Creswell, Oregon


The weatherman was right, rain all day long, followed by wind and rain.  Bonnie did some wash and we needed a nice day of rest after the long drive yesterday.  So thats what we did and thats about all I have to report.  Here is another shot from yesterday.



Some rain overnight but the sun was shinning when I got up late this morning.  But by the time Bonnie got up it was raining again and rained most of the day.

My son and family were in NYC last week and today I heard that he and my GD were shown during the today show.  Pretty cool.



We decided to go to the movies today.


We saw Deep Water Horizon.  It was a pretty good movie and told the story of the disaster off the coast of Louisiana.  It was raining again when we got out and drove home.  Its been raining off and on all evening and they are forecasting a lot more rain and high winds for tomorrow.   So we plan to hang around and see if we need to batten down the hatches.


Today was the day the big storm was to bring us rain and high winds.  Thankfully the rain is all we have gotten so far but they say we are not out of the woods yet.  I worked on our next move and finally secured a place to stay next week.  We have a reservation in Grants Pass for a week.  I had to extend here for 2 days and thats ok as it is supposed to continue to rain until Wednesday.  When I went up to pay I did drive around town, that did not take long but I did find the church we plan to attend tomorrow.

All this rain we are getting was snow up at Crater Lake where we were the other day, of course that is over 7000 feet higher than we are.  Here is a picture from the web camera.


Big difference from Wednesday when we were there, this was nearby.


I did watch Alabama beat Tennessee and thats been about it for the day for me.  Bonnie baked a pie and made supper.  Just a typical rainy day.


Different day but the same story rain for most of the day again.  In fact one of the neighbors thought he could out wait it and did not pack up and leave until almost 2pm today.  As it was he still packed up in the rain, I felt sorry for him.

We were up this morning and headed for New Hope Baptist Church.



Not a large church about 150 in the service, but oh so friendly.  We were made to feel right at home.  We actually ended up sitting next to the Pastor’s parents, turns out they also are rv’ers but not full time.  So we had good conversations with a lot of different people.  There is a good mix here of old and young and different cultures.  A few are headed to China on a mission trip and will be cooking for others that are there.  The worship time was good also, shorter than we are used to.


The lead singer has a really nice voice and turns out she is the Pastor’s wife.  Then Pastor Rob spoke on 1 Peter 4.


Good sermon and very interesting hard to believe it lasted 45 minutes.  After church we headed home in the rain.  We got home in time to see the Bills beat the 49’ers and also to see Kevin Harvick win the race.

Bonnie made French toast for supper and I read a magazine.  More rain for the first part of this week so our activities will be curtailed I think.  I did check the Crater Lake web cameras and there is even more snow up there today.  The lens were partially blocked with snow so I did not grab a frame to post.  Time to get this posted.

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