Recharge in Hermiston, OR


What a beautiful day today.  No AC and no heat just enjoying the clear sky and light breeze.  We took it easy most of the day.  We had a few phone calls and chats with family and friends and enjoyed that.  I went on line and transferred a RX from CVS to Walmart and it went smoothly.  Several hours later I called Walmart to check on our RXs  and was told they should be ready in 30 minutes.  So about 90 minutes later we got ready and headed to Walmart to pick up the RXs.  Walmart is very convenient for us as they are everywhere, but sometimes they frustrate me.  When I got there one of the RXs only had 7 days of pills, the rest is on order (another trip to go get them).  Then the transfer RX was there but was not ready.  So I sat down and then got busy on it, and 15 minutes later or so I was all set. They are hoping the other RX comes in tomorrow.

Back at home Bonnie made hot dogs and fried potatoes for supper and we settled in for the evening.  Now for the report on what we purchased at Pendleton Woolen Mills yesterday.  Bonnie got a nice wool cape.


Nice pattern and a pretty model


She also got a new coffee mug to replace one that got stress cracks and had to be thrown away.


This is the blanket we got to use in the coach and keep us nice and warm.  We got it in the outlet section.  It has a tiny stain on the bottom edge and was marked down over 30%.


Then Bonnie bought 12 pounds of the trimmings from the edges of the wool blankets.  Her plan is to make a wool rug from it.  We believe it is all one long piece.



Today looks like another nice sunny day and not too hot.  All we have on the agenda for today is the movies and picking up the last Rx.

We got a surprise phone call from friends that are up in the Buffalo area so I sent them a list of sights they might like to see.  We headed over for the 1:30 showing of the new Tom Hanks movie Sully.  What a great movie about the plane that landed in the Hudson River in 2009 and everyone survived.  We really enjoyed it.  The we stopped at Goodwill for Bonnie to look around and then over to the Stockman restaurant for supper.  The place has no ambiance but our meals were pretty good, but not good enough to go back.

Then back to the coach for the evening.


Once Bonnie got up had breakfast and her coffee we headed out for the day.  The plan was to head over toward Walla Walla, WA and to visit the Whitman Mission National Historic site.

We had a beautiful drive up along the Columbia River with some beautiful scenery.  We made a couple stops for pictures and to read the Heritage and Historical markers along the way.  Across the river


Looking up river


One of the rock formations.  For the first part of the trip the train tracks ran to the right of us then they disappeared into a tunnel and reemerged between us and river.  There is also a set on the Washington side and we actually saw a train headed down river over there.


After we got out of the canyon we saw a lot of vineyards, wineries and orchards.  Of course there was a lot of irrigation going on.  We also saw some livestock, some close enough for a picture.  Notice the watering going on in the background.


Lots of straw stacked up.


On most of the ridge lines we saw wind turbines.


I almost forgot our favorites Oreo Cows.


Let me pose for you.


We finally made it to the Walla Walla area and made a quick stop at the site of what was called French Town.  Yes a lot of French men settled here.  There was not much there this cabin and some graves that Bonnie walked out to look at.


Finally the Whitman Mission.


First stop the visitors center.  We talked to the young Ranger there and got the lay of the land and then watched the movie on the Whitman’s.


In the history part of the museum this is what they believe they look like from sketches that were found.  There were no cameras in the west at this time.  Marcus and Narcissi Whitman were missionaries.  He was also a Doctor.  It is believed that Narcissi and the wife of another missionary couple traveling with them were the first white women to cross the Rockies in a wagon train.  The Indians gave them permission to set up the Protestant Mission and they served for 11 years.  Then came a measles outbreak and many Indians died of the white mans disease.  Upset that the Dr could cure the white settlers while the Indians died Marcus his wife and several others were massacred which was the end of the mission.  Three years later the building were burned by the army.  The Hudson’s Bay Company remained active in the area at Fort Walla Walla.


A depiction of the medicine man of the Cayuse tribe, the local people.


Their teepees were made of bull rushes.  They allowed air flow in the summer and were layered in the winter to provide some insulation.


A close up.


Now the interesting stuff.  A friend of ours Marilee M back in NY is related to the Whitman’s.  I am not sure how but I got a comment on my FB posting that she is. Also Bonnie read a book earlier this year and it was about the Whitman’s and their journey out West.  The Mission became a stop on the Oregon trail so had many visitors as more and more people moved West.

I stayed at the visitors center as my legs were bothering me and Bonnie toured the 27 acres.  They have outlined the foundations of the mission buildings with stones.  Some of the buildings were of good size.


The wagons were not all that big, maybe held as much as a large SUV would hold.


This is a view from on top of the hill looking down on the wagon, which is actually sitting in wheel ruts on the Oregon Trail.


Bonnie asked the Ranger what these were and she said Oregon Grapes.  The Ranger said she would not eat them.  While this area is now in Washington State at the time it was called Oregon Country.


On the way up we had seen all these small three sided huts.  They were all facing East or Southeast.  They were in the fields and about the size that would hold 3 or 4 cows.  Seems like you would need a lot more to protect herds in the winter.  So I asked the Ranger about them.  She was from this area and said oh you mean the Bee Huts.  On the way home we could see that there are hives inside them.


A little fuzzy but you can see the hives.  It keeps them dry and warm in the morning and cooler in the hot afternoons.  Honey production is 4 to 5 times greater this way.  Interesting we continue to learn everyday.


Bonnie wanted to drive into Walla Walla and look around so we did that.  Nothing to spectacular there.  They had a lot of streets closed for a big car show and block party.  We decided to eat and pulled into El Sombrero and had a nice meal.

Back along the river we pulled into Hat Rock State Park.  This apparently is the rock formation it is named for.


We made it home before dark but when the sun was low and directly in our eyes.  It hit 90 today but is starting to cool down and is to be only in the 70s tomorrow.


Wow our week here is fast coming to a close.  My son was flying on a trip this morning so I checked on his flight when I got up and it looked like he might even be a little bit early, a good start to the day.  Then I got Bonnie up and we had breakfast and got ready for church.

The first day we were here we had driven by New Hope Community Church and after researching it on line we had decided to attend there today.  We arrived about 15 minutes early for the 10:45 service and were greeted with announcements and a Welcome on the front screen.


It was not long before Pastor Dave came by and welcomed us and chatted with us for a few minutes.  This church is about the size of ours back home but has 2 services so may have more attending.  The worship team took their places and started just as the countdown timer on the screen reached 00:00.


Some new songs and some that I recognized.  Pastor Dave’s message was on God’s Generosity.  He is very enthusiastic and it was a good sermon.

Back at home we have taken it easy.  Bonnie wanted to start the wash, so I emptied the grey tank.  Then I got on line did some research and found us a CG in our Coast to Coast network on the beach for $10 a day.  So around the 20th we will be moving there for a week to start to explore the West Coast.

Thats about it from here, hope you have enjoyed our travels here.  Thanks For Checking In!


  1. Walla Walla is where I grew up. It has changed a lot. But, remains small. When you two pass through Reno, you are more than welcome to stay at our small ranch. Have fun on your journey.

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