Into the Valley


We left the Oregon Coast this morning and moved over into the Willamette Valley.  We had a nice dry drive today, well at least most of the way, we did have to use the wipers for about 15 minutes once we hit I-5.  We pulled into the Meadowlark RV Park in Creswell just after 2pm and got a nice escort to our nice long pull thru site.  We got all set up and settled in for the week.  Bonnie baked a dump cake and made Spanish Rice in the instant pot for supper.

Looks like we brought the rain with us and the weather man says more is moving in after tomorrow.  So we are here for a week.


Last night we decided to make no plans for today.  I just needed a day off from planning what to do.  We took care of things like cutting nails and I ordered some RX refills for Bonnie.  We will pick them up latter at CVS and have dinner at a Texas Roadhouse.  We have not been to a chain restaurant  in ages.  Other than that its not raining but it looks like a week long rain event will start tomorrow or the next day.  Well we picked up the RXs but the Texas Roadhouse turned out to be an Original Roadhouse and Grill.  But our meals were good and we enjoyed them.  Then back home for the evening.


We were up early for us this morning even though we did not set an alarm.  It was not raining and so we were on the road by 10:30 knowing that it would be a long day.  We had about a 2 1/2 hour drive.  Bonnie drove us so I had a chance to snap a picture or two.  The leaves are starting to change here.


We had to cross some of the Cascade Range and that meant tunnels


As we gained altitude we spotted Diamond Peak all covered with new snow.


But were we were headed was Crater Lake and this was our first view of it.


Depending on how much sun was showing through the clouds depended on how blue the water was, but it was always beautiful.  First view of Wizzard Island.




The tour boats dock here in the summer they are in storage for the winter.  The lake has only frozen solid twice according to the Rangers.



Bonnie and I both like the twisted trees and stumps.


I tried a panoramic shot



This orange lichen grows on a lot of the rock walls and curbs


This is Phantom Ship island


Close up of the Phantom Ship Island


This fellow was trying to play a didgeridoo at one of our stops, he needs some practice


These poles are appearing in the parking lots and along the roads that they plow, they get 44 feet of snow a year.  These mark the edges.


Adding some beauty to the Lake and Wizard Island





We drove the whole way, about 38 miles, around the lake with many stops.  These are just a few of the pictures and not many words as I am beat tonight.  As we left Rim Village we ran into a little bit of road construction and had to sit a few minutes.  It was almost 5pm I was hoping they were done for the day.


We did have a nice view off to the left and as you can see they have already plowed snow this year.  Another storm is coming this week so I am sure they are trying to finish up.


We still had a couple hours to get back home.  Plus we had not eaten all day.  We stopped in Sutherlin, OR at a family restaurant and had really good meat loaf and Bonnie had liver and onions.  The SKP Timber Valley RV Park was only a mile away so we drove through part of it even though it was dark it looked pretty nice.  We got home after 9 and I think I will get this posted before midnight.  Long day but so worth it.  Tomorrow we rest.

Thanks For Checking In!