Extended Stay


Despite the all night rain I got up to nice bright sunshine, this is more like it.

Now two hours later the skies are dark and its raining again.  Now there is thunder.  The waves of rain just keep rolling in.  Looks like a couple more days and then we should start to see more dry weather.

Yesterday I realized that we were only a few miles from NW RV Supply.  In fact we have driven by it a time or two.  They are the go to place to find almost anything that you need for your RV.  We have a few plastic items that have cracked due to age and heat.  Like our AC vents in the dash and one of our Fan-Tastic Fan Trim pieces.



So right after we had a thunderstorm with hail we headed north about 7 miles to check the place out.  The sun was even out for a while.  NW Supply is right along the side of I-5 and was easy to find.  They have thousands of items there and it is well organized.  These are all dashboards and side panels


Cabinets and sky lights


Hydraulic pumps and manifolds


Electric connectors and transfer switches




We were able to find the AC vents and a new reading lamp for Bonnie but not luck on the fan trim or garnish as they call it.  It was raining again by the time we got back home again. So I got out some tools and started to work.  It was pretty easy to change the vents and it did not take long to change all three.


No more broken corners.


Then I started on the light. The Sconce was just not providing the light Bonnie wanted for reading.  Removing the old light was simple.


The wiring was backwards on the new one.  I hooked it up and tested it and all worked fine.  I mounted it, noticing that the walls are medal in the slide.  For some reason it blew the fuse.  I had one spare in the cabinet and replaced it.  Checked it again all was fine.  Then mounted it again and blew the fuse.  Thats when I figured out the wiring was reversed and grounding the 12 volts when it was mounted.  So after correcting that all is fine and Bonnie likes the new light.


So some easy fixes now its time to relax and listen to the rain on the roof.


It rained all through the night again but no rain since this morning.  We have had all day rain at least 12 of the last 14 days.  Thats more rain than we have seen in the last year.  Not complaining just a fact.  Since we are moving tomorrow we will probably just hang out here for the day.  I worked on a couple of my spread sheets and got them ready for 2017.  Looks like we are getting a .3% cost of living raise on my annuity and our social security.  Thats $1 on my SS and $4 on Bonnies.  Our health insurance is going up over $8 a month, which is not bad but we are losing money.  Lots of complaints on line about it but at least we are getting enough to pay our bills.


No rain overnight and no rain this morning, the sun was even out for a little while, but mostly overcast.  We got unhooked and packed up and departed right around noon.  We headed down I-5 and only ran into one construction zone.


No slow downs so we rolled right on.  Lots up ups and downs with 6% hills which slows us down along with the trucks.  Then we have to use the engine break on the downside.  I have never seen so many sharp curves on an interstate highway, some down to 45mph.  We had no problems and we pulled into the Riverpark RV Resort right around 2:30pm.  We were give a choice of site 17 or site 9.  Site 9 was too short and site 17 has a tree in the way of pulling in.  So we picked 17 and our neighbor John was very helpful in helping Bonnie keep and eye on both sides of the coach and we got backed in pretty easily.


Tight site but nice and level and we have a nice view of the Rogue River.


Hopefully the weather will be nicer so we can sit out and enjoy the river.

Well thats about it for the first part of this week.  We are looking forward to this week.

Thanks For Checking In!