Grants Pass, OR


It was supposed to rain today so we did not make any plans.  We stayed up late and slept in real late.  But no  rain and it turned out to be a pretty nice day.  I went over to the office and extended our stay here for a whole week.  So we will be here two weeks.  Amazon brought us a new new hose today.  The one we use for general purpose and flushing the tanks is full of kinks.  This is a Never Kink hose like our drinking water hoses so we should be good for a while.


While at the office I had a nice talk with Donna the owner for the past 11 years.  They work hard to keep this park looking nice and in good condition.

We decided to try to find a good pizza place and Donna recommended Wild River Pizza, so we headed there.  It was ok to me and Bonnie enjoyed hers.  One thing the pizza out here has in common is that it is expensive.

Bonnie needed a new electric toothbrush so we made a stop at Wal-Mart.  She got what she needed and I got some acetone for a project I need to do while we are here.  That about wraps it up for tonight.


Our plans changed today.  I started getting a sore throat last night and a bit of a pain in my ear.  Today it was in full swing and Bonnie put me on a Z-Pack to try to knock it out of me.  I even laid back down for a while.  So no exploring today.

We did receive some very good news today.  Our daughter works at the Buffalo City Mission and today she was presented with the Executive Director’s Excellence Award.  Well done and we are very Proud of You and appreciate your work ethic.


I am off to bed early tonight.


Slept 12 hours still trying to get better so not much to update today.


I am still under the weather, kind of in a fog all day.  Today feels like I have a full blown cold.  Got another 12+ hours of sleep last night.  Watched a little football today but thats it.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Sorry for the boring blog and Thanks for Checking In!