Cool Down


Today is another cool day in the 70s and tomorrow is to be cooler.  I have been not feeling well today and so we have stayed here at the coach.  My friend and his buddies took the Going to the Sun Road trip on their motorcycles yesterday and then took shelter from a nasty storm before they could get out of the park.  It rained and rained so that they did not get back to their hotel until 10pm.  They left this morning and continued West toward home.

Just heard on the news that McDonald Lake Lodge had a flooded lobby last night from the heavy rain yesterday.  Hopefully we will get out and about tomorrow.


It was raining when I got up this morning and it continued to rain until just after noon.  Most of it was gentle but at times it rained pretty hard.  It was also quite cool, in the 50s, for most of the day in fact it only made it to 61 late today.  The heavy clouds stayed around for most of the day with just a couple hours this afternoon of blue skies.  We decided to go into Whitefish for supper and pick a pizza place.  Only about 10 minutes to Whitefish but boy the traffic near downtown was crazy.  We drove around for 10 minutes or more and could not find a place to park.  Lots of people and all that seems to be going on is the farmers market.  So we decided to drive out to the State Park and check out Lake Whitefish.

We got stopped at the train tracks.


The state park campground was just past the tracks and is pretty small.  All small campsites and mostly tents.  It is bear country as they have metal food storage containers.  We could not see much of the lake but noticed some houses for sale as we drove around a little.  I checked Zillow and they were all over 1 million dollars and quite crowed in and did not look like they could even see the lake.

Time to head back to town and see if we could score a parking spot.  We pulled into the lot across from the pizza place and were lucky to find a car pulling out and we soon filled the empty spot.

Jersey Boys was right across the street.


We walked in and they were not to busy as it was just after 5.  I picked the table and Bonnie ordered a deep dish cheese steak pizza.  I was starved by the time it came.  We wasted no time in starting in on it.


I almost forgot to take a picture.  It was delicious and we brought 3 pieces home. While I waited for a box Bonnie took off to go visit the Farmers Market.  When I walked outside the clouds had gotten darker and the wind had really picked up.  I walked across the street and sat down on a bench.


Looks like the worst of the storm is to the West but soon there were some rain drops in the air.  I headed to the car and Bonnie showed up a couple minutes later.

Back to the coach and in for the evening, more rain in the forecast and cool.  Time to cheer the USA on in the Olympics.


Our last full day here in Columbia Falls and its raining again.  Its been a steady rain all morning with no promise of sun expected.  A good day to stay in and rest up for the drive tomorrow.  Only 52 outside and it was 54 up front when I got up so I turned on the heat pump and warmed it up some until Bonnie got up.

Well it stayed overcast and wet almost all day.  Its still wet out so I will dump the tanks and disconnect the sewer in the morning.  Tomorrow is to be sunny again and warmer.  We have under a 300 mile trip planned and half of that is on the interstate.

Not much to report on the start of this week.  I hope you all are enjoying the Olympics I know I am.  Thanks for Checking In!






  1. Disappointed we didn’t get together while I was there. Worse rain I have ever ridden in. Hopefully someday we get to meet up again, maybe do our taxes together again 🙂

    1. It would have been nice. We will be over in your neck of the woods in about a week, maybe then.

  2. Williams Reunion today missed you guys gave report on your adventures for the reunion minutes.Keep on truckin,

    Bri and Di

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