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Beautiful day again today.  We move tomorrow so we are taking it easy today and doing a little prep.  I checked tire pressures and dumped and flushed the tanks after Bonnie did a load of wash with the sheets.  Then I disconnected the sewer hose.  Then we put the winter sheets on the bed and the new wool blanket from Pendleton.


While Bonnie went grocery shopping I took the old blanket and rug down to the laundry and washed and dried them.  This is the new wool rug Bonnie made for the bathroom.  This is from the blanket trimmings she got at the mill.


I finished that and was back at the coach watching the news when she got back with the groceries.  Then we had some chili for supper.  About that time I remembered that Bonnies last Rx was ready to be picket up at Walmart, so I got ready and headed to Walmart.  They were not busy and I was in and out in about 5 minutes, very nice.  This is the Rx that has taken 6 days to get.  So we are set for about a month until the next ones are due.

Back home I did the dishes and Bonnie worked on another rug.


Then we settled into watch a little TV.  In the morning we head back to Washington.


Weather was looking beautiful when we got up this morning.  We had a leisurely breakfast and then prepared to leave.  Bonnie put stuff away while I started the engine and aired up the systems, put down the TV antenna etc.  Then I went out to disconnect the water.  I also took some bleach water and a rag and wiped down the water hose to clean and disinfect it.  Bonnie took out the trash and then we put the slides in and finally disconnected the electric.  Bonnie moved the car into position and we hooked it up and double checked the hookup.  Bonnie ran the car through the pre tow procedure, then we checked the lights and we were ready for our pre travel prayer.  Then we hit the road.  We went about 7 miles in the opposite direction to fuel up at the Pilot station.  It was really busy and we had to wait in line for a while.  Then I put in 70 some gallons while Bonnie washed the front window.


Then we jumped on I-84 and headed for White Salmon, WA.  Traffic was light and the road was smooth.  We saw this mountain and near I can tell it is Mt. Adams


We passed thousands of wind turbines again.


We were following along the Washington side of the Columbia River headed toward the Scenic Columbia River Gorge.  I must say it was a gorgeous drive.  We are headed to where the Hood River dumps into the Columbia River.  Bonnie snapped some pictures as we continued on.  There are granaries along the river. These barges transport a lot of the grain.  The trains take the rest.


There are train tracks on both sides of the river and this is the only train bridge we saw going across the river.  It is up because a barge just went under it.


These are the down river lock gates on the Dales Dam they can lift or lower river traffic up to 90 feet.  Up river we also passed the John Day dam.


We crossed the river at the Dalles bridge and drove the last 18 or so miles down to the Bridge RV Park and Campground.  We did go through one low narrow tunnel but it was no problem.  Along the way we caught several views of Mt. Hood here is one of the better ones but we are looking to many more views while here.


Check-in was easy and we met the CG owner and his dog Ruger a very well behaved German Short Haired Pointer.  Out side is as far from the train tracks as can be but close to the highway.  We have only heard one train and no whistles.  The truck traffic has pretty much ended since it got dark so sleeping should be good.  After supper we drove up the hill to the actual town of White Salmon and looked around and found the farmers market.  Then back to the coach in time for the CBS news.  Looking forward to exploring around here.


It was in the 50s when we got up this morning but it looks like another beautiful day.  We decided to journey down river to the Bonneville Dam to see the fish in the fish ladder.  The Fall Chinook are running now.  This was our first view of the day.  Mt Hood and a sailboat just south of the campground and Hood River Bridge.


The wind surfers were also starting to hit the water.


We had not gone far when we saw the signs for Spring Creek National Fish Hatchery.


These salmon have all returned from the ocean.  They were hatched here at Spring Creek and have returned here after a couple years to spawn.  The Hatchery does not feed them and starting Monday will harvest there eggs and after fertilization hatch them.  After about 6 months they will be released into the river.  The spawning fish will die.  There are more fish than they need so a good percentage are harvested for food banks.


These tanks are filling up with the salmon


This is the fish ladder that the salmon climb to get into the tanks all by themselves.  At the entrance down by the river we saw several white sturgeon hanging around.


The wind had picked up here and behind me on the river the Kite boarders were busy.


The salmon basically have to jump each step of the ladder on this type of ladder.


We saw lots of fish climbing the ladder, the action was pretty steady.


This is the electric eye that counts the fish when they make it to the top.


One of the last steps


When the electric eye is not working someone sits in this shack and counts the fish going by his feet.


The very last jump.


Finally made it.  Most of fish were at least 24-30 inches long.


They even have a resident Osprey.


I caught a grain barge headed up river, again Mt Hood in the background.


These are the trays the fry are hatched in and begin their life.


Then into these tubs until they are big enough to release.


Our guide was good enough to snap a picture of us.  The sun is bright here.


This is the next bridge down stream and is called Bridge of the Gods.



A beautiful shot up river.


We actually made it to Bonneville


The dam is in three sections and this is the center section, which is just a spillway section to release water.  The other two sections have powerhouses and generate a lot of power for the area.


The fish ladder here is different than at the hatchery.  There are underwater views here and there were a lot of fish going by constantly.  They climb 60 feet here then continue further up stream.


Seems that the Lamprey eels also climb the ladders.


At this point they are 68 feet above sea level.


This is looking down the fish ladder.  The center sections have holes in them that the fish can swim through without jumping.  However it still a strong current.


This is looking up the right edge of the ladder.


Finally we made it to the #2 power house.  We also watch a good movie on the dam.


From here we headed back home.  We made a couple stops, one for Bonnie to tour a museum and one to watch the kite surfers.  Wow I am beat and glad to be home.

Thats it for the first part of this week.  Thanks For Checking In!


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