Arizona Again


When I was over in the office the other day talking to to the RV park owners Doug and Terri.  Doug told me that Terri’s Grandfather had owned Pipe Spring National Monument and had sold it to the National Park Service.  Also her Uncle Lenard had been the second Park Superintendent.  So today we headed down to Arizona to check it out.

What a pleasant surprise.  It was a very nice place to visit and lots to learn there. It is on the Paiute Indian Reservation now.  But back in 1863 the land was settled by Dr James Whitmore.  He was later killed by the Indians.  He had settled here because of the water that flowed from 4 springs.  In the desert water is very precious.  In 1869-70 Bringham Young ordered that a Mormon fortified ranch and refuge be build on this location.  To mange the tithing cattle herd and to provide a safe refuge for Morman pilgrims.  The fortified ranch is called a fort and since Anson Winsor and his family built it, it is also called Winsor Castle.

The grounds are really well kept and pieces from the time period and the area are on display.  The remains of a wagon.


This is an example of the shelters the indians built.  They slept with there feet toward the fire out front.


You can see the fort in the background, notice the trees around the spring and the old covered wagon.



The good sized gardens are protected with a fence.


The corrals for the animals


The Windsor’s lived here while building the fort, all 14 of them.


A nice pool of water in the desert.


Just let me rest


We walked up to the fort and met Sarah, an intern, who would lead our tour today.  Her husband is the curator for the park.  She did a good job on the tour and by the time we were done it was hot and the AC in the visitors center felt good.


The fort was two building two stories with a courtyard in the middle.  The house was built into the hill and over the original spring to protect and secure it.


This was the parlor room and the spring actually flowed under it, helping to keep it cool.  This was a good place to relax and take your afternoon nap.



The kitchen, the center of activity.  The stove made cooking so much easier and was added some years after the fort was finished.  The chairs at the table were turned outward after the meal to remind you at the next meal to pray and give thanks before eating.


After the two rooms on the lower level we went up and visited the two bedrooms.  The four rooms were know as the family house and were occupied by the range manager and family.  But were shared with visitors and those seeking shelter.


In 1871 the telegraph came to Pipe Springs and this was the telegraph room.  The operator was usually a woman.


This organ used to serve the church here in Glendale where we are staying.


Downstairs in the lower building was the cool room or milk room.  They milked about 80 cows every day.  The milk was cooled in the trough that had the cold spring water running through it about 40 gallons a minute.  The butter fat would float to the top and every other day the woman would make butter.


Since the whole room was cool the rack was used to cool butter, milk, cheese, eggs and other items that need to be kept cold.


The other room in this building is the cheese room.  On the days they did not make butter they made cheese.  160-200 gallons of milk would produce around 80 lbs of cheese.  The butter and cheese were sent along with a couple steers to St George to feed the men that were building the Morman Temple there.


One last look back at the fort.  The tower on top had small windows in it.  There was room up there for a small person, probably a child to look out and see if anyone was approaching.


We had a good time and learned a lot about live on this ranch.  We also watched a good video in the visitors center and enjoyed the exhibits.  Then we headed back to the coach it was around 90 out here in the desert.  We stopped for some supplies and Family Dollar and the grocery store in Orderville.  The strainer for my water pump had been delivered so I picked it up and told Terri thanks for letting us know about Pipe Springs.


Today we have stayed in Utah.  We did get up and drive back down to Kanab to visit the Best Friends Animal Society.  They own 3700 acres and lease another 17,000 in Angel Canyon.  Angel Canyon is beautiful and was used in the 1950s as a film sight for shows like the Lone Ranger and several films used this location also.  On any given day there are around 1700 animals that call this spot home.  Most are Cats and dogs that have come in from affiliates around the country.  There are also horses, pigs, birds etc.  The society believes that no animal should be killed and last year helped place over 76,000 pets in homes.  This is truly an amazing place.  Thousands of volunteers and they have cabins, cottages and even a campground for volunteers.  Volunteers can even take a dog to their cottage for an overnight visit.  All the animals are trained to be good companions.  Of course some animals remain untrained and they live their lives at the sanctuary.  Remember Michael Vick and the dog fighting ring.  Twenty two of those dogs came here.  Two still remain here the others have found homes.  The animals are placed in areas with dogs of similar traits and are given every chance to socialize.


We arrived at the visitors center.  A very impressive building and well maintained grounds with a Koi Pond.


After checking in we were invited to watch a video on the Best Friends organization.  After the film we boarded our bus and head out.


We drove past the lower horse area and also the area the pigs are kept in.  Then it was on to the top of the Canyon and Cat Ville.  We stopped at the Colonels Barracks.  One of several Cat Houses.


We were greeted by the cats that like to hang out in the lobby and our guide told us about the some of the cats and their traits.  I thing there were almost 600 cats in residence on the sanctuary today.


Then we went into one of the 3 cat areas in this house.  There is an inside and an outside area.  Most of the cats were friendly and curious but a few stayed up in the rafters.  People like us coming to visit and pet them is part of their socialization process.  Lots of different cat personalities in this room but they all seemed to get along and had plenty of things to do and toys to play with.


Then we stopped over at Dog Town and met a couple of the dogs.  There are also dogs here from Hurricane Katrina.  Their goal is to adopt out the animals but some have severe issues and just can not be adopted.  We then drove the dirt road back down and into the canyon, past the huge pet cemetery and finally back at the visitors center.  The tour was free and there was no pressure to donate anything.  But this facility is first class all the way.  Beautiful facilities for the animals, no smells of any kind and the animals all seemed happy and well carried for.  It makes you want to help out, so Bonnie and I joined the society for a year.  The cost was only $25 and we will get a monthly magazine.  Who knows someday we may adopt thru

Once back home we talked to Rich and Vickie, they visited the North Rim yesterday.  They had every bit as good a time as we did.  Added bonus they got to see the Buffalo Herd on their way out of the park.


Another beautiful night for sleeping and another beautiful day.  I believe we are done sight seeing in this area and will probably stay close to home for the next couple of days until we leave.  I did a few small projects today.  I replaced the small brads in the hinges on Bonnies lap desk with screws and mounted a surface bolt on the cabinets to keep the pots and pans drawer closed while we are on the highway.

Other than that I did some planning for the next month.  I have picked out where we want to stay and now just need to see if I can get reservations.  So if all goes as planned we should be up in Montana in the next week or so.  Rest and relax is what we plan to do the next day or two.  Reading and Catching up on Hulu TV.


We slept in today and then took it easy, we have not even been outside.  In the low 80s today and pretty windy so no AC.  The closest non Mormon Church is about 25 miles away so we did not go to church today.  We will be listening to a couple good podcast sermons this week.

We have had a great time here and by the time the next blog is published we should be near Salt Lake City.

Thanks For Checking In!