Down Time


What a beautiful day after the heat of the past couple of days.  We had a light breeze all day and it was in the 70s until late this afternoon.  We enjoyed the day and just stayed close to home but I think we are getting a bit of cabin fever so plan to get out and about tomorrow.  When we went to Grandview yesterday to go to church we passed a lot of fields of Hops,  they are a climbing plant and the wires or strings they grow on are really tall.  They grow lots of things here in the Yakima valley and we hope to explore it more while we are here.

We were still in bed when we got a call from back East but it was good news and we were able to get back to sleep.  Then a little later we got a call from the office that we had a package delivered.  So I got up and after breakfast and a nice hot cup of coffee I headed over to the office.  Our last package from Amazon was here and our mail shipment from America’s Mailbox.  I sorted through the mail and opened mine and took care of it.

Even though the CG is mostly empty we had neighbors pull in on both sides of us and in front of us today.  Also we have a dog closely that likes to bark a lot.  But it is very nice to have the windows open and no AC running today.  The Olympics are over so hard to find something worth watching.


Looks like we are going to be lazy again today and hang around the park and just have some down time.  I am hoping to read some.

Well I did get outside today and put my Amazon purchases away, took the trash to the dumpster and dumped the gray tank.  About that time the neighbors came home so I talked to them for awhile.  Bonnie vacuumed and cleaned inside the coach.  Then I got out my strong back chair and grabbed my phone and kindle and read for a couple hours.  I read until I got a call from Chris our insurance agent.  We are in the process of renewing our insurance so we took care of that.  She emailed me the forms to sign and then I printed them, Bonnie and I signed them and then I scanned them and emailed them back to her.  So hopefully we are all set for another year.

Bonnie made hamburgers for supper.  My daughter called on FaceTime and we talked with her for a while about her Gall Bladder surgery scheduled for tomorrow and then we prayed together and she hopefully is getting a good nights sleep.

I did do some research today and have found a couple places for us to visit related to farming in this area so hopefully that will work out.  Looks like we left Spokane in the nick of time as the fires up there are still burning.


Didn’t sleep all that well last night.  Our daughter was having her gall bladder removed today.  A routine surgery until its you or a family member.  So each time I woke up I prayed for a good surgery and speedy recovery.

When I woke this morning and checked my phone she had just been taken to surgery.  I tried to sleep a little more but gave up and got up.  Before long I got a text that the surgery was over and it was a success.  A couple hours later she was on the way home.  Later in the day we got a few texts from her that she was doing ok and feeling better as the day went on.  I know many of you were praying also, Thank You.

I started a time machine backup on my computer last night and it ran until late this afternoon.  Not real sure why it took so long except it had been a long time since the last backup.  I sat outside and read most of the afternoon.  Finally back in the coach we turned on the AC as it hit 90 here again this afternoon.  The nice thing is that it still cools down overnight.

We decided to go out for supper as its been a while since we ate out.  We decided on The Golden Horse just down the road.


Bonnie had the daily special and I had General Tso’s chicken.  It was good and way more than I could eat.


So I brought enough home for another meal.  Then Bonnie baked a Peach tart for dessert when we got home and boy it was good also.

Thats about it for now.  Thanks For Checking In.