Happy Thanksgiving 2016


Happy Thanksgiving hope you had a wonderful time with family.  We had a Great Day!  First we got a picture from my Son and his family.


Then Bonnie baked corn spoon bread from a recipe she got years ago from friends in Texas.  Then we headed over to her cousin Ann’s again for a family Thanksgiving Dinner.  All there of their children were there and their daughter-in-law and two grand kids.  This little turkey greeted us as we sat down for dinner.


But before we could eat the girls were busy in the kitchen putting the final touches on things.  Plus there looked to be plenty of desserts.


Girls in the kitchen prepping


Sharing the stove.


Nathan checks his phone.


Ann works on the gravy.


Ned entertained himself, at least for a while.


Stephen did a fantastic job of carving the turkey and Nathan took care of the ham, while Emily supervised.


Look at the spread on the table as we sat down.


The kids are ready to eat.


Everything was delicious and there were plenty of leftovers.  We were all so full that we decided to wait until later for all those good looking desserts.  I think I even got a bit of a nap in a recliner after dinner.  We sure enjoyed our family time and the conversations never lacked.  TV was never turned and the day flew by.  After a couple hours we had dessert and then more conversation.  We headed home around 11 looks like it will be a cold night but another nice day is in store for tomorrow.  I hope you day was as great as ours.


Today we were in recovery mode from all the good eating yesterday.  But that did not stop us from having a late lunch from the leftovers we brought home.


And they were every bit as good today as yesterday.  We stayed at the coach today rather than heading out to get mixed up in all the Black Friday crowds and traffic.

We had a FaceTime call with our Granddaughter and Daughter to see where we wanted our ornaments put on the tree.  Here is the finished product. Looks pretty nice!


I had an online training scheduled with Apple today to answer questions about my new MacBook.  Brad was very good and answered all my questions and taught me a few tricks with the new touch bar, so it was a quick hour and well worth it.

We leave here Monday morning and will be going down near Bakersfield, and I was able to make reservations down there for a couple nights.  We hope to be in Yuma sometime towards the end of the first full week in December.  I even sent an email to our new landlords letting them know our plans.

Then I watched some movies and Bonnie read.  The days are short this time of year and before we knew it was dark.  Then we had a nice FaceTime call from Bob and Caroline our camping friends for New York.  It was nice to catch up with them.  Caroline is making a beautiful quilt using the “Quilt as You Go” technique.

That was about it for the day


Its been a rainy cool day here again today.  I pretty much lost track of what day it was.  Not at all sure what  have accomplished today.  I did watch the Ohio State and the Alabama teams win their football games.  Also was keeping up with my son’s family as they drove home today from Washington DC to Huntsville, a long 10+ hour trip.  After the Alabama game I headed out for a while.  I needed to get fuel in the car got that at Chevron, I needed a media reader for my MacBook.  These new laptops are so thin the media reader no longer fits in them, I have seen a lot of online complaints about that, I miss it also.  The only ports are 4 USB-C slots, the “new standard” on the new MacBook.  So cables or dongles are needed to connect to most things, even my iPhone.  I also picked up some milk and then headed home.

Bonnie vacuumed while I was gone.  Thats about all we did today.  Then I thought it was Sunday night but I am a day early.


I was sleeping soundly when the alarm went off this morning, time for church.  We got up and got ready to head to the Calvary Community Church in Manteca.  In fact it is literally just one the fence from Bonnie’s cousins.  They even had reserved guest parking for us near the entrance.  So we parked and headed in.  The first service was just ending and we went in to wait for the second service to start.


A nice welcome screen up front and people visited and mingled.  Soon the worship service started and we sang some songs the we kew and some we had heard before.  They had a good worship team and they were very good.


Then there was a family and baby dedication.  Then one of the associate Pastors brought the morning message.  Pastor Dale had a very good sermon on Chasing Happiness based on Philippians Chapter 4.


Afterwards they have an area called Starting Point for new comers.  Here you can meet some of the staff and ask questions, very good idea.


We headed straight back to the coach.  I unfortunately had some chores to take care of.  The black tank was full after 2 weeks and so I went ahead and dumped it and flushed it, then the grey tank and finally I disconnected the sewer hose and put it away since we leave in the morning.  Early I had checked the tires and they are good to go.  Bonnie made Cole slaw to go with her hot dogs rolled in crescent rolls planned for later.  Then she settled in to read and I keep track of the football games.  Once I saw that the Bills had won I decided to rewatch the series Roots on Hulu.  I think it is in 4 parts and I watched two of them today.  I had seen it years ago but really have not remembered much detail so its good.

Thats it for this week, tomorrow we start our trek to Yuma, we will do it in 3 or 4 legs.  Tomorrow we go to Bakersfield.  We were hoping to visit Sequoia National Park but it looks like the rain we had was snow in the Mountains like up to 18″ so that plan is on hold.

Thanks For Checking In!