Moving Down the Coast


Our last full day here so we decided to take a drive.  We were hoping to see a good variety of wildlife over in the Willapa Wildlife Refuge.  We headed North on US 101 but it seems most of the refuge is a marsh or a water access only island.  We did find a couple pull outs to look across the mud flats as the tide was out.


This spot faces West and would be a beautiful place to watch sunsets.


Lots of these narrow tidal streams


There were several homes back a narrow road we drove back.  Mostly it was a road for access to the logging roads.  Someone on the road liked to pile up stones which are interesting to look at and are called a Cairn.


Then we cut down route 401 and headed for the Columbia River.  We spotted this old boat and pulled into…


the US Quarantine Station.  We did not get to go in to look around as it is only open on Saturdays.  This place is where arriving immigrants would go when they arrived.  You could call this place the Ellis Island of the Pacific.


Looking across the river we could see 4 ocean going ships at anchor.  There were at least 3 more out of frame.  Not sure what all these pilings were for.


Two more ships closer to the bridge.


We stopped along the river so Bonnie could read some signs.  I looked across the road and a flock of Brown Pelicans were feeding.  It was fun to watch them.


They would float on the wind and then dive when they spotted fish.


They did not stick around long, my guess is that the fish moved along.


Back home it looks like the fog is rolling in.  We had a bite to eat and got ready to watch the debate.


Moving day today we were both up before the 9am alarm and each doing our own things to get ready to move after we had breakfast.  Shortly after 11 we pulled out and head South on 101 for Neskowin, OR.  The wind was less than I expected which was good since we had to cross the high bridge at Astoria again.  No problems and we had an uneventful tribe.  We did pull off several times and I got some the coastal scenery that I was hoping for.


This is the Tillamook Rock lighthouse.  We will be headed back up to Tillamook for a tour of the cheese factory.


I love these rock formations


Very nice beaches but it appears that you have to hike into them.


Another rock formation.


We arrived at Neskowin Creek RV Resort just after 3pm.  Had to call and get the code for the gate.  Wow the place is pretty full, they said its unusual for this time of year.  We are hearing that everywhere we go.  They only have WiFi in the rec room area.  I tried to get it at the coach but so far no joy, lots of rigs between us and the office.  Our Verizon and T-Mobile hot spots work fine so far.  No over the air tv here either.  I may have to work on the cable, I really need to take out the old satellite cables since it does not seem to work.

After supper we tried to get to the beach for sunset but could not find a road leading there or an overlook with a view.  We will try again tomorrow.


Well its almost 9PM as I start to write this which means a lot of my East Coast readers are long ago asleep.  Hopefully they can enjoy this when they get up and I am still sleeping.  It was chilly here overnight and I turned on the electric heater for a while this morning and I must say it helped a lot.  But the sun was up also and once the curtain in the front and shades on the sunny side were opened we warmed up quick.

We headed south along the coast today for a day trip to check out several of the Oregon State Viewpoints.  To say the least we were not disappointed.  The next city south of here is Lincoln City.  Bonnie spotted a Walgreens, she has wanted to get our flu shots at Walgreens since they donate a shot to child for each one that is given.  So we went in and signed up, and waited, and waited.  They did not seem that busy but it was lunch time and only one Pharmacist was on duty.  So it took an hour but we should be all set not.  I had a nice chat with a local retired commercial fisherman so the time passed quickly.  Then we spotted a subway and decided to get sandwiches to eat at our first viewpoint since it was going on 2pm by now.

So this was our view for lunch.




There are always plenty of birds around.  This one just took a bath.


Some times it was pretty hazy


This picture is a slack tide after a high tide.


This is a few hours later almost at low tide.


I enjoy watching the water crash into the rocks.  I can only imagine what its like during a storm.


Some of the waves are pretty big, here the water is draining back into the ocean after a big wave.  They say if you are on the beach here do not durn your back on the ocean, it could cost you you life.


Lots of sea gulls


I love these views of the coast, too bad I am not a better photographer, my eye see them much nicer.


We were at the State Boiler Bay viewpoint and I even saw a few of the resident Gray Whales offshore a ways.  Latter at Boiler Bay Bonnie saw even more.  Just their backs no tail flukes.


Next we drove the Otter Rock Crest Loop at the first stop there were some more distant whales and some Cormorants that nest on the cliffs.


Below their nests the rocks are white from there guano.  The winter storms will wash it away.


Bonnie on Whale Watch.


Here are some more shots from along the coast.







This is a shot of the Yaquina Bay lighthouse from many miles away.



Heading back home I spotted some sea lions.  We were in a bad spot on the road but Bonnie risked life and limb to get a picture.


We drove past the resort a couple miles since it was almost time for the sunset and there is a hill in the way at home. Here they are without comment.





Its been a busy 3 days and I think we have another planned for tomorrow as the rain is to roll in on the weekend.

Thanks For Checking In!



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