Healing Begins


Thank You to everyone again for your prayers for Bonnie.  She slept pretty well and has not been and is not in pain.  She does have two black eyes and her hands are sore.  She posted a picture on FB today so I won’t repost it here, but will say she is still a pretty lady and is able to smile.

Shortly after I got up I received a message from a friend that my FB account was sending out friend requests.  Someone cloned my account and did this.  I reported it to FB and they shut it down in less than 2 or 3 minutes.  If you get a request from someone who is already a friend don’t except it, click on the pull down menu in the upper right hand corner of the message and report it.  It only takes a minute and FB will do the rest.  Then let your friend know.

Bonnie got a few calls this morning and so did I so thank you for those.  After lunch I headed to the Post Office in Manteca and picked up our mail.


Man there is a lot of traffic here.  Then I head back to the coach and had put Bonnie’s cousins address in to check out where she lives since we are going over there after then get back from a short trip.  On the way I got stopped by a train.


Right on a busy street.  Then I checked out where I think we will go to church Sunday, which was near a car wash.  So I got the very dirty car washed and used the free vacuum to clean the floor.




Then I drove by the house and finally headed home.  Now its 4:30 and almost dark even though the skies are clear.    Supposed to be down to 39 tonight and then 70 tomorrow quite a swing.  We should be toasty on our heated mattress pad.


Today we are in recovery mode.  Bonnie is resting and ready.  She took the dressing off her forehead, it looks really good and the goose egg is gone.  She got a nice hot shower and says still no pain and she is feeling good.  Her black eyes are pretty prominent and it makes me sad to see her looking like she was in a prize fight but I am so glad she is not in pain.

We did not even open the coach door today.  I ordered some RXs and we will pick them up in the next few days.  Watched some youtube videos on how to do some things and one or two tv shows.  Thats about it for today.


Another day at home as Bonnie continues to recover.  She is doing well.  Staying home today was not bad as it rained all day.  We read and caught up on email and TV shows on Hulu.  Bonnies sent a picture from near Buffalo looks like the first snow storm of the season.



Today is the end of the NASCAR season who will win the championship?  We did not go to church so that Bonnie would not have to answer lots of questions about what happened to her.  Today is 4 days after her fall and she is looking pretty good compared to the first couple of days.


We watched the NASCAR Championship Race today and saw Jimmy Johnson win his 7th Championship, Congratulations.  He joins Richard Petty and Dale Earnhart as the only others to win 7 championships.

After the race I went out and picked up a RX refill at CVS for Bonnie and some milk.  Then swung by Little Caesar’s for some deep dish pizza and wings.  The pizza was better than the wings.  Thats about it for this week.  Next week we will be spending some time with family and then starting our trip to Yuma.

Thanks for Checking In!



  1. It’s great to see her smiling. That says more than anything. I feel so relieved. So sorry that it happened.

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