Long Beach Washington


Overcast and cool today with rain forecast for tomorrow.  We had another pretty easy morning and when it finally warmed up a little into the mid 60s we decided to take a ride.

We headed north with a goal of getting to the end of the peninsula and the state park and wildlife refuge.  On the way we did a quick drive through of  the Port of Peninsula where the oyster boats are harbored and close to the oyster beds.  This is one of the smaller piles of oyster shells.


Here is a close up.


Not a lot of oyster dredges here maybe 20 in all.  There is also a small processing plant.


Then we continued up to the park, the entrance is a one lane road with a few wide spots in case you meet a car headed the other direction.  One checked out a couple trails but did not see any interesting birds.  On the was back we drove through Historic Oysterville, which turned out to be just a few houses with signs out front.  Then we came upon the Nachotta Tidelands.  The native americans used to come here for oysters and now the state seeds an area here and the public can come and harvest the oysters.  It takes about 5 years after seeding until they are ready to be harvested.


Here is what the sign says.


From there we drove back into Long Beach and stopped at the Kite museum and looked around there for a bit.  Then over to Seaside to Sid’s IGA for milk and a few groceries.  Finally back home in time for the news.


Woke up this morning to the wind and rain buffeting the coach.  It was not too bad and I was able to fall asleep again.  Still windy when I woke up again and it sounded pretty gusty and it was still raining.


The coach was cold also in the fifties but not too bad, but I did run the heat pump thru one cycle.  We decided to stay in out of the rain.  Bonnie started the laundry and I did some research and then filled my daily pill boxes for the next 4 weeks.


Last night I made reservations for next week down in Neskowin, OR another Coast to Coast resort from there I am not sure where we will be headed.  The rain stopped and we got a little sun this afternoon.  Up to 65 outside and the sun made it nice and comfortable in the coach.

Just before sunset I headed down to the Long Beach beach access.  It was pretty cloudy.  There were two people flying kites.


Plenty of birds around this one was hoping for a handout.


The waves were breaking pretty big and nasty



They have these nice wind breaks to have a picnic behind.


The sunset was not too bad either.


Thats about it for tonight.


I got up this morning and after breakfast headed to town to pick up our mail at the post office.  I ordered it on Wednesday sent to General Delivery and it was there this morning.  Then I figured I would head over to McDonalds.  I wanted to use their WiFi to download an update for my phone.  While that was downloading I picked up a cup of coffee and an Egg McMuffin also a sausage one to go for Bonnie.  Once the phone was done I headed for the beach.  But there was absolutely no wind and no kiters.  So back home to deliver Bonnie her biscuit.

We went through the mail but thats about all we did.  Bonnie read and I watched some Netflix.  My T-Mobile is working great here even though I have only 2 bars. I have used only 2 gig of my high speed and around 28gig of the binge on free data.  Bonnie made spaghetti in the instant pot.  It came out pretty good but the texture is a little different.  We also went up to a near by beach access and drove out for the sunset.  To many clouds and no good pictures.  Thats about it for today.


We ended up sleeping in today and since we had not found a church that we wanted to attend we played hooky today.  Early this afternoon we decided to drive down to the Cape Disappointment State Park.  Our first stop there was the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center.


Our GPS was wrong but we kept driving until we found the parking lot.  The WSP have a daily use or parking fee.  This one was $10 and was collected by a solar powered Iron Ranger.  It was happy to read my credit card and then spit out a daily Discovery Pass and receipt.


We headed up a daily steep path that lead about a 1/2 mile to the center.  We passed this interesting tree that we could look rich through.  Lots of different vegetation and some good sized Sitka Pines.


With my bum knees it was quite the climb, should have asked Bonnie to drop me off at the handicapped parking lot.  Looking down to the parking lot from about half way up.


There were several trolly type buses and tour vans dropping off tour folks from cruises.  The center is on the site of the old Fort Canby which guarded the entrance to the Columbia River.


We paid our $5 entrance fee and started the self guided tour all about the Lewis and Clark exploration.  We went down several ramps until we got to the bottom floor where there was a small theater and a 15 minute video.  There were a few displays and lots of signs to read.


Back on the main floor there was a nice view of the ocean and the light house and a few displays from the lighthouse like this fresnel lens.


Back outside it seems that Cormorants like to nest here on the cliffs below the old fort.


The pine trees are loaded with pine cones this time of year.


This is the Cape Disappointment Light guiding the way into the river.  It was at least 1/2 hour walk each way so we did not get out there.


Here is a close up.


This is a shot of the North Jetty that protects the mouth of the river on the North side.  Later we drove out along it.


We are north of the jetty here looking pack at the Interpretive Center and Lighthouse


Here we caught a glimpse of the North Head Light.  We drove up to the parking lot for it and Bonnie drove out to it while I rested my knees.


Lots of beautiful views on the way there.


This light is in operation and is under renovation.


We decided to eat out and with the help of Yelp we ended up at The Depot.  Bonnie had met a couple on her walk out the light house and they were sitting right inside the door at the depot.  We ended up at the table next to Charles (I believe that is him in the picture above) and Linda and had a very enjoyable dinner and lots of great conversation.  He is a custom woodworker and she works for a mission organization so we had lots to talk about.

We left just in time to try to catch the sunset.  Tonight was the nicest so far.  Here are a few of the views.






We even had a nice view from the coaches window when we got home.  It was almost dark when I took this picture.


Well most of my readers on the East Coast are already in bed so they can pretend these are sunrises when they get up in the morning.  Thats it for this week.

Thank For Checking In!



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