Moving in the Rain


More rain and gray skies this morning and it pretty much stayed that way all day with a couple hours of no rain late this afternoon.

We both had a piece of Bonnie’s apple pie with cheese for lunch.  Then I headed into Lincoln City.  I wanted to fill up the car with gas and check out the two stations that had diesel fuel.  I think we will fit into either one.  Funny thing there are thousands of motorhomes out here on the coast and not one truck stop.  We are running just a little short on fuel.  I am pretty sure we could make it out into the valley near the interstate but no sense taking a chance if we can pick up some fuel here.

While I was out I stopped at the city park and caught this guy hogging the bench.


But thats okay there was no one on the beach in the rain.  Then I went looking for the Drift Creek Bridge and found it a short distance out of town.  A  covered bridge always brings back memories of a trip I took with my Mother-In-Law to find bridges up in New England, she loved them.


About an hour after I got home it stopped raining for a short time.  I took the opportunity to dump and flush the tanks in preparation of our moving in the morning.  More rain is in the forecast so its much much quicker to just disconnect the hose and power before we leave.  The rain started again so we read and watch some programs.


The rain woke me around 8am and I finally got up at 9.  We had breakfast and slowly prepared the coach to move.  We are moving down the coast about 50 miles to Seal Rock, OR.  The rain stopped so we are hoping it holds off for the move.  The rain held off until we got on the road.  We did not hook up the car as I wanted to be able to maneuver at the Chevron station if I needed to and I did.  It was pretty busy and its the only station in town with #2 diesel.  But we got in and fueled up, took on 60 some gallons.  Now we have the safety margin I like.  But I will try to plan ahead better fueling at a regular station is nerve racking.  There are no truck stops out here, at least that anyone knows about.  The rain continued the whole way to Seal Rock.


I was really looking forward to this move as we will be close to the beach and will actually be able to see the ocean from our site.  Driving down I loved watching the waves crashing into the rocks and heading heavenward.  I wish we could have pulled over and parked a while.  Bonnie followed me the 48 miles and we finally pulled in and while we were signing in the rain stopped.  We got backed in and this is our view from the window behind the couch.


I can’t wait for this rain to end and some sunny days.  While the views are amazing now I want to see it in the sun.  We headed to Waldport the next town South of here for some fresh seafood.  I had the Cod fish and chips and Bonnie had the Seafood Chowder in a sourdough bread bowl.  Both were good and the Salty Dog is located in the bay right on the water.  We watch folks crabbing out on the pier.


We stopped across from the RV Park and I captured this Pano.


This is the first time we received Tsunami instructions in our welcome packet.


Thankfully the WiFi is working great here.  Verizon is 1x and sometimes 3G, I have not tried my booster yet.


It rained again all morning but the rain pretty much stopped by noon.  Bonnie slept most of the morning and after she got up and we talked I decided to go up to Walmart to pick up my Rxs and do a little exploring.  Before I left the office brought over first our mail shipment that had our absentee ballots in it and then an Amazon order with a water filter and new shower squeegee.  On the way out I snapped this picture from the back corner of the coach.


I picked up my RXs and then drove back to the Yaquina Light Park to scout it out since Bonnie stayed back at the coach.  Lots of birds most of them I don’t recognize but these are Pelicans and after I raised the camera the headed away from me.


Still windy and this is a shot toward the mouth of the harbor, it was very calm once you made it into the harbor.


Looks like some construction next to the lighthouse.  I will bring Bonnie back here for a visit.


I believe this is a Golden Eagle.


This is looking toward the Newport Bridge we are on the other side, nice wide bridge.


I drove down into the harbor and when I got out of the car the Seals over on the rocks were making quite a racket.  They must have been a quarter mile away and were loud.  I posted a video on FB.


Here is a shot of the boats in the marina, look like all fishing boats.


Here is a closer shot of the rocks and Seals


This is a sandy beach, still a lot of surf rolling in.


Well we have a lot more exploring to do down here so hopefully the weather cooperates.

Thanks For Checking In!