Olive City


So it was nice to wake up this morning to sunshine.  The electric heater was only on for an hour or so as it was warming up nicely.  Plus it stayed in the low 50’s last night.  We are headed in the right direction.  I have not had shorts on in weeks.  Bonnie is still on the mend so she took it easy today and rested.  I looked the coach over and decided we were parked ok.  I hooked up the sewer and we should be set for the next 11 days.

So this RV park is in an old growth Olive tree orchard and today a man was picking olives right out in front of us.  He took a couple breaks but was picking until almost dark.  This is a three legged ladder and its tall, not for me.


The trees next to our site are loaded


Most are still green, which give a stronger flavor to the oil.  Most olives are used for Olive Oil around here.


Upper left are some that are starting to ripen and turn black.


This is part of one tree


I decided to take a ride across the interstate and into town.  I stopped at the Chamber of Commerce and picked up a little literature, but its all about Olives around here, but no real tours.  I did a quick check of on Olive mill and they were processing so I will take Bonnie back there.  Then I picked up a hot and ready Little Caesars Pizza.  Gassed up the CRV and headed home.  Tomorrow I will fill you in on what we learn about Olives.


Another beautiful day here in Corning, CA.  The Olive picking continues.  So it seems most olives the green ones are picked before they are ripe.  They would be bitter to eat right from the tree.  The ones we eat at the table are brined for several weeks and many a stuffed with something.  Most table ones we see the pimento stuffed in them.  But most here are processed for oil.  They are sent through a hammer mill to pulverize them, then the pulp is mixed which allows the tiny oil drops to form together into bigger ones and the enzymes to work, then through a centrifuge to separate the oil and pulp.  Then they put in large containers to allow any remaining pulp to settle.  Finally the oil is syphoned off and bottles.  There are other processes that can be used but thats how it seems to be done here.


Well today looks like another nice day I think Bonnie is starting to feel a little better.  We seldom make plans for the weekend and today was no different.  I did do a few small things around the coach.  First on my list was to try to find the light bulbs I took out of the microwave.  I had replaced them about a year ago with leds, but they are not working.  But no luck with that.  Then while I was outside I checked the oil in the engine and the hydraulic fluid that runs the power steering and radiator fan.  This is the business end of the coach.  Oil level is a little high but ok.


Then it was time to top off the water in the batteries.  I have a pump system that I installed.  It works good and only takes a few minutes.


Just hook up and insert the tubing in the water and pump until it stops.


While I was outside a snapped a picture of one of the Olive trees next to the coach, these are some old trees.  The other orchards around here are much smaller trees.


Today there were two guys in the park picking olives and once again they were busy all day.  Bonnie made beef stew for supper and we relaxed.  I was able to watch Arkansas with and if all goes well Alabama will win in about 4 minutes.  And they did.


It was supposed to rain last night but I did not hear it and did not see anything wet this morning.  It was very overcast and cloudy and stayed that way all day.  I had set the alarm last night and was happy to have the extra hour of sleep since the clocks got set back last night.  So we were up nice and early and got ready to head to church.  We did not make it to church while in Grants Pass as both of us were a bit under the weather.  We were missing Worship Services and were happy to make it to First Baptist Church Corning CA.

We were formally greeted at the door by two greeters and then as we entered the sanctuary by four more men.  Plus as we sat down several others around us welcomed us.  Lots of fellowship before the service.  The baptistry is under the stained glass window.


As the service started we sang a song and then were welcomed by a lot more of the friendly congregation plus the Paster Chris Fissori.  After the song service ended there was a baby dedication.


That was followed by Communion and then the sermon on our responsibility to vote.


We headed home after church.  We were hoping to watch the NASCAR race on NBC but it rained most of the day in Texas and they moved it to a cable channel. We watched a little football and I napped a little while Bonnie read and made some beef stew for a late lunch.

Hopefully we will visit some of the Olive businesses this week and see what else this area has to offer.  Well thats about it for this week, and yes they were picking olives here again today.

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