Meeting Relatives


We were waiting to pick up some RXs today but Bonnie’s were not ready until late this afternoon.  The rain has ended and its sunny again, happy for that.  Late this afternoon we headed over to Bonnie’s cousin Ann’s house.  Its my first time meeting her and her husband Steve.  They have a very nice house just a couple miles away from the RV Park.  We also met their granddaughter and their two daughters.  We had a nice meatloaf meal and visited until after midnight so its pushing 2am now.  Hope we did not wear out our welcome as we are to have Thanksgiving dinner with them.  Bonnie and Ann had a nice time catching up on family and Steve and I discussed all kinds of things.


Well I am writing this Wednesday morning.  Yesterday was pretty busy for us once we got going.  We did sleep in some after being out pretty late last night.  After breakfast we headed out, for what turned out to be the rest of the day.

First stop was to Walmart.  We needed to pick up both of our regular RXs.  When we got there the bill was well over 1000 dollars.  They had not used our insurance.  So we did that and the first time they only did mine.  So back a second time to get Bonnies done.  Each time it had to go to the technician and then back to the pharmacist.  Finally we could check out.  We used our wellness cards and got almost checked out.  The lavender we were getting for Bonnie was rejected.  So out came our regular card and we were finally done.  Back out into all the traffic and we headed down to Modesto to another mall.

Bonnie needed some things at Bath and Body and I wanted to check out the new MacBook Pro.  I have a 2011 model and have been waiting to replace it for a year or so.  I did not think they were in stock yet.  But I knew they were on display.  As usual the store was pretty busy.


I checked out the display models and then asked to talk to a specialist.  In less than 10 minutes I was talking to one and she told me that they had a few in stock.  Sure enough they had the 15 inch model that I had been interested in.  Plus I could get a nice Veterans discount on it and the AppleCare 3year warranty.  So you guessed it I said yes to the Mac.  Here it is booting up for the first time.  I like to always turn them on in the store just in case there is a problem.


As I walked out of the store there was Bonnie, perfect timing.  So back out in the traffic, did I mention there are a lot of people around here.  We headed back to the same area Walmart was in to go Grocery shopping at Safeway.  I made a trip into the store to use the facilities and then back to the car.  I read my email and used the Kindle app on my phone to read some more of the book I have been reading.  Bonnie shopped for about an hour or so and it was already dark when she finished.  We loaded up the car and headed home.

Finally home.  After the groceries were put away I connected my old Mac with the new one and ran a utility called Migration Assistant.


It moved all my applications and data files to the new Mac and after about 5 1/2 hours the new Mac was set up just like the new one.  All I had to do was enter a license key for Microsoft Office and sign on to dropbox and I was good to go.  Of course it was after midnight by now.  By the time I tried a few things out it was closer to 3am so I headed to bed.  With the alarm set for 8am.


Today we are up and about to head out to the Jelly Belly factory about an hour away.  We were planning to go to Sacramento today to meet and see Bonnie’s sister Beverly.  She had some appointments and was coming in from Reno, NV but her plans changed and she had to cancel.  The new Mac is running its initial backup to my time capsule and I am using it to update the blog.  Our sons family is visiting family in the Washington DC area and we received this picture of our youngest Granddaughters in front of the White House.


So we took off for the Jelly Belly factory near Fairfield, CA.  Bonnie drove and we listened to a couple sermon podcasts on the way up.  Took us well over an hour and about 30 minutes of that was waiting to cross the Sacramento River as a ship was going under the drawbridge.  This was our view while we waited.  Yep the back of a Coca-Cola truck.


Finally we could see the ship moving down the channel.


After crossing the river we spotted this KC-135 and checking the map I realized we were near Travis AFB.  Our friends Grandson is a KC-135 pilot, maybe this one.  We used to shop at the base commissary when I was going to school at Treasure Island and we lived in Concord.  It all looks so different now.


We finally made it to Jelly Belly.  The traffic was pretty heavy but nothing like it ended up being on the way home.  We found a place to park, it was busy with kids being out of school this week.  Walking in from the parking lot we spotted there own Motorhome, that must be fun to travel in.


Finally at the front door.


A tour was starting and we jumped right in line.  This was the introductory video.


Bonnie paid attention


On the tour you see the whole process which they said takes a week from start to finish.  So the tour starts and finishes in packing.  It is a mixture of automated machines and people.


Lots of beans on this conveyor headed for a machine that measures out the proper amount


Then we came upon some Jelly Bean art.  Some of my favorite people.


Of course Honest Abe


More packing by hand


These spider machines are very fast and do not need to take a break.


They blow air through these.  They are filled with Jelly Beans and you guess what the flavor is.


These beans are resting after having sugar built up around their gummy centers.  Which reminds me Jelly Belly makes all kinds of candy to include gummy bears and chocolates.


Lots of flavors in these containers


This is the equipment that got them started


This is the area where the sugar is applied


Lots of tumblers


More tumblers


This area is the “Kitchen” where the gummy part is poured into the molds that are made from corn starch.  It was hot in there.


This is the almost finished product after the food grade wax is applied to them and they shine, once again they are resting.


Guess the correct number of beans and Win a Motorhome. (just kidding)


This robot picks up the bins and dumps them.  They go through the machine and each and every bean is stamped with the Jelly Belly logo


Then one final inspection and off to packing.


50 official flavors and about 50 other flavors.  They even have rotten egg and other gross flavors.  We did go through the sample line but you only get to taste 3 flavors and then later they give you a pack of 20.


Bonnie is resting after her bean shopping.  We also had lunch in the cafe which was pretty good.


Here is whats in her bags.


I drove home and the traffic was crazy, must be people off and getting an early start for the holiday.  We took the route past Concord but did not drive through town I am sure it is all changed, but we were in the county where our Son was born and drove by the ammunition docks in Port Chicago.  Then we had another long wait to cross another river as the bridge is down to one lane for construction.  Finally home.

Bonnie bought me an Official Jelly Belly selfie stick so I had to try it out.


Happy Thanksgiving to you all and Thanks For Checking In!


  1. Your Granddaughters are adorable!! I was born in Fairfield as my Dad was stationed at Travis AFB…Bonnie is looking good, she must be feeling better! Safe travels and Happy Thanksgiving……John and Leslie

  2. I missed my bus and it was too late to get another one because they were all sold out due to Thanksgiving I could not bring myself to drive over there. Itwould’ve been dark long before I got there so I had to cancel. The nurse practitioner was nice enough to call me and interview me over the phone and said unless I have problems I don’t need to go back down until December at my next scheduled appointment. sorry I missed you just wasn’t in the cards this time

  3. On the news they have been showing the traffic gridlocks in CA as an example of Holiday traffic. Crazy stuff!! Happy Thanksgiving.

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