Traffic and Trucks


We were up and on the road before 10am this morning.  Then we jumped on California 99 and headed South.  Wow lots of traffic and Truck after Truck on the highway.  The speed limit for big tucks and anyone towing a vehicle or trailer is 55, for the rest 70 and sometimes 65.  So its quite interesting with that mixture of speed.  We did move right along and no big construction zones.  We took on 65 gallons of fuel at a Pilot station and made one rest stop for a snack.  After 21`7 miles we pulled into this view.


This is the entrance to the Orange Grove RV Park in Bakersfield CA.  Yes those are orange trees out there much like the Olive tree grove we camped in.  Once we pulled into our site this was the view out the front door.


This is a peek down the street.


The park encourages you to pick all you can eat.  Bonnie picked a couple and said they are very good.

I remembered that our Extended Warranty was expiring and started making calls and emails to get it renewed.  Finally a little time to relax.  We watched the Voice and then off to bed.


We did not unhook the car yesterday and today we weren’t going anywhere so we left it hooked up.  I had received quotes from two companies and tried to compare them.  After several phone calls and some back and forth we made a decision on a plan that would give us the best protection for the buck.  We signed up through our insurance agent Chris Yust, a person we trust.  She took the time to explain the difference in the plans and I think this plan will work for us.  She has been in the business for 19 years and is a full-timer.  Her website is .

Once that was done I tried to catch up on email and then worked on reservations in Palm Desert for the next few nights.  That took much longer than it should have.  I was trying to get close to Joshua Tree NP since we want to visit there.  I finally made a reservation at a Coast to Coast Park so we will get a pretty good rate.  The parks here are quite expensive and we will have to pay a surcharge but should have 50 amp power.

Bonnie did a little baking, wrote some post cards, and picked a big bag of oranges to take with us.

Now I can finally relax, but where did the day go.  Tomorrow we drive past LA.


Nice and sunny when we pulled out around 10:00am this morning.  One last picture of our site.


All ready to pull out.


We were on CA 58 in just a couple of minutes and headed East.  CA 58 was a nice 4 lane highway and we climbed to the pass and descended with out issue.  Traffic was what I would call light.  This route takes us away from the LA traffic and I was glad we took it.  Then around Mojave we turned south on 395 a nice 2 lane highway up here in the high desert around 4000 ft.  Snow on the mountains around us but none on the ground.  We did pass Edwards AFB and saw a large tanker and a couple fighters cut in front of him on the approach.  This was the view most of the day.


Getting near Riverside we got onto I15 took that to I215 and finally I10 over to Desert Hot Springs arriving around 3pm.  The lady at checking was all flustered and finally told us to just go pick a spot and come back once we were set up.  So thats what we did.  She was a little calmer after I got back and we got checked in but then the credit card machine would not work.  So they took my number and I see it worked later on.  This is a Coast to Coast resort so it costs us 25 a night instead of over twice that.  It should cost 10 but they have a 15 dollar surcharge for 50amp electric. Pretty steep but the resorts in this area are expensive some over $100 a night.  We will be here 3 nights and head down to Yuma Saturday.

Wow sunset here is 4:38 good thing we got started early.

Well thats it for the first part of this week.  We hope to visit a National Park tomorrow guess which one.

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  1. Makes me miss CA. We have visited Joshua Tree NP so many times. You are within about 1.5 hours of where we use to live and our best friends live in Yucca Valley. The park is pretty amazing.

  2. Bob,
    I am “at work” in Riverside as I type this. You passed my old house about 3 miles from the junction of the 15 and 210 freeways. How is Bonnie healing?

    1. Are you virtually there or physically there. Bonnie is doing very well almost completely healed. Thanks for asking.

      1. The last time I was physically in the office” was in July 2012.

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