Oregon or Bust


Hope you all had a good Labor Day.  Ours went by quickly.  I had the blahs and never even went outside all day.  I researched some, read a lot, and watches a little Netflix.  I have been re-watching the Manhattan Project since we took the tours here.  I am writing this Tuesday morning because I never got around to it yesterday.  Bonnie spent the day sewing and thats about it for Labor Day.  Lots of units pulled out yesterday, they must have to work on Tuesday.


Now for Tuesday.  They forecast rain overnight and I heard it raining about 4am and it is still a light rain now at 10am.  Today is moving day and we have to pull out by noon.  Hopefully the rain will move on in the next hour.  We were just talking and we have never had to pack up in the rain, so I hope it stops soon.  Units are pulling out pretty steady.

I called Pioneer RV Park and confirmed our reservation so we should be good there.  I think we have plenty of fuel to get to the Pilot down there so we should be good.  Now if the rain stops in the next hour we will be good.  Oregon will be a new state for us.

Well we made it to Oregon the 29th state that we have spent at least one night in, in our RV.  It rained right up until the time we went outside to disconnect and put in the slides.  Then the roads were pretty dry except for about 10 minutes of light rain.  But thats enough to make a mess of the car and coach.  Here are a few pictures Bonnie snapped on my phone.  As you can see its really overcast and dark this is just after noon.


Finally crossing the Columbia River in Oregon


Coming down the hill there were signs that the right lane was closed ahead.  I was slowing down, but I should have slowed down just a little more.  All of a sudden traffic stopped at the bottom of the hill at the start of the bridge.  I had to stand on the breaks and the abs system even kicked in and we got stopped just short of hitting that pickup truck that is now way in front of us.  Note to self: SLOW WAY DOWN for construction or road work.  Of course there was no reason for traffic to stop but it DID.


Alls well that ends well and twenty minutes later we were all checked in and set up on our site for a week.


We put on the new sewer hose and fittings and threw the old one away.  No more rain today.  Looks like a lot of long term workers are set up in this park hopefully they are tired and quiet at the end of the day.  We went into town to eat supper but the place we had picked out was not open so we decided to eat at home.  But first a quick drive around the big block to see what was in the area.  Some nice scenery but not much else.  Back home we had supper and settled in for the night.  I did call in our RX refills to Walmart.


It looked like it would be a nice day today when we got up so we decided to travel over to Pendleton and visit the famous Woolen Mills.  By the time we got ready to go it was after noon.  Our first stop was at Shipping Solutions to mail a couple packages.  Then on to Pendleton.  Its only about 35 minutes so we easily found the mill.


While we waited on the 3:00PM tour we looked at the blankets in the outlet section and also some of the clothing and accessories in the retail shop.


I found a seat and watched this young guy play with and hug and talk to the stuffed dog as he waited on his mother.  It did look real.


We had been talking to Sally and it turned out she was to be our tour guide.  She handed out the headsets and we were on our way.  Those cones of green thread behind Sally each hold almost 6 miles of thread.


Lots of colors the wool is actually dyed down in another mill in Washougal, WA


This machine winds up the roving onto long spools


This machine takes the raw wool after its dyed and cards it first.  They spray water mist into this area to keep the static electricity down.


What comes out the other end is roving.


More roving.


This is the roving getting laid down before it is rolled on the big spools


Here it is getting separated and rolled


Now the roving is getting spun into strong thread


More thread being spun.


These are the computers on top of the looms that control the patterns.


Here Sally is showing the three stages


This machine is moving the spun yarn from the spools and winding it on to the cones that contain 6 miles of thread


This is one of the newest looms and does the fancy blankets.  It can do a blanket in 12 minutes.  However it is still loaded by hand and that can take over 8 hours. All the green wires go up to the computer and move up and down to move the threads and form the pattern.


Lots of noise back in this loom area.  Also lots of color.


She is setting up this loom to run a new blanket.


There are a good number of blanket on each of these rolls.  The need to be washed, inspected and finished


Each blanket is visually inspected several times both front and back.


the edge of a big roll of blankets.


Yes we did make some purchases but I will save them for tomorrow.  We drove through town and stopped at Centennial Park where they hold the Pendleton Round up in about a week.  Bonnie went into the museum for a quick look.  This Is the rodeo stands from across the street.


This is the inside


They are grading the track.


The grader was GPS controlled and the operator had a little girl sitting on his lap.  I bet she was having the time of her life.


This is the Let R Buck Statue out front


From there we headed home.  Some beautiful views, you can see for ever.


We have enjoyed the day and while this week will go quickly there are a few other things to see here.  Thanks For Checking In!


  1. Welcome to Oregon!
    Sorry about the weather, it’s been about 15 degrees colder than normal. Good news is that it should only get better.
    Never have taken the Woolen Mills tour, pretty interesting how they make all their products. Washougal is right across the river from me.

    We have an RA in Pendleton. We eat at Hamley’s when we get out that way. I believe they have a western store there too. Give it shot. Great food.

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