Corning, California


Another beautiful day.  We planned to visit some Olive stores today and then Bonnie wanted to go grocery shopping.  I spent some time this morning finding a place to stay when we leave here and stay until after Thanksgiving.  I was told I got the only space available in a good size campground.  Campgrounds out here are full and even the campground owners are surprised they say it is never like this.

After that we headed out for the Olive Pit a well known local tourist spot.

img_5912They have a restaurant and lots of olives, olive oil, and vinaigrettes.  The attraction is that you can taste as much of anything that you want.


I got busy tasting and forgot to take anymore pictures.  I liked the Chipotle pepper stuffed olives, Bonnie liked the Cuban style so we each got a bottle.

Bonnie had read about a bacon flavored olive oil.  So I looked up Corning Olive Oil Co, since they make it and we headed over there.


This is a small mom and pop company (their words) in 1989 they moved into this building.


We had to look around a little to find the door to the tasting room.  Nothing fancy here, I like it.  This is their shipping and receiving area.


We finally found the door and in we went.


We were treated to some olive oil tasting and Bonnie got her Bacon Olive Oil and some other kinds also.


Then we met Ray one of the owners, he said come on I will take you out back and show you the mill.  Here he cut an olive open and let us taste it, wow are they bitter.  He explained that they are soaked in a brine or lye to take out the bitterness and most of the natural flavor and then that is replaced with the flavor we associate with olives.


Most Olives are picked green before they are ripe.  He likes the ripe ones as they yield more oil   This tote has about 1000lbs of olives in.  Ray pays around $350 a ton for olives and the yield 35-40 gallons of oil.  It sells for $40 a gallon wholesale.


At the head end of the mill they were processing ripe olives for oil.  The mil can do about 3 tons an hour and is considered a small mill.


This man grabs loose leaves as the olives go up the conveyor.  At the top air is used to get the ones he misses.


The vacuum at the top to get leaves.  Then they go through a separator to get any stones and twigs.


Then down the chute to the grinder which Ray explained actually cuts them pits and all.


Then in to the Malaxer for about an hour.  This gently mixes everything and starts the process of the oil separating from the pulp.


Ray opened the machine so we could see what it looked like inside.


Then on to the decanter which spins it and separates more oil.


Then these vertical serperates spin it some more and you can see the oil is coming out.


Ray said the olive was like 15% oil, 15% water and the rest is this.  The challenge is to separate the oil and water.  This left over is used as filler in feed and some is returned to the orchards or farmers fields as it contains nitrogen.


The containers have oil in them that is sold to various companies.


Ray was a good guide and very enthusiastic we enjoyed our time with him.

We were hungry now and headed to Giant Burger, a converted gas station near the RV Park.  Our burgers were good and put an end to Bonnie shopping today and no need for supper tonight.


Well tomorrow is the election hope everyone that is reading this that could vote did vote.


Well its election day.  Bonnie and I mailed our absentee ballots in several weeks ago.  In the 70s here today and we did not need any heat this morning after we got up this morning.  Looking forward to watching the election returns tonight.

Bonnie went grocery shopping this afternoon and picked up some Chinese for Linner.  Then we settled in to watch the election results.

Its been a long night and the tone of the reporting certainly changed as the evening went on and Donald Trump kept winning states.  Finally online around 11:30pm our time they posted that Trump won.  CBS just announced that Hilary had called to concede the election.  This was certainly a different kind of campaign and the results a surprise.  One thing is for sure.  God Is In Control and will continue to be.  Now hopefully the nation will unite and Donald Trump will become a great leader.

Just listened to Trumps acceptance speech and it sounded Presidential.


Well what a day yesterday was.  Now its time for the country to unify and move on for the good of all of us.  Hilary has said all the right things, some say perhaps her best ever speech, the President has said all he can say to unify us and invited Trump to the White House to begin the transition.  All the speeches are on youtube if you missed them.  The transition process began some time ago with both parties starting to put their plans together, now only one continues.  Google the transition process its quite interesting and the best thing is, it works.

I spent part of the day calling places in Yuma looking for a place to spend the winter.  Found a couple promising ones but we are not quite ready now to make a choice but we must do it soon.  The rest of the day we rested up from last night.  We did have an interesting event tonight.  We had a cat fight under our coach.  There are a couple cats in the park and tonight they decided to duke it out briefly under the coach, it sounded bad so hopefully they have moved on.

Well thats it for now.  Thanks For Checking In!





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