Seal Rock, OR


It was not raining this morning and the sun was actually out until just before we got ready to leave.  Last night I upgraded my MacBook to the newest operating system called Sierra.  It downloaded and installed without a problem.  So far all is well.  So today while we were out I updated Bonnies Mac and so far all is good. The Garmin GPS map updates came out and I updated one of our 3 units today when we got back home.  The WiFi is working great here at the park and I am thankful for that.

So as it started to rain we headed up to Newport to visit the Hatfield Marine Science Center.


On the way in this retired submersible was on display.


Inside entrance was by donation so a really good deal.  Lots and lots of information and displays.  Plus they have a ton of hands-on-displays for adults and children.  This is the skull of a Killer Whale, look at all those teeth.  Did you know you can count the rings in the teeth to tell the Whales age?


This is the octopus tank.  They were hand feeding her when we arrived.  Then it was play time.  She likes water showered on her from the sprinkler can.  There are other toys in the tanks she plays with.  She will be released after a couple months of being studied.


The octopus seemed to really enjoy being played with by her handler.


Simulated tide pools where the kids can gently touch the animals including the star fish.


After the Marine Center we drove across the bridge to the bay area to check on the seals so Bonnie could see them.  She got to hear them barking but it was raining pretty hard so I stayed in the car.  We drove through the port and watch some fishermen work on their boat for a while.  I think they were trying to take this boom off the outrigger.  But they were not making much progress.


Then we found a place to park and walked out on the pier where a few people were crabbing.  This young lady caught a nice Red Crab.  We also saw a few legal size Dungeness Crabs caught.


Some of the seals took to the water today.  This is a grey seal.


And a Harbor Seal.


Of course there were plenty of gulls around.


We found a small place open to have some lunch.  Bonnie held the wild salmon and chips.  I had an Oyster PoBoy.  Both were very good.  Bonnie is really branching out and trying new things.


Still raining but I took her over to the State Park to see the light house.


Then we made a quick stop for groceries and headed home down to Seal Rock.  We made a stop just before the RV park at Bob Meyer’s Glass studio.  He was making glass fish floats and was just finishing up for the day.  Here he loading glass back into the furnace for tomorrow.  It comes in pieces about the size of charcoal briquets.


Here are some of the finished floats.


Back home and relaxing.


Today we had a light rain all day.  Bonnie did go to the beach for a while and came back pretty wet.  Then she started the wash and did several loads.  I was on the computer and found us a place to stay next week after we leave the coast.  Watched lots of my shows on Hulu and Netflix.  That was it for the day.  Not supposed to rain tomorrow.


Looks like no rain today.  We headed down the coast to see the sights.  Hoped to make it to Seal Caves and tour that.  The sun is out and we headed out around noon.  This is the bridge in Waldport over the Alsea River at low tide.  All that sand was under water when we came back headed home.


This is the Devils Churn a narrow inlet near Yachats, OR


Bonnie is headed to the beach and the tidal pools


I watched the waves crash into the rocks.


Looking South down the coast


Looking North up the coast while the sun was out.


A look out to sea


This is the Heceta Head Lighthouse


Looking South towards lots of sand dunes past the rocks.


Bonnie’s down at the beach again.


Looks like the Pelicans are all taking a rest.


A few stayed in the water


Someone is piling rocks again


Pelicans are starting to move again.


Still down on the beach


I spotted a single sea popping up.  We had been down to the Sea Lion Caves but did not see any seals there and the elevator was broke so there were no tours of the Seal Caves.


Starting to get foggy down the coast


This guy had better be careful


That hole fills up and sometimes explodes


Not sure what this drone was doing but the operator had a radio and was talking to someone.


More wave action, I like to watch the water drain off the rocks.


Getting dark but this is behind our coach the Pelicans are roosting


Then they took off


Some sunset photos


Added a bird on this one.  The lighting changes constantly


Even caught a glimpse of the moon


Nice blue water


The final one of the night


It was a good day and beautiful scenery to go along with the weather.  I am ready for a good rest.


It was raining when we got up this morning just as the weatherman said it would be.  We got reading and headed to Waldport for Church.  We attended First Baptist Church on the banks of the Alsea, River.  They have a nice view from the parking lot and I could see fishing boats looking out the windows of the sanctuary.


It seems so often when we attend a church the Pastor is away on vacation and today was no exception.  This lady spoke during the Missionary Moments, her parents were missionaries when she was young.  Then one of the Elders preached a good sermon on Who Is Your Neighbor from Luke.  The people were very friendly and interested in our lifestyle.


We headed home from church and Bonnie was busy.  She is washing the bedding, prepared lunch, and did the dishes.  I normally wash the dishes but she gave me a much appreciated break.  We got to see the end of the NASCAR race, Jimmy Johnson won after not winning in 24 races.  Nice to see the sun shining In the East.

Well there has been a heavy mist, light rain here all day so I will go ahead and send this as we will not see a sunset tonight.  Last night was the only one we could see this week.  Tomorrow we move as they only had room here for 6 nights.

Thanks For Checking In.