We were up 8 this morning and we actually pulled out of the RV Park around 9:40 this morning.  With these shorter daylight hours we had to up our game.

Last night there was no water in the RV park.  No problem for us we had plenty in our fresh water tank.  Still no water this morning when I unhooked the hose. Our first stop this morning was only a couple miles away.  We decided to try getting the coach washed at the Blue Beacon Truck Wash.


I thought it was more of a hand wash with brushes but it is mostly pressure wands.  Plus they have an overhead sprayer that washes off the roof.  They do use brushes as necessary and then applies a Rain-X product to the entire coach.  Its not perfect put I must say that it looks pretty good.  This was the line when I pulled in, of course I got in the slow moving line but we still were out of there in about an hour.


I watched the Boar trailer in front on me, usually 3 o4 four guys on each side with pressure wands.


These guys are constant motion


Then we jumped on I-5 and headed South for Manteca.  All the way down today we saw nothing but agriculture.  There were olive orchards, citrus orchards, lots of rice fields, and other orchards and fields that we could not identify.  Lots of growing going on here.  Traffic was not too bad and only got a little heavy around Sacramento but not bad.  No construction slow downs, and no accidents a really good travel day.

We found French Creek RV Park easily and got checked in.  Then the fun started.  No pull thru sites.  They are open during the week but not on the week ends.  There is a golf course attached to the park and they have clubs book the sites for the weekends.  So we got a back-in site.  The paved part of these sites is only about 35 feet long.  So we had to back in right up to a concrete wheel stop.  Bonnie did a good job of directing me and making sure that the bottom of the engine and coach cleared the concrete wheel stop.  The front of the coach is right at the edge of the road but we are in and level now.  No WiFi here in the park only a hotspot at the club house.  Good thing we have data plans.

We had a great day in the mid 70s and nice and sunny, hopefully more of that will follow.  Bonnies phone would not make or receive calls today but we ran an update on it and it is working again.


Quiet night in the campground and I slept good.  Woke up at 10 and got up to a pretty warm coach.  Its been nice lately, cool at night but the sun warms up the coach with out using the heat pumps or electric heater.

I watched some programs today using my T-Mobile hot spot and Binge-On.  This data does not count against my monthly data allotment.  Then I went outside and sat in the sun to cut my toe and finger nails.  Then I got out my Aero wash wax waterless coach wash and touched up some of the spots where the water ran off the roof and left water spots and streaks.  Still more of that to do but plenty of time to do a little each day.  Shortly after that it was dark, the days are sure short this time of year.

Bonnie made contact with her cousin today and made plans to see them.  Well thats about it for today.


We were off on an adventure this morning, if only we knew how it would end up.  We headed East toward Yosemite NP.  We past many Almond tree orchards and vineyards.  Then we started to climb and the traffic thinned out.  It took us just over 3 hours to make it into the park.  So we had 4 hours of daylight left.  Our first view was of Half Dome off in the distance.


A close look at Half-Dome.


And we could look back at the road we traveled.  Bonnie was doing the driving and the road had lots of twists and turns, and no guardrails.


We also went through three tunnels.


We got into the park.  There is lots of road construction going on so lots of roads closed and detours, it all a little confusing.  But we did find bridal veil falls.


Out behind the rustic restrooms I found this unit.  It uses propane heat to produce dc power to operate small fans and lights inside the rest rooms.


Another view of the falls, lots more water comes over these falls in the spring.


This was an interesting roadside marker in the park.


The Granite formations here are amazing this is El Capitan.  We did not see any climbers today even though the temperature was in the 40s.  Some of the roads here are already closed.


This is Upper Yosemite Falls


And the Lower Falls


Quite a herd of Mule Deer near the parking area.


These rocks are huge hard to catch the perspective.


We drove around trying to find the Visitors Center and found out we needed to park near Yosemite Lodge and take a free shuttle bus.  So we parked deciding to jump on the bus and then come back later for a meal.  We made it to the Visitors Center only one stop away.  I got my passport book stamped and then we headed for the theater to watch one of the films on Yosemite.  Then it happened.


After the film Bonnie headed for the Gift Shop with me following.  I heard a loud crash and looked and saw her laying on the ground face down.  She had not seen the second set of steps.  By the time I got to her some other visitors were already there.  Her glasses were broken and her head and face were bleeding.  In 45 years of marriage I have never seen her hurt and bleeding.  I must admit it made me teary eyed, she was hurt and I could not help her at the moment.  Someone had already went inside and one of the workers, who was from Tanzania came out and held her head.  One of the visitors had clean tissues and napkins for the bleeding.  Some one in the gift store called the Rangers who are trained EMTs and said they were on the way.  Two of them showed up in less than 5 minutes but it seemed like forever.  Once the EMTs were on scene I sent a text to our kids and family to let them know and asked them to Pray.  Also used FB to alert the Pray Warriors back at of last Church in NY.  Bonnie was nice and calm during all this.  I picked up her glasses and camera and gathered everything back into her purse.  The EMTs checked her out and someone asked about an ambulance and taking her to the clinic.  I said absolutely.  So it came pretty quick also.  By now it was snowing, yes snowing and getting quite cold.


They transported Bonnie to the clinic and checked her over real good.  What a fantastic facility they have here.  They are quite busy in the summer with all the hikers and staff but today was a slow day.  They are staffed by the Public Health Service, what a great assignment.  Brian the PA has been here 6 years and Tim the Nurse for a little less.  Tims wife is the receptionist and deals with the insurance companies.  They were all terrific.  They can even do X-rays here and just about all aspects of urgent care.  The other option was a 90 minute trip to the nearest hospital.  Bonnie was very pleased with her evaluation and care.  Plus she thought they were cute.  They patched her up pretty good and she got 5 stitches on her cheek and bridge of her nose, but nothing is broken.  Brian on the right and one of the Ranger EMTs getting ready to stitch her up.


Bonnie fell at about 3:30 and we were released around 6:00pm.  Another one of the Rangers gave us a ride back to our car and we started the 3 hour trip home.


I asked him about the snow and the road over the mountain since we had to climb to 6200 feet.  He said there were R1 restrictions in place.  That meant chains or 4WD so we should be ok.  We took it slow and easy.  There was quite a bit of snow on the sides of the road and once we crossed the summit there was some snow and ice on the road.  They do no salt the roads here but do plow and put down grit.  We had no problems.

We were starved and reaching Groveland well below the snow line we stopped at Ellie’s for some supper.  The we pressed on home.


We were back by 10:00PM and happy to be home.  Now to see how sore she will be in the morning.  Its been quite a day but alls well that ends well.  Thanks to all that were praying for Bonnie and a safe trip home.

Thanks For Checking In.


  1. so sorry for Bonnie thought are definately with her/you too

    it is hard to see your partner hurting wishing it was you to take away the pain

  2. Wow. How lucky nothing was broken. We are leaving on our adventure either tomorrow or very early Saturday morning. Have to get out of here before the 9-14″ of snow arrives Sunday. Motorhome is ready house needs buttoning up.

  3. So sorry to be a late comer to the prayers but continuing to pray for a quick recovery. Well I guess this will be a stop to tell the grandkids about!

  4. So frightening! I’m glad Bonnie is ok… she deserves a little extra TLC now, Bob! Haha!! Will be praying for quick healing. Sending you both hugs!

  5. Thoughts and prayers for Bonnie. Take care.

  6. You all had quite a visit at Yosemite. Hope Bonnie is still improving nicely. Sorry to hear of her mishap.

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