Provo, UT


Another beautiful day.  Today we begin preparing to move tomorrow.  So its time to dump the tanks, check air pressures and begin to put the house in order to travel.  We have had a grand two weeks here and have seen a lot.  Mostly National Parks and National Monuments, but the scenery here is all beautiful Gods handiwork everywhere we look.

Late morning I made some reservations up in Idaho for this next weekend at a small county park.

I went outside and dumped the tanks and put the hose away.  I also changed the vacuum cleaner bag.  Bonnie said she wanted to vacuum and clean, thats my cue to make myself scarce.  So I wandered over to the office to visit.  I guess it was about 1:30 and I had not met the girl that was working.  So we chatted for a while, she just finished her first year of college so she is the same age as my Granddaughter.  Terri the owner came in to relieve her just be for two.  So then she sat down and we talked for an hour or so when Doug her husband came in.  Before I knew it it was 6:00pm.  They close the office at 6 so I headed home.

Bonnie had cleaned and also made Corn Chowder and it was ready.  Boy was it delicious.  After I caught up on my email, I was able to catch up on TV again.  We went to bed a little early since the alarm was set for 7:00am.


I forgot about the alarm so it was a bit of a surprise when it went off at 7.  We had a leisurely breakfast and before we knew it the clock said it was 8.  So we packed up and put the slides in and disconnected the power and the water.  Bonnie had a package to mail so she went to the Post Office.  I had some papers to return to the office so I did that.

Once Bonnie returned we hooked up the car.  Checked the brakes and lights.  Held hands and prayed and then we pulled out.  We had a steady climb for the first 10 miles and peaked out over 7000 feet.  We actually were up and down all day today.  The coach climbs the hills pretty easily and the coolant and transmission temperatures stayed below 200 today.  We also defended a 10% grade today and the exhaust brake did its job of keeping us well under the speed limit and not having to use the brakes.  Then we jumped on to I-15.  We like to take the back roads but not here in the mountains.  The grades on the interstates are much milder and safer.

We fueled up at Flying J and Bonnie cleaned the bugs off the front window.  The mountains seemed to double in height and the temperature outside climbed into the 90s.  After 5 hours and 244 miles we pulled off the highway in Provo and found Lakeside RV Campground a couple miles to the south near Provo Lake.

We have good TV reception here, so far the WiFi is good and now its time to watch the evening news for the first time in 2 weeks, BTW its still 93 out.  We are a little lower in altitude about 4500 ft, sure hope is cools off over night.


I was up before the alarm I had set for 8am.  I enjoyed my breakfast and read my overnight emails.  Then it was time to head to Ken Garff Honda about 8 miles away in Orem, UT.  I had an oil change scheduled and am hopeful they can do the recall on the air bag inflator.


It was a quick drive up tow exits on the interstate and I found the dealership easily.  But their signs for service were a bit confusing but after one lap around the building I found it.  Boy are they backed up.  I finally found the service writer and he checked me in and it looks like I am business for the oil change and tire rotation, but not the air bag.  They have a nice waiting area, coffee and Wifi so the time should pass quickly.


Good news the Service Writer just told me they have the air bag kit and if I can wait, it takes about an hour, they can do it and get it done.  I told them to go ahead.  I did remind him I had a noon appointment for a chip repair on my windshield.  Just heard from the Glass company and the insurance company and it looks like the repair will be covered and I will have no out of pocket expenses, which is good since my deductible is $500.

I was back to the coach by noon and I had told the glass company I preferred mid afternoon, so Michael the tech that was coming called about 3:20 and said he was 20 minutes away.  He also asked that the car be parked in the shade.  So I went ut and moved the car into some shade and ran the A/C to cool down the windshield.  Michael showed up right on time and went to work on the chip.


It does not look like much but he said a lot of glass was missing.  So he cleaned the window which helped to cool the glass.



Then he hooked up his expensive machine which draws a vacuum to get out the air and moisture.


After about 6 or 7 minutes of that he lets the vacuum draw in a resin that bonds to the glass and hopefully keeps the crack from spreading.  Then it applies pressure to force in a little more resin.  Then a couple of drops of filler resin and he applies the UV light to harden the resin.  Once that was hard he cleaned off the residue with a razor blade and then a little glass polish.  The spot is not invisible but its the best job I have ever seen.  Michael vacuumed the front seat area of the car and cleaned all the windows on the outside.  We finished up the paperwork, no charge to me and Michael was on to his next job.

I parked the car and went back into the A/C upper 80s here again today and getting hotter each day we are here.  I had stopped at the office earlier today and asked them to trim some branches by the door of our coach.  Late this afternoon one of the maintenance guys came by and trimmed them.

Well lots of maintenance and repairs done today.  Bonnie also did a couple loads of wash today and cooked a nice rice and shrimp dinner in the Instant Pot. Tomorrow we get to play a little and do a little touring.

Thats about it for the first part of this week.  Thanks For Checking In.



  1. Thank you for your blog, Bob! The DHS group met tonight, we met at the Yelling Goat in Lancaster…as always we had a fun time! But, we missed you, all says “hi”!

    1. Thanks for the update Leslie, I miss being there with all of you also. See you
      next summer.

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