Neskowin, OR


The temperature dipped into the 40s last night.  The sun was out this morning and it helped to heat us up pretty quickly.  I did turn on the electric heater for a while also.  Once Bonnie was up and ready we headed North today.  We were planning to visit Tillamook Cheese and Munson Creek Falls.

We decided to pull into Munson Creek Falls first.  Wow it was a slow trip back to the trail head lots and lots of huge pot holes.  But we made it. Got parked and started toward the falls.


On the way in along the trail there were many Shamrocks.


Some were even flowering, of course Bonnie told me what they were.


The trail followed the creek and it was very picturesque.  Lots of ferns, fallen trees and vines.


Even the decaying wood was pretty.


This pine was at least 8ft across at the base.


Lots of moss growing on the trees.


This was as close to the falls as I got.  I knew that going back down the steep trail was going to be hard on my knees.


Bonnie said I was almost there and she got this picture.


Bonnie was not feeling well so we cut todays trip short and headed back to the coach.  I keep forgetting to mention that there are hundreds of free roaming domesticated rabbits here they seem to be all over the place.


Thats about it for today guess I will figure out our next stop and make a reservation.  Well success we have a place to stay further down the coast for 6 night.


Its was cool and sunny this morning when we got up but by the time we were ready to hit the road it was getting pretty overcast.  We were headed to Tillamook again today and then the 3 Capes driving loop.

We made it to the cheese factory this time.  Busy Busy.  But we found a place to park.  FYI they do have pull thru parking for RVs.  We headed to the visitors center.


On the way in we passed some of the milk trucks being emptied.  This is a Milk C0-Op and there are over 100 farm families in the Co-Op some are 5th generation.  This is a big facility and we only saw a small portion of it.


Once inside it looked like a huge gift shop, they really know how to cash in on visitors tastes.  We thought the prices were much more than what they are in the super markets.  We watched several videos and then headed up to the viewing area for the self guided tour.  This is were the milk comes in and gets pasteurized and prepared for the cheese making.  They got started with cheese making because they could not ship the milk and keep it fresh.  Cheese is much easier to keep fresh.


This is a cheese making area with the curder in the lower right.


These are blocks of aged cheddar, each block is around 40lbs.  They were being cut and packaged.


Cutting the big blocks into wedges.


These are lines for different sizes of cheese blocks.


This poor guys was inspecting each sealed wedge of cheese.


From Tillamook we took the 3 Capes Loop.  By now it was very overcast so the pictures were taken with pretty poor lighting conditions.  We did spot a few Pelicans.


Looks like they spend a lot of time on these rocks.


I find the haystack formations quite interesting





Bonnie walked down to the Cape Meares light house and captured these pictures.




We continued down the coast and visited the Cape Lookout campground and were allowed to drive through it.  Most of the sight are too short for us.  We were losing light fast now as it was early evening.  We saw a lot of great scenery but it was hard to capture it.  We did come upon some Pelicans feeding and watched them.  Bonnie got a few pictures.  They would hover.


Then dive into the water after the fish.


We even saw a couple Great Egrets.


This was at the outlet of creek and they were looking for supper.


It was almost dark when we got back home and misting some.  We had a few sprinkles during the day and it just rained a bit as I am finishing this up.


We had a pretty steady rain all day today.  The campground worked on the roads since they were softened up but they still have a lot of pot holes.  We hung out here most of the day.  I worked on end of the month financial things and set up bill payment for this month.  Bonnie went grocery shopping down at Lincoln City and got her hair cut.  I scanned in the receipts and paper work from last month after she left.  That and watching some netflix was pretty much it for today.


Woke up to rain again this morning and lows around 50.  Then around 1pm it stopped raining and it got a little brighter out maybe the rain is done for today.  There are no churches here in Neskowin so we will be listening to podcasts again.

Well the rain stopped and the sun appeared briefly so we took a short ride to a small Wildlife Refuge just up the coast.


We did not see much wildlife, a few birds.  It seems they are in the process of restoring the area back to all native plants and Prairie grass.  There were a couple nice scenic views toward the ocean and


toward the mountains.


On the way out near the entrance we spotted this bird which we believe many be a young eagle.  He enjoyed soaring and winding the thermals.


Then we spotted these cheese makers, guess there milk goes to Tillamook.


We pulled into the viewpoint on the way home.  The ocean was beautiful today.


Bluer than the sky.


Another eagle in a tree.


Back home again Bonnie is making an apple pie and I am looking forward to that.  Thats about it for this week and it looks like I can get this posted early.

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  1. That Cheese Factory was right up my line.

  2. That also looked like a short lighthouse

    1. It was indeed, lots are that way out here since they are on top of cliffs

  3. I believe Tillamook is an indian word: for many lakes or streams. anywho, here in mindanao, we saw, and tried the tillamook ice cream, and it was excellent. the price even better, than nestles, or any other flavor/priced ice cream. unfortunately, it only gets here, maybe once a year, like most goods, over here, very limited. great pics bob, love them. larry and jiji and jr.

  4. Nice pictures, Bob.
    Sorry for the colder than normal weather, but it looks like you’re making do.
    Where’s the next stop?

  5. Love the pics Bob. The pelicans are one of my favorites!

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