October 2016

Rainy Oregon

Thursday It rained off and on all night Bonnie said she heard it hailing.  The rain continued all morning and we stayed at home.  By about 1 in the afternoon […]

Grants Pass, OR

Thursday It was supposed to rain today so we did not make any plans.  We stayed up late and slept in real late.  But no  rain and it turned out […]

Extended Stay

MONDAY Despite the all night rain I got up to nice bright sunshine, this is more like it. Now two hours later the skies are dark and its raining again. […]

Creswell, Oregon

THURSDAY The weatherman was right, rain all day long, followed by wind and rain.  Bonnie did some wash and we needed a nice day of rest after the long drive […]

Into the Valley

MONDAY We left the Oregon Coast this morning and moved over into the Willamette Valley.  We had a nice dry drive today, well at least most of the way, we […]

Seal Rock, OR

THURSDAY It was not raining this morning and the sun was actually out until just before we got ready to leave.  Last night I upgraded my MacBook to the newest […]

Moving in the Rain

MONDAY More rain and gray skies this morning and it pretty much stayed that way all day with a couple hours of no rain late this afternoon. We both had […]

Neskowin, OR

THURSDAY The temperature dipped into the 40s last night.  The sun was out this morning and it helped to heat us up pretty quickly.  I did turn on the electric […]