November 2016

Traffic and Trucks

MONDAY We were up and on the road before 10am this morning.  Then we jumped on California 99 and headed South.  Wow lots of traffic and Truck after Truck on […]

Happy Thanksgiving 2016

THURSDAY Happy Thanksgiving hope you had a wonderful time with family.  We had a Great Day!  First we got a picture from my Son and his family. Then Bonnie baked […]

Meeting Relatives

MONDAY We were waiting to pick up some RXs today but Bonnie’s were not ready until late this afternoon.  The rain has ended and its sunny again, happy for that. […]

Healing Begins

THURSDAY Thank You to everyone again for your prayers for Bonnie.  She slept pretty well and has not been and is not in pain.  She does have two black eyes […]


MONDAY We were up 8 this morning and we actually pulled out of the RV Park around 9:40 this morning.  With these shorter daylight hours we had to up our […]

Last Days in Corning

THURSDAY Well a lot has changed in the past couple of days.  We have elected a new President and Vice President and many other new elected officials.  I am looking […]

Corning, California

MONDAY Another beautiful day.  We planned to visit some Olive stores today and then Bonnie wanted to go grocery shopping.  I spent some time this morning finding a place to […]

Olive City

THURSDAY So it was nice to wake up this morning to sunshine.  The electric heater was only on for an hour or so as it was warming up nicely.  Plus […]

One Year Anniversary

MONDAY One year ago today we stepped out of our house and into a new way of life as Full-Time RVers.  Since that time we have traveled 7001 miles and […]