Rainy Oregon

  1. Thursday

It rained off and on all night Bonnie said she heard it hailing.  The rain continued all morning and we stayed at home.  By about 1 in the afternoon it stopped but the sky remained overcast most of the time.  I went out and worked on my slide project.  The bottom of our one bedroom slide looks like it has rubber maybe from the seal stuck on the bottom of it.  So I scraped it off with a razor blade and the next part of the process will be to wipe it all down with acetone.  Then I will wax it and clean the seals with Aerospace 401 spray which will also lube them.  Just as I finished scraping Dana called and said he was off the mountain and done for the day.

We met him at Elmer’s for supper again and had a good time together and a good meal.  He has been working at mountain top radio sites so he is getting his Paul Bunyan look on.  Tomorrow he heads further North.  So it has been nice to spend time together the past few days.


Hopefully tomorrow we can head over to the coast.


We were finally headed to see the Redwoods.  We got ourselves up early and on the road for California to see the Redwoods.  It rained a little until we got on the ocean side of the mountains and then the sun was out most of the day.  We also ran into several construction zones.  Seems like the downhill side of the roads here often slide down the mountain.  We must have hit 5 or 6 of these during the day.  Especially on the coast.


We stopped at the National Parks visitors center and watched the video on the park and got some maps and info.  Also got my NP Passport stamped.  Then we started on the loop in to the State Park.  This area is called the Redwoods National and State Parks since they run together.


It was not long before we started seeing some big trees.  As you can see the road weaves thru them.


They can grow to be 300 ft tall.


Compared to the car


The stump of one harvested years ago


I feel small


Even the mushrooms are big


Did I mention they are tall and straight


Lots of small streams


These are called seed burls and new trees sprout from them when the mother tree dies.


They sure are tall


Two trees to compare.  These woods are supposed to be old growth.


The spider webs are a good size also


We made it to the ocean again and drove down the coast a ways and through some more groves of Redwoods.  We saw some really big stumps there and lots more big trees.  Bonnie wanted to see the Fern Canyon and we had to ford a stream with the car and then she hike thru some shin deep water to get there but was disappointed in what she found.  I wait in the car and stayed dry.


It was almost sunset when we started for home about 3 hours away.  We made it back to Cave Junction and stopped at an Italian place to get some dinner.  We finally made it back home around 9pm.  Long day but well worth it.  There are a few more things we want to see here so hopefully the weather will cooperate.


Looks like its Bonnie’s turn to be sick so we did nothing today so there is just nothing to report.  It did rain again for most of the day.


First off many years ago back in 1974 God gave us a wonderful gift in the form of a baby girl our wonderful and beautiful daughter Elizabeth.  Happy Birthday we Love You.

Bonnie is still under the weather and she had a pretty rough night, that kept me awake for the first time in years.  She slept in late and feels a little better but her head is really stuffed up.  Needless to say we stayed home today.  It rained off and on so that was not a big deal.  I think we are going to get a few nicer days coming up until we move on Wednesday.

I spent some time today searching for our next temporary home and I think we will enjoy it.  It will give us an opportunity to learn about Olives.  More info to follow.  Since we have not been out for 2 days I am going to share some of the pictures Bonnie took on our trip to the Redwoods.  This is out behind the coach.


Dinner at Elmer’s the other night


A tree wider than me.


A stump bigger than the car


This was once a Giant tree, I wonder how long this took.


We noticed a lot of the trees are hollow.


The coast again


Well its been another good week even with all the rain, we still managed to see a lot.  Still a couple sights we want to see here hopefully we can.  Until next time.

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  1. Do you think Bonnie got sick because she got her feet wet wading through that water?
    Just kidding. Tell her I’m proud of her for wading through a stream.
    Enjoying your pictures.

  2. Been to Jedediah state park many times. Natalie’s dad and step mom live in Gasquet, CA on the Smith river. That area is amazingly beautiful in the summer. Best steelhead fishing in the world on the Smith. I caught so many steelhead during a float trip down the middle fork that I was hoping not to catch anymore because my arm was worn out.
    The rain can stop anytime… If we get a little less than a 1/4″ today, which it looks like we will, and we will have broken the all time record.

  3. As always, beautiful photos! I love the Pacific Northwest!!

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