On to Idaho


Just before we move to Idaho we have one day to look around Provo.  The plan was to get up and out in the morning before it got hot, but that did not work out.  I was up by 9 and decided to let Bonnie sleep in as long as she wanted.  I read my email and did some research on the next couple of stops.

We finally got on the road just after noon, still not too hot.  We headed up for a drive up Provo Canyon and a visit to Bridal Veil Falls.  We drove through Provo and stopped at an ATM but it was out of service.  So we continued through town and finally started up the highway through the canyon.

We were looking for Bridal Falls which is 607 feet tall and has a double cataract.  We were not expecting to see much water as it has been so dry here.  But evidently most of the water is from snow melt and there is still snow on the mountain.  Well we found the falls.  This is the top drop.


This is the second drop.


This is were the water runs down into the river.  Notice a lot of people are climbing on the rocks, they look rather small.


Here is all of the 607 feet.


Further up the canyon we saw a couple of other small falls.  This is one we could stop and take a picture of its called the Upper Falls.


We drove up to the top of the canyon just past the dam that forms the lake that catches all the snow melt.  Then we turned around and headed back into town.  Thats when we noticed the snow on the North side of the mountain.


It was 90 today and it is melting fast.  We made it back into town and decided to stop at the Soap Factory.


We thought it would be fun to make some soap but first we had to climb these stairs.


When we got to the top we found out the AC was on the blink, but it was not too bad yet.  Next we had to pick out our mold, color, and essence.


They had a lot of essential oils to choose from.


Bonnie is ready to have the soap mixture added to her mold.


Once you add and mix up all the ingredients the soap starts to set up and you are done.  The dunk it is some ice water to help it set up.  Then the bars are weighed and thats how you are charged.


This is my finished Lemon Tree scented, yellow bar for Fall.  The scrubbing micro beads (all natural) settled into the letters and made for an interesting bar of soap.  Bonnies two were orange scented.


We had parked in front of Two Jacks pizza and when we came out of the Soap Factory we decided it was time for some Pizza.  I told them we were from Buffalo and held pizza to a high standard.  Well it was delicious and we brought at least half of it home for some more meals.  I was really surprised, I like the crust and the sauce.


Bonnie wanted to pick up some groceries at the Farm Fresh.  It was so hot I decided to drive around a little.  This is one of the views from right down town.  I also found the Pioneer Village, which is not in the Pioneer Park across from the Farm Fresh.  But did not have time to visit it plus it was over 90 by now.  So back to pick up Bonnie.


We headed home to get the ice cream and milk into the cold box.  I chatted with our new neighbor for a minute.  He has a beautiful Tiffen Phaeton.  A truck passed him today and he took two rocks to the expensive windshield, two nasty chips resulted, he was pretty upset.

We cooled down for a bit and then I went out and put the tire sensors back on the CRV and checked all the tire pressures so we are good to roll in the morning.  Then I got a call from my #1 daughter and we decided to change our Verizon plan and get some more data for just a little more a month.  When our contracts end in November we will actually be paying less.  Then I called our campground up in Montana and made arrangements to stay for a week.  Time now to shower and relax.


I woke up just seconds before the 7am alarm went off.  Up and at it.  We had breakfast and were ready to roll by 8:45 again today.  We headed out and jumped on I-15 again.  The first hour or so was pretty heavy traffic 6 or 7 lanes all the way up to and through Salt Lake then traffic calmed right down.  We went through 5 or 6 construction zones today but there were not back ups.  We fueled up at the last Flying J in Utah as fuel in Idaho is 20 some cents more a gallon and is 20 cents cheaper in Montana.  We should be good until we get well into Montana.  Bonnie picked up some Subway subs while I topped off the tank.

In less than an hour we were in Idaho.


In a few more miles we pulled into there information and rest area.  I started the generator and turned on the AC.  Bonnie went in to get some info and I enjoyed my sub.  After lunch Bonnie drove and in about 100 miles we pulled into the North Bingham County Campground.

There are 12 spots here water and electric for $20 a night.  Not bad.


It seems clean and neat and hopefully it will be a quiet place for the weekend.  We are on the Snake River.  While it borders the park and there is a boat launch we can not see it from the campground.  No WiFi so we are using our hot spots.

I took a nap and Bonnie laid down in the bed (I think she is down for the night).  I ate some cold pizza for supper and then took a drive into town.  But first I dropped my check in the box for the CG Fee.  Town of Shelley is small but looks nice.  I filled up the car with fuel, and got a car wash.  I also bought new wipers at the auto parts store, boy are they expensive.  Then headed home.  It was 89 today but should cool down to 50 overnight, should be good sleeping weather.

Here is a map showing the states we have actually stayed at least one night in, in our motorhomes.  We have driven through more but not overnighted.



Nice cool night and I think we both slept well.  We took it easy this morning and took care or email and other small tasks.

We also got to watch my Niece Esther’s wedding with the help of my Daughter and FaceTime.  It was great to be able to watch and hear them say their vows.  I also received some pictures.  I have always liked Bruno and it was great to see him so well behaved and part of the wedding.  The wedding took place on the family farm in an area now owned by Esther’s Dad.  The area of the farm is called Shangri-La.



Then we decided to take a ride into Shelley to check out a church for tomorrow.  Then we drove up to Idaho Falls only about 10 miles.  We wanted to see the falls as thats about all that is listed to see in the city.

The Falls used to be just a series of rapids but back in the 1980’s a 1200 foot long diversion dam was built to facilitate a 20 foot drop to power the hydro electric plant.  There is a nice paved trail along the Snake River here and very nice views of the falls.





The Mormon Temple in the background





View from one of the nice benches along the path


To the left from the bench


We drove around town a little but did not really see any thing else interesting.  We drove over to Best Buy as I was looking for some wireless earphones so I can watch TV and not disturb Bonnie.  I did buy some inexpensive ones.  Once home I hooked them up but am not happy with them.  They are blue tooth and when I turn my head a little I block the signal and they cut out.  So tomorrow I will take them back.

The weather was perfect today and we did not run the AC at all only in the low 80s for a few hours today and forecast is for down to 45 tonight.


Well it did get down to 45 and we slept great.  We got up and got ready for church and headed into Shelley to Worship at The Journey Church.  Its a small church.


But its growing and very active.  We felt right at home with the service and knew most all of the songs they sang.  Pastor Roger’s sermon was on the ten plaques in Exodus and was very interesting.  For a small church they use a good amount of technology and multi-media in the service which I like.  We even got to participate with the congregation in Communion.  We met people with family in Buffalo and one man who was from Rochester, small world.

After church we headed back to Best Buy to return some earbuds and a BT transmitter that just was not working right for us.  Next door was a Ross’s and Bonnie found a blouse and some towels.  Then we headed back to the coach for the day.  We have lots of data left for the day and I was able to stream the end of the race from Pocano.

Thats about it for today.  Pray for our Nation as the Republican Convention starts tomorrow.  Also for all the hate that is being displayed in our country.

Thanks For Checking In!





  1. Bridal Vail falls looked beautiful. No water shortage there. We are dry dry dry.
    Looks like you guys are having a great time

    1. We are having fun. Lots of irrigation out here. Lots of snow in the winter and they catch the water in the spring when it melts.

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