Moving On


Today is moving day but we were in no hurry as we had less than a 4 hour trip planned.  We are moving down to the Yakima River Valley near a city called Prosser still in Washington.  We were still ready to pull out before 11.  I was happy to see our neighbor left just before us as that made our pulling out much easier.  We unhooked and then pulled the coach ahead a little so we could hitch up the car.  Our first stop was just down the street at the Petro where we took on a little bit of fuel that will hopefully get us to Oregon where diesel is almost .$50 a gallon cheaper.

We pulled into one rest area as my Aladdin system display was locked up and I needed to shut off the engine to reset it.  First time I have needed to do this but it reset just fine.  It displays all kinds of information so is kind of important to me.

We pulled into the Wine Country RV Park just after 1pm.  Charlotte the receptionist said the site the computer had given us was not going to be wide enough for us.  She was very nice and went to work trying to find us a better solution.  She made a couple calls and found us a “deluxe site” that would work for the whole 19 days we are here.  The deluxe sites are a little more but I asked her if they could give us the monthly rate which was cheaper than the weekly rate we were on, we still would leave after 19 days.  She talked to her manager and they said they could do that.  So we saved $175 and got a paved site.

We pulled into site 31.  The sites have a nice patch of grass between them but the utility box is pretty close.  Even though I was watching and yelled stop our big slide managed to kill the utility box.  Lost some paint but thats about it, wish my touchup paint was not dried up.  So we unhooked and moved over to the very edge of the concrete and then we were good to open the slides.  You can see how far the box sticks out, I think the cable connection is inside it.


We can’t open the basement door but thats ok.  We met our neighbors and chatted with them a little.  Boy was it hot in the 90s.

It took the AC the rest of the day to cool down the coach, it was tolerable until then sun went down and then it started to cycle.  I was up until 2am after I took a shower that revived me.  I spent the time ordering our mail and some things from Amazon.  I was able to open the windows when I went to bed.


I slept good but was getting warm by 9am so I got up and turned on the AC.  Looks like our time here will be rather hot, they call this area the Washington desert.  Triple digits this weekend.

Well it stayed in the 80s today so we were quite comfortable.  It has cooled down nicely this evening and I have had the windows open for a while.  I took it easy today and stayed at the coach.  I made some reservations for a tour next week and did some research on future campgrounds.  Bonnie made a trip to Safeway and did some grocery shopping.  That was about it for today.  Except for watching some of the Olympics.


Well I hope you are not getting bored but today was another laid back day.  But we are here for a while and not need to get out in the high temps especially on the weekend.

Bonnie was up first this morning and I was not far behind her.  She was anxious to go to the farmers market in town and off she went.  She scored some tomatoes, apples and peaches.


Hard to believe but the office me to let me know that I had three boxes delivered to the office.  Amazon had used the USPS for some of the stuff I had ordered on Thursday night, hard to believe it got here so quick.  So I finished watching the USA woman’s volleyball team win a Bronze medal then I walked over to pick them up.  It was mostly all the sewer adapters and hose that I ordered.  My setup drips a little and today I saw where the leak was, in a swivel joint.  A little Google research and it seems a lot of people have the same issue with the RhinoFlex elbows.  So I will call Camco on Monday and see if they have a solution.  I did buy a different elbow so I will give that a try.

Looks like it only got to 95 today and not the 100 predicted.  Tomorrow looks like 98.  We stayed inside and the AC kept it comfortable for me and bearable for Bonnie.  Lots of Olympics again today.  They end tomorrow.


I overslept a little this morning so we had to hustle to get ready for church.  We got ready and headed out for church.  The church we were headed to was founded as Grandview Baptist Church and was located in Grandview.  On line I found that the name had been changed to Valley Life Baptist.  But when we got there the sign was different and it said Anchor Point.  But it is still the same congregation as it always was.  Officially it is Anchor Point Fellowship and is still a Southern Baptist Church.  The congregation is mostly our age or older, in fact we did not see any children or teens.  The Pastor did have a good sermon and we knew all the hymns.  We even got invited to go out lunch with the Pastor and a group of the members.  We declined and headed back to the coach.

What a surprise, when we got back the campground was pretty empty.  The wind picked up and it appears to be blowing in the hot dry air as it got up to 94 today.  We stayed in the ac and watched the USA Mens Basketball team win the Gold.  Then Bonnie worked on hexagons for quilts and I took a nap.  Not much excitement around here today.

The coach smells of bacon as Bonnie fixes breakfast for supper.  That wraps up a pretty relaxing week here in Prosser, WA.  Thanks For Checking In.