Cool Down


After a couple weeks of hot weather we had quite cool down today and its to stay nice until we leave on Tuesday.  It stayed in the 70’s all day and it was overcast.

We headed out for a drive today.  We headed up I-82 to Yakima and then at Selah we got on route 821.  That took us up through the very scenic Yakima Canyon following the Yakima River.  This is looking down river.


This is looking up river, the direction we were headed.  I was surprised at how little traffic was on the road.


Along the river there are 4 Recreation Areas they are both day use and overnight camping.  There are no hookups, water or dump stations.  We pulled into the Roza site just above the dam.


This was a small area but did have a paved boat launch ramp.  The BLM owns these areas and charges $5 for day use and $15 for overnight.  We did see some kayakers and fishermen on the river.  From what I read its all catch and release and no motors.


They were working on the road and so we did get delayed for about 5 minutes but the flag man struck up a conversation so the time passed quickly.    Some more of the views.  The lighting was poor today so no real vivid colors.


At the end of the canyon the view opened up and we could see the mountains in the distance.  Kind of hazy and the camera does not filter that out as well as your eye and brain do.


Zoomed in a little.


The canyon ends close to Ellensburg, WA.  We drove in there and found a Carls Jr to have lunch at.  Then we headed for home.  We drove past lots and lots of orchards full of pears, peaches and lots of apples.  Also fields of mint, asparagus, potatoes etc.  We took I-82 back to just South of Yakima and got on 92 to drive past lots more farms.  We even saw a huge dairy farm with hundreds of cows in a feed lot like setting.  I am sure they would have to milk around the clock.

Bonnie wanted to visit a few fruit and vegetable stands and we did.  She bought some peaches, apples, pears, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, and cucumbers.  Then we headed home.

Wow the empty campground is now almost full, they must have been busy today with all these rigs pulling in.  We unloaded the car and I dumped the gray tank.  Looks like it will be nice and cool for sleeping tonight.


Today we woke up and decided to stay in and rest up.  We had about an hour and a half of rain last night, we have not seen much rain this last year.  We watched lots of rigs pull out of the campground by the noon check out deadline.  Then before long they started to pull back in.  We watched a family with a new 5th wheel pull in and setup across the street from us.  He had to re-hitch once so he could adjust the levelers to get the rig level.  I think he is here with a group as he had plenty of advice from others.

The day was beautiful and with reading and a little netflix the day went by quickly.  My T-Mobile Binge on plan has been working great here.  I pay $35 for 6 gig of high speed data but I can stream movies and shows from a variety of services all I want.  Its at a lower video resolution but hard to tell on smaller screens.  Last month I had over 20 gig of data used for streaming.

I called to book a campground in the Columbia River gorge later in the month and first the lady told me 3 days was all she could see but then she found 4 days.  So I said sign me up for that.  We chatted for a while and they are work camping at the park and are also full-timers.  Then I hung up and started looking for the next spot.  About ten minutes passed and she called back and told me she had did some magic and I now had 7 nights which is what we wanted.  So we are set for the middle of the month.


Well we are full again and not many pulling out today.  Another beautiful day.  We gook it easy again and did some FaceTime calls with friends and family.  Bonnie went and did some grocery shopping and then cooked a wonderful supper of pork chops and new potatoes.

Watching the Alabama football game tonight and then off to bed.


Another beautiful day is in store.  No AC will be needed again today, I love this weather.  We were up in plenty of time for church as I set the alarm.  We headed into Prosser and found Calvary Baptist Church.  This is another small Baptist Church with an older congregation, even older than us.  Very friendly and inviting.  Noel Little, the Pastor had a good sermon.  He was a lineman for the power company and 12 years ago became Pastor here.  We were invited to stay for the Pot Luck after church and we did.  They also had a very short business meeting.

Now back at home the NASCAR race from Darlington is actually on NBC this week so we get to watch it.  Its a throwback race so the cars are all painted in an old paint scheme.

Thats it for this week so I will go ahead and get this posted.  Thanks For Checking In!