One Year Anniversary


One year ago today we stepped out of our house and into a new way of life as Full-Time RVers.  Since that time we have traveled 7001 miles and slept in 16 different states in the coach, some of them we have left and revisited.  The coach has used about 907 gallons of fuel.  We have visited numerous National Parks and Monuments, I will have to count the stamps in my NP Passport some time.  We have camped at 42 different RV Parks, driveways, and repair facilities costing us $9278.01 or an average of $25.42 a night.  Add in the cost of the coach and that about doubles.  Still under $55 a day is not bad when you consider the cost of hotel rooms.  So we are doing well and even manage to still save a little each month.

Bonnie is still not feeling well so we have stayed close to home all day.  She did do some wash and even vacuumed some.  I dumped the black tank and then worked on the bottom seal on the bedroom slide.


I got it lined up and lubricated so hoping it works and stays in place now.

Today is halloween and looks like someone is having a good time.


Here is the blog post from a year ago.

The day has come today we say goodbye to our Varysburg house and start out on our new adventure.  It was down to 32 overnight and there is a heavy frost this morning.  The sun is just rising as I catch my last sunrise out the front window.


I fired up the MiFi and quickly read my email and some blogs, then woke up Bonnie.  I figure we have a couple hours to finish getting our stuff out of the house and get the coach ready to roll after we hook up the Toad (car).

Today was a bit more stressful than either one of us thought but we worked our way through things and even had to leave some stuff behind.  There was a bunch of food that either our daughter or the new owners can pick and choose what they might want.  We both were on edge but we got every thing loaded up and locked up the house for the last time.  Left the keys and garage door openers.  We prayed together to end one adventure and start a new one.  We both shed a few tears.  Then put the coach in gear and pulled out.  I did get one last selfie.


I need to work on my selfie pose.  It took longer than we thought to load up and we did not leave the driveway until well after noon.  First stop was the Native Pride Station on the Seneca Nation Reservation.  We picked up 70 gallons of diesel for $2.31 a gallon.  Saved $.37 a gallon over getting it at home.

Back on the NY Thruway the GPS said we should make the Blue Heron Service area on the Ohio Turnpike by 6:32 if we did not stop.  Thats right at sunset for the area we are headed to.  But of course we did stop twice.  Once so Bonnie could drive for a couple hours and I could eat the hamburger she picked up at Native Pride.  Then again just before Cleveland, she did not want to drive through Cleveland so I took over again.  Being Saturday there was a lot of traffic but no problems so we breezed right on through.  We finally pulled in to the RV parking area at 6:47 after 313 miles, which is a good day of driving.  Normally we would have stopped more.  This time of year there are limited daylight hours and we try to never drive in the dark.

The RV parking is nice.  But not sure why when they made it they did not make it level, I guess so it will drain when it rains.  The spots are right at 40′ long so we had to unhook the toad and park it next to the coach.  There is a machine you put $20 into and you get a ticket to stick in the window.  They have 50amp power.  There is a jumpstation with potable water so we can top off the tank tomorrow.  It is to be in the fifties overnight so the heat pumps will keep us nice and warm.  Plus we put the new heated bed pad on when we made the bed.  The Verizon 4G signal is good here and the MiFi is giving us a great high speed internet signal.  So we are chilling out for a bit before heading to bed, I think it will be an early night for both of us.  The wind is blowing pretty good so it may rock us to sleep.


Hey no rain today first time in a long time.  Maybe the rain is behind us just like October.  Bonnie must have what I had as she was in bed most of the day.  She got up late afternoon and I went out and dumped the tanks and unhooked the sewer house.  This is the wet bay and is actually heated in the winter.  It always baffles me why the sewer and the fresh water hook  up are in the same bay.


So we are working towards getting ready to pull out tomorrow again.  Check out is 11am and then we heat south and it looks like a little dryer and sunnier weather, maybe even a little warmer.  We left a lot of sights unseen here because we did not feel well, maybe someday we will be back.  Now to check in and see if Cleveland wins the series tonight or the Cubs live on.


No rain overnight and it looks to be a nice day to travel.  We are up early and will finish packing up and be ready to pull out before 11.

Well we pulled out right at 11am without any problems.  The plan drive for day is around 200 miles and if we get there in good shape and time we will pull into Speedco for our annual oil change and lube.  About 20 miles into the trip we pulled into Pilot to fuel up as the Oregon fuel prices are at least .$20 less per gallon.


We need about 50 gallons about half a tank.  Back on I-5 and we were soon into California our 30th State.  Lots of sharp curves and 6% Grades on I-5 and many many trucks.  I was not feeling well, Bonnie is still not well and so it was a bit of a stressful days.

But it was offset with the beauty of Mt Shasta.  We first saw it from a long way off and there was a Scenic Vista pull off right on I-5.  So we stopped for some pictures.  We are about 30 miles away at this point and its a bit hazy.


Zoomed in a bit


Quite a tall Mountain


Our rig and car at the vista


Then on down the road was another rest area that was only about 10 miles from the Mt. Shasta.


Some trucks for perspective


The rest of the trip went fine and we pulled into Speedco in Corning, CA some time after 3pm.  We had to wait quite a while for an open bay so we unhooked the car and waited.  Then we finally were told to pull in and we waited some.  I think they were short staffed.  They finally started around 5pm.


I like to use CAT filters to be on the safe side.


I figured we would be in the Campground by 5.  Once they got going we moved right along and we were out of there by 6, almost sundown.  I drove with the headlights on to see for only the second time.  By the time we got checked in it was dark and we had some trouble getting lined up on the site.  I hope to never pull in after dark again.  We are usually set up by 5pm and we will try harder to stick to that.  The RV park is in an old olive grove and once we put out the slides we are touching the trees, daylight will tell more.  But we are set up for the night and we are to be here 12 nights.  Hopefully we will learn all about olives.

We got to watch the Cubs win the World Series and even come of the CMA Awards show.  Time for some rest now and I need to get this published.

Thanks For Checking In!


  1. This thing you guys are doing is ” really neat”. Take care and safe travels.

  2. Sounds like you are doing okay

  3. Hope you both are feeling better. Andy just had his birthday on Tuesday. Turned 50. Andy asks me at least every other day if you guys love him. I keep reassuring him you do. He gets excited when I show him your blog picture. Happy 1 year anniversary.

    1. Thank you for the comment. We are feeling better. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDY! Congratulations on your anniversary.

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