Blue Skies


The rain and clouds are gone and the Big Blue Sky is back again.  The temperature was mild today.  Bonnie did a load of wash and then we decided to explore a little.  We were headed for a remote town, more like a settlement called POLEBRIDGE.

But first a stop in town.


It is Huckleberry season here and we have not had any.  So we checked out the products.  Bonnie picked out some Huckleberry Jam.  We were able to sample the products and it was good.

We drove over to the park and got in the slow lane but finally we were in the park and on our way on Camas road up along the east side of the river headed for Polebridge.  The park road was paved most of the way and we had spectacular scenery again.  This looks like a meadow but is something I had never heard of.  Its called a FEN its a fragile wetland, an area with poor drainage.  If the water table drops this area will become a true meadow.


Most of the area we drove through has suffered from a fire.  It looks like it was mostly Lodgepole Pine and it is coming back nicely.


More of the fire area visible, the river is a nice touch.


Not to mention the mountains


We passed a place that advertised Huckleberry pie, note to self stop here on the way back.  Soon we arrived at Polebridge.  The attraction here is the mercantile.


They are well known for their baked goods.  You can also buy gas here, lucky for us we filled up in town.  Bonnie picked up a couple Huckleberry bear claws for us.  They have quite a variety.


No Wifi here but there is a coin telephone.  The flowers were very nice also.


They are way off grid but have solar panels and a generator in the barn to provide power.


Two more of their panels


You can even rent a cabin here and maybe see a bear when you get up.


Of course no flush toilets.  Just an out house and some tents that you can also rent.


This old building caught my eye.


Even the hay fields offer a scenic view


We pulled into the Home Ranch for our pie.  But they have real food too.  So I had an elk burger and coleslaw, Bonnie had a stuffed baked potato and we shared a slice of home made peach/huckleberry Pie.


This is also the local tavern.  We chatted with the owners a bit, they bought the place 3 years ago and live here, off grid year round and love it.  The two girls helping them come up for the summer.  One likes to run and hike and has seen a few bear and recently a mountain lion that she got a picture of and showed Bonnie.  Everyone was super nice and friendly.


I took this picture with my iPhone


Another iPhone picture that Bonnie snapped


We saw several rafts on the river and lots of trucks pulling trailers to haul rafts.


We really enjoyed our 80 mile dive and especially our dinner.


Back to the coach and its cooling off nicely no AC needed today.


Well we took another DDR today to rest up.  Bonnie did a couple loads of wash and we read and caught up on some Netflix series.  It warmed up a lot today and reached about 91, so we ran the AC today again.  Thats really about all I have to share for today.

I will tell you that we enjoyed our Huckleberry BearClaws this morning.  Very Very Good.



Looks like today is going to be a nice day.  We were up very late last night so we slept in pretty late this morning.  After breakfast we headed out.

We listen to several podcasts and one of then us with Mike Wheland.  One of his sponsors is a dealer in Kalispell.  Bonnie wanted to drive down there and look at the class B’s just to see how livable they could be.  Its only about 10 miles or so from us so we drove down.  Creston RV had a good selection of B and B+ RVs but only one small Zion Roadtrek.


We found a salesman and he showed us mostly Triple E Leasure Vans but of course none of them would work for us.  So we headed back.

On the way back we stopped and picked up some groceries and then back to the coach.  I got a text from one of my former Co-workers.  He works in Portland but is on a motorcycle trip with 4 other guys.  They were up in Canada and are in Whitefish tonight.  Tomorrow they drive the Going to the Sun Road and hopefully we can get together for a quick visit.


We went to sleep last night to the sound of the rain, thunder and I saw some lightning also.  No rain this morning when we got up.  We had breakfast and got ready for church.  We went to a different church this week down toward Kalispell on Whitefish Stage Road.  Easthaven Baptist.


I think the building is pretty new and they seemed well organized.  We also enjoyed Paster Dan’s message this morning.


This was the third service of the weekend and was not nearly full.  Seems most people like the earlier classic service.

We headed back to the coach and I spent the rest of the day watching the Olympic coverage.  Bonnie did a pork roast and carrots in the Instant Pot trying the slow cook function.  It was good especially the coleslaw she made.

I also had a nice long chat with my sister online and that brings me to now.  Its been a good week.  We are here until Thursday morning.  We hope to explore Whitefish a little this week and see whats up that way.  We can see the ski slopes from here.

Thanks For Checking In.!