Last Days in Corning


Well a lot has changed in the past couple of days.  We have elected a new President and Vice President and many other new elected officials.  I am looking forward to the new year.

Today we were able to make reservations for a place to stay this winter down in the Foothills area just East of Yuma.  So we are looking forward to that.  We have also had discussions about maybe moving on to the next chapter in our life in sometime durning the new year, stay tuned.  We stuck around home today and Bonnie did wash.  So not much more to report on.


A nice easy day at home today but I did manage to work up a sweat.  As the weather has been cooling off, especially in the mornings the tire pressures have been dropping.  I seldom have to add air in the summer but usually do in the fall.  So today was a perfect day for that around 65 degrees and overcast.  So I got out my Sears compressor and went to work.


Set them all to 100 lbs and monitored them for a while to make sure the sensors did not leak.  All seems to be well.


Then I needed to change the battery in the tire inflator and while I was looking for the batteries for that I found the peppermint oil.  So I added some oil to the cotton balls I keep in the basement bays to deter the mice.  Then I had a nice online chat with my sister and answered a few emails.  Last thing I did was to call next weeks campground and verified my reservation.

Just waiting now for the baked sweet potatoes to go with the meat loaf Bonnie made.  I was also pleased to see that the stock market did well this week.


Just a nice relaxing day at home today.  Only work I did was to take the trash out.  I did open my Chipotle stuffed olives and had a few with lunch.  I sure did enjoy them.


With it getting dark at 5pm now the days are sure short.  We did receive a couple pictures of the lot we rented in Yuma AZ for the winter months.  We will be on the left side of the lot with another RV on the right side.


Looks like a new house on the lot behind us.



We were up to another sunny day and got ready to head for church.  We went to the same church as last week FBC thinking we would here the sermon on Daniel that he changed last week.  Surprise he changed again to a sermon on Fear, in line with all that has gone on this week.

We came home and I sat down to watch the NASCAR race and Bonnie went to Safeway for a few things.  The race was exciting with only one race left this year.  Bonnie is making potato salad and says there will be hamburgers for supper.  I plan to dump the tanks and unhook the sewer before dark to save time tomorrow morning.  Yep we pull out in the morning headed down to Manteca CA for a couple of weeks.

Well its been a restful 10 days here and we have enjoyed it.

Thanks For Checking In!