ability to enjoy it.  Hope you all had a great day of celebration and time with family and friends.

Today was an other R&R day.  We slept in and took it easy.  Bonnie did do the wash here in the coach and late this afternoon I topped off the air in the car tires and topped off the water in the coach batteries.  I added about 4lbs of air and one quart of water.  Not bad.  Like I said the air sensors in the car are sensitive and the cold mornings lower the temperature.

Bonnie made boneless pork chops for supper and we finished the leftover mac and cheese.  It got up to about 84 today and we left the windows open.  The last hour or two it got a little hot with no breeze but it is cooling off nicely now.  Tomorrow we have a little trip planned.


Yesterday we decided that since we were only 2 hours from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon that we had better visit this side of the park.  Boy am I ever glad we did.  5.5 million people visit Grand Canyon National Park every year.  Only about 500,000 or those visit the North Rim, thats an average of 1300 a day vs almost 14,000 a day at the South Rim.

Driving down this morning we both were struck with the beauty of the this part of Utah and Arizona.  We decided that the whole area should be a National Park. Much of it is already either National Forest or BLM land.  It was a beautiful drive.  We steadily climbed and peaked out around 8800 feet.  We were disappointed that we did not see much wildlife at all today.  A few birds, a young turkey, and a deer.  We did see the dust rubs that the buffalo use so we know there are some in the park.

After about 2 hours we arrived in the park and found a good parking spot easily. Our first view was of a side canyon I believe its called Red Wall Canyon


Then we walked down to the visitors center and while Bonnie looked in the gift shop I went down to the lodge to check out the view.  Here are a few pictures.  From the lobby, nice comfy chairs here, I later got a little cat nap.  The North Rim is much more laid back than the busy, crowded South Rim.







Once Bonnie came down to the viewing area we decided we should have some lunch in this beautiful dining room.  The food was good and the prices were no higher than anywhere we have been in the area.  We sat right next to a window and enjoyed the views for the whole meal.


After lunch we went outside to enjoy the views and wait on the 3:00pm Ranger talk.  We forgot that we were on Arizona time so we had about an hour and 1/2 wait.  But no problem it was comfortable and beautiful.  Plus there were two fires on the South Rim.  This one is close to the park buildings.


A smaller one.  Both were caused by lightning and had probably smoldered for several days until the wind picked up the last couple of days.


Comfy chairs and oh what a view


The fire is growing.


Still relaxing


Finally Ranger Tim gave his talk on the Geology of the Park.  What an interesting talk and we learned so much.  The North Rim is much higher than the South Rim but the layers of rock are the same on both sides.  They are actually on a slight downward angle and if you draw a straight line across the apex. 23 miles they line up.


After the talk we decided we had time to drive out to Point Imperial  which is the highest observation point in the park.


Absolutely beautiful up here.  If you get to the Grand Canyon visit both rims.






That plateau in the distance is about 2000 feet lower than us.


I love how green the plants are in this picture



A quick panorama


I caught one of the tour helicopters and you can see the smoke from the fire in the background.


Bonnie does not like getting near the edge but she was brave today and ventured near the edge for some pictures.


Its amazing where these trees grow.


So it was about 6pm we had been in the park for about 6 hours and it was time to head home.  We were up high and the Ponderosa Pine forest was a joy to be in.  As we descended we drove through areas that had had a big fire in 2006.  Fire is sometimes a good thing.  These areas are now lush with Aspen saplings that will grow and eventually provide shade which will then allow the the pines to grow again.  With out another fire the Aspens will eventually die out.  Once below about 5000 ft the pines gave way to what I call scrub brush and small bush like trees and a little lower we were back into the desert on the Colorado Plateau.  We got home about 8:30 just before dark.

What a great day and I am so glad we decided to visit the North Rim.


Bonnie called an audible last night and said that today would be a R&R day and after all day yesterday above 8000 ft I was ready for a day of rest.  It was down in the 40s last night great sleeping weather.  When we did get up it still was nice and cool.  Bonnie washed the towels and then we read and caught up on email.  I eventually went over to pay for this second week and Doug and Terri the owners said pull up a chair and sit a spell.  The office is like a nice big living room and we chatted for a couple hours.  Rick and Vickie the other Beaver owners that are here were also there for a while.  They are planning to go to the North Rim tomorrow so I let them know what we liked and enjoyed.  Finally around 3 I went back to the coach for a snack.

I saw the UPS truck pull in but my stuff is not due until tomorrow.  But to my surprise I got a text saying my package was delivered.  I had ordered a Water pump.  Not sure if I will keep it as a spare or install it.  I think I will install it as it is supposed to be quieter and of course it is 10 years newer.  So as soon as the strainer part arrives I will have to decide.  If the weather is cooler I will probably put it in.  It is supposed to be a drop in replacement.  While I was out I did manage to take a picture of our site.


Bonnie made loaded baked potatoes for supper and thats about it for today.  Its Wednesday so I better get this posted before my sister calls it a night.

Thanks For Checking In!




  1. What a grand week 🙂

  2. Many years ago, when Bobby Shows was at Park Hill, several of us hiked from the north rim to the Phantom Ranch, 14 miles, then out to the South rim. Your photos brought back memories. It was cold and rainy on the North rim, warm at the bottom, then cooled and rainy again on the South rim. Elevation made all the difference.

  3. Beautiful picture. Wished We was there

  4. Oh that brings back wonderful memories! Brian and I enjoyed that part of the Grand Canyon as well on our 30th anniversary trip. We miss you guys glad you are safe and having fun.

    Love ya,
    Bri and Di

    1. We miss you all too, we are really sorry we will miss the Wedding.

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