Still alive in Grants Pass, OR


Rain beating on the roof woke me this morning but I managed to roll over and get almost 12 hours of sleep again.  I had a better day today than the last two days but was still not able to do much.  Bonnie did go grocery shopping late this afternoon but thats about it.  We did have rain off and on, mostly on all day again.


I got another good long nights sleep last night and am starting to feel much better today.  The sun was out most of the morning while it did rain this afternoon.  I needed to get outside some today and went out and checked out the project I have to clean some rubber off the bottom of the one bedroom slide.  Then we decided to head into town to explore a little.

We ended up at the Glass Forge, I never get tired of watching the glass blowing.


Lots of variety in the store, Bonnie found a few things she needed to have.


They let you back into the shop and you can wander around in there.  They guys were on break but there was a comfy couch to sit on.


This is a pretty big shop and they do a lot of different things


After the break the guys came over to us and showed us around.  This is were the days projects are annealed and cool down very slowly overnight.


This is the furnace where the glass is at about 2000º today it was clear glass.


This is called the Glory Hole and is used to heat the glass and keep it workable.


The clear glass is rolled in color particles and then they are pressed into the glass and melted before the blowing starts.  Today they are making tree ornaments.


Then after reheating the ornament is blown.


After it is separated from the pipe a small amount of glass seals the hole and


is used to form the eye to hang the ornament.


final touch on the eyelet.  Then its into the oven to cool down overnight.


It was raining when we left here and so we headed back home.  We did make a stop and picked up a scrapper for my slide project.

Elizabeths boy friend is out here from Buffalo working in the area and will be here in town tonight so we are planning to have dinner with him.  Well Dana ended up coming to the coach for supper and we had a nice meal and visit.  He seemed pretty tired so Bonnie sent him off to the hotel.  He will be back at 9am to pick me up to make a day trip with him to a radio site, just like the old days when I was working.  So I am off to bed early hoping the rain that is falling now ends by morning.


I slept good and the alarm woke me at 7am this morning.  I felt pretty good so had breakfast and was ready when Dana pulled up out front just before 9am.  We headed up the river and jumped on I-5 South for Medford.  We were meeting the John from the engineering firm at Home Depot at 9:30 and we were right on time.  John came out of Home Depot and Jim the systems engineer pulled in about that time.  We were all set and headed up to the radio site on Mt. Baldy.  Mt. Baldy is only 3800 ft high so no snow, but I could see some on the higher peaks.  It was nice and sunny up there all day but very windy.  I did enjoy sitting there and watching the others work.  I also enjoyed being on the Mt top and enjoyed the views and listening to the wind.  Sadly I did not see any wildlife.  Dana verified that his equipment was working as designed and corrected a couple problems from the way it was installed.  Then he helped the others check out their radios and get some good baseline numbers.  This is a very busy radio site and there is a lot of RF noise from broadcast stations which has to be dealt with.  Here are some pictures from the day.  We started off on a freshly stoned road.


Which soon turned to dirt and ruts.  No mud though.


Nice views


More nice views


Lots of antennas around the Mt top


The building we were in and the guys checking out the antennas


The equipment to be worked on.


Great minds getting on the same page.


We came off the Mt. mid afternoon had a snack of pizza and then headed home. We visited at the coach with Bonnie and then went to Elmer’s Diner for supper and I think we all enjoyed our meals.

I felt pretty good all day but I am pretty beat tonight.

Well thats it for the first part of this week Thanks for Checking In!






  1. Glad your feeling better Bob

  2. Glad to hear you are on the mend.

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