Back into Glacier NP


We decided to drive down around the south end of Glacier NP over to the East Side and then come back across the Going to the Sun Road.  Hopefully we would get a chance to stop at some spots we drove by on the tour.  We also intended to visit another part of the park, called Two Medicine.

This route follows the same route as the railroad and closely follows one of the forks of the Flathead river.  We climbed until be reached the summit at Marias Pass.  This is the route the Great Northern Railway used in 1891 to cross the mountains and opened up this area to travel.  Once up there we came upon a monument to Theodore Roosevelt.  Seems William H. “Slippery Bill” Morrison, claimed “squatter’s rights” to the land at Marias Pass. Through diplomatic negotiations by the Columbia Falls Chamber of Commerce and others (including Supervisor Hornby of the Flathead National Forest), Morrison agreed to donate his rights to this land for building a monument to Theodore Roosevelt. In 1931 this was erected at the Continental Divide.


After a brief stop we continued on just enjoying the magnificent views.  Soon we were entering the Blackfeet Nation.


Then we turned off the main road and head up another river valley and past this beautiful lake.  I love the color of the lakes here.  The blue is caused by the silt from the glacier run off.


We drove passed cattle on the sides of the road and sometime on the road.  They are allowed free range on the reservation.  Soon we crossed a cattle guard and entered the park again.


And finally we came up to this.


Spectacular scenery everywhere you look.


This was one of the Chalets that the railway company built to open up the park to visitors.  They were built about a days horseback ride apart.  There are only a few that are still in use.  This one is now used as the Two Medicine Camp Store.  There is a campground here, several trails and you can take a boat ride on the lake.  While Bonnie shopped I chatted with a young man that was hiking with a friend for 10 days in the back country.  So far they had covered about 30 miles.


We left the Two Medicine area and head a little further north to the St Marys entrance.  We were hungry as it was mid afternoon.  So we decided to try the Curly Bear Cafe and ordered some sandwiches in there.  Mine was made by a young man from Poland who is here for the summer on an exchange program.  He made a pretty good sandwich.  Once we had eaten we entered the park again and stopped at the St Marys visitor center.  I stamped my passport book and we watched the movie before starting our trip to cross back over the 50 mile long Going to the sun road back to West Glacier and our coach.  The drive starts along upper St Marys Lake.


Past a burned out area but notice all the green that is growing.


Love the blue water


Stopped for another picture at Wild Goat Island


Up higher a picture of the tour boat, this is a good idea the color of the water.




More new growth after a fire.  Lots of Fire Weed one of the first plants to reappear after a fire.


Another view of Jackson Glacier


One of many water falls


And another


One of the two tunnels on the road, both are short


We love the Bear Grass


The goats were in their spots again today soaking up the sun and poising.




Thats the road way down below as the afternoon haze starts to set in.


Once down to the bottom I believe it was about 17 miles to get out of the park and then 22 more home.  We drove around 200 miles today and both agreed it was a great day.  The scenery is so great, if you get a chance come to Glacier NP.


After all the driving and sensory overload today is a DDR.  We are chilling and hanging out at the coach.  Bonnie is reading.  I missed my end of the month chores the other day as it was Sunday so am catching up on them.  My biggest thing is scanning all the receipts from last month and properly disposing of them.  This is my pile.


And this is my scanner setup.


I was done in less than an hour as it really goes fast.  The important things I scan into Evernote so they are searchable and I can find them if I need them.

I called Garmin support today and they had me update Garmin Express, evidently it does not update itself like most programs.  After that it recognized my SD card and after 3 hours the update is done.  Ate up some of my T-Mobile data allotment but thats what it is for.

Wow where has the year gone it is already August.  There is still some more of the park we want to see so that is tentatively on the agenda for tomorrow.  The AC is still working well, still waiting on the bill.  Tomorrow is to be a high of 71 so that will be nice.  There are several wildfires burning south of us so hopefully the cooler temps might help.


I woke up late this morning to an unfamiliar sound.  Rain on the the roof vent covers.  The forecast was for a “dry” cold front to pass through the area today.  But the rain is welcome, I hope it rained some down by the fires.  Its still cool only 58 out.   This was a good chance to run the AguaHot a bit to warm up the coach a little, its good to exercise the pumps and make sure the one way valves are not stuck.  All worked as designed and we are comfy.

We had planned a trip to Pole Bridge North of here up the Camas or North Fork roads.  They are 20 miles off grid but do use solar and generators for power.  There is a 100+ year old Mercantile there.  I dumped the gray tank and Bonnie did a load of wash.  The rain stopped and we headed into town.

We were headed to Laurie’s to try a local favorite.  Once a week they make Pastys.  What is a Pasty.  Here is a link

And here is a picture.


Seems it came to Montana with the miners first in Butte.  Any way it was pretty good and we enjoyed it.

Then we went looking for some huckleberry pie.  But know luck there so Bonnie picked up a strawberry cake and we came home and enjoyed that.

I worked on our next stop today and once again there were no open sites where we wanted to go so plan B.  We are here for another week so I guess I will work on some more places.  Bonnie worked on things she wanted to visit and see and I will start to plan out the route.  Thats about it for now.

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  1. I love pasty. They are a staple in the UP of Mich. where my dad grew up. I have a great recipe if you guys ever want to try making them. Not many people have heard of them.

  2. Wonderful Picts, we hope to get out there some day.

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